Business as Usual for Savannah Bar & Grill


The Savannah Bar & Grill (30676 Detroit Rd., 440-892-2266) in Westlake officially has re-opened, signaling the continuation of 17 years of operation. Owner Jim DePaul could not be happier. "The Westlake community has gone out of their way to welcome us back," he said.

Last spring, Doug Lufkin took over the Savannah Bar & Grille, which for decades was the best and only place to go in Westlake to enjoy big-time live music, and reopened the spot as Rock West Grub Pub. But last month, Lufkin closed his club and the spot reverted back to DePaul.

The newly re-opened Savannah has been upgraded with fresh paint, a new bar top, and a new kitchen. But expect to see the staples that made this place an institution" all-you-can-eat Friday fish fries, prime rib Saturdays, and live music throughout the week. Always looking to improve, DePaul intends to kick up the food menu that highlights the best of old Savannah while paying homage to his sister property in Avon Lake, Jake's On The Lake. The goal is to have guests crave Savannah's food as much as they do live music.

By the commitment of DePaul and his staff, it doesn't look like Savannah is going anywhere soon. "Our goal continues to be to provide great service and give our customers what they want," he explains.

That seems to have worked for 17 years.