Cleveland Mayor's Grandson Frank Q. Jackson is at it* Again (*Domestic Violence)

Frank Q. Jackson, Mayor Frank Jackson's grandson.
Frank Q. Jackson, Mayor Frank Jackson's grandson.
Almost exactly one year ago, the grandson of Mayor Frank Jackson was sentenced to 18 months probation for a violent assault on a 19-year-old woman. With the aid of pricey attorney Jeffrey Saffold, Frank Q. Jackson, the mayor's grandson, managed to avoid felony charges for striking and choking the woman, dragging her out of a vehicle and hitting her with a truck hitch. 

The younger Jackson has now allegedly hit a woman again. According to a Dec. 18 Cleveland Police incident report, first reported by Fox 8, a 21-year-old woman called the police and said that Jackson had struck her repeatedly in the face.

The woman chose not to press charges. She said she just wanted the incident documented. And Jackson denied hitting the woman, though police observed what they described as a "possible lump" on the woman's forehead. A police supervisor photographed potential injuries.

In response to probing from Fox 8, the city of Cleveland released a statement Tuesday night as part of its daily Coronavirus briefing. It said that the law department was currently in the process of enlisting a special prosecutor to review the case.

"It is that prosecutor, without any involvement from the City of Cleveland Prosecutor’s Office or Law Department, who will make all decisions related to the police report," the city's statement read. (Italics added.)

Mayor Frank Jackson will be eager to distance himself from any suggestion that his status might influence the proceedings or the outcome for his grandson. In the June, 2019 truck hitch incident, city prosecutors failed to pass the case along to their counterparts at the county, which is standard operating procedure for felony charges. The suspicion was that police and prosecutor conduct had been influenced (either directly or indirectly) by the Mayor. Adam Ferrise reported that officers turned off their body cameras when they went to Mayor Jackson's home to interview Frank Q. Jackson, for example, alongside a number of other "anomalies" in the investigation. 

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