6 Best Penis Extenders in Review: Most Effective Penis Traction Devices and Stretchers in 2021

It’s a debate if the size is a determining factor in sexual satisfaction. Some say the “driver” is what matters, but a larger penis usually leads to a more confident man at the end of the day.

There’s a variety of methods claiming success with penis growth, from surgery to supplementation. But the safest and most affordable way to gain extra length and girth is with a penis extender.

Penile stretcher devices aren’t hard to find, but we went on a hunt to locate the best penis extenders on the market. Extend your get-up-and-go with one of these products. More on that below.

5 Best Penis Extenders Reviews

First Look:

  1. Most effective extender overall - Quick Extender Pro
  2. Best for fixing penile curvature - Jes Extender
  3. Best budget-friendly penis extender - SizeGenetics
  4. Best penis extender for modern men - Male Edge
  5. Best penis extender for comfort - Phallosan Forte

1. Quick Extender Pro - Best Penis Extender Overall

The Quick Extender Pro is one of the most preferred penis enlargement tools known for delivering size gains. This product not only has the potential for enlarging your penis but straightening it, too.

It comes with a double strap system that helps with performance and safety. You can comfortably walk around and even bend over without any discomfort. It also ensures your penis doesn't slip out of the straps, as is the case with some other penis extenders.

Another design feature that makes the Quick Extender Pro the best penis extender is the materials used. The medical-grade aluminum makes it lightweight and the device is hypoallergenic overall, so you shouldn’t experience any skin irritation.

There’s a six-month money-back guarantee included, should the device fail at offering you what you need. No questions asked.

Quick Extender Pro Benefits

  • Made using medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials.
  • Double-strap design for best usage.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Dedicated customer service team.
  • Lightweight.

2. Jes Extender - Best Penis Extender for Penile Curvature

The Jes Extender is another popular tool, but the company made this one specifically for those with penile curvature. Even if your penis is on the straight side, you can still benefit from the device.

Jes Extender offers six different models including:

  • Original: The basic penis extender option.
  • Light: Lightweight, for the active man or a beginner.
  • Silver: More traction and comfort pads included.
  • Gold: Lightweight and same features as the silver.
  • Platinum: Allows progression with four different levels in one.
  • Titanium: Extras included like a comfort strap, case and more.

Jes Extender Benefits

  • All are comfortable to use.
  • Proven results.
  • Well designed and discreet.
  • Backed by a warranty.

3. SizeGenetics - Best Budget-Friendly Penis Extender

SizeGenetics has been selling penis enlargement tools since 2001. All of the products offered by this company come with an FDA approved seal, ensuring safety where it matters most.

This penis extender works similarly to most others, where it stimulates the cells around your penis shaft to split and increase in size, based on the traction offered by the device.

The product is made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials, so it’s safe for any skin type.

SizeGenetics Benefits

  • It’s affordable.
  • Can work on curved penises.
  • Users state it’s durable overall.
  • FDA approved.

4. Male Edge - Best Penis Extender for Modern Men

If you’re looking for a penis enlargement tool that looks cool, feels lightweight but works effectively, the Male Edge might be your best bet.

This penis extender company promises results within a few months, including size gains in girth and length. It’s made from silicone and a hypoallergenic plastic component, so you shouldn’t face discomfort during the process.

Manufacturers also claim it’ll fit any penis, regardless of size or shape.

Male Edge Benefits

Easy to use.
One size fits all.
Optimum control over the traction.
One-year warranty.

5. Phallosan Forte - Best Penis Extender for Comfort

Phallosan presents a penis extender that’s focused on comfort. The device has been on the market for over a decade now, so they’ve had plenty of time to create/update the product according to what customers need.

You should experience little to zero discomfort or pain when wearing it, so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T. The device is lightweight and comes with a sleeve you can wear over it, to help protect from any rubbing against your clothes.

Users claim that this penis extender exerts equal pressure on all sides too, which indicates a balanced result is possible.

Phallosan Forte Benefits

  • Additional comfort features.
  • Fits different penis sizes.
  • Lightweight.

What To Look for When Buying a Penis Extender

You’ll want to keep the following in mind when shopping for a penis extender:

Penis Extender Comfort and Ease of Use

Most manufacturers recommend that you wear the penis extender for around four to six hours per day, for approximately six months, to see results. This is a large chunk of time, so it’s crucial you’re comfortable during the process.

Go for penis extenders made from hypoallergenic materials and ensure yours is constructed from medical-grade parts to prevent bacteria and germs from thriving.

Straps and other comfort features like sleeves will also add to your experience and make the penis enlargement device easier to use and wear.

If you want a device that grows with you, opt for a penis extender that comes with an efficient tension system that allows you to adjust it easily. This helps avoid unwanted pain in the process and gives you a chance to track your progress slowly.

Customer Feedback on Penis Stretcher Devices

To each their own, but customer feedback can be mightily useful when shopping for such a sensitive device. Is your penis extender well-reviewed, outside of the official website? It’s something to keep in mind before you buy one.

Weigh the pros and cons of what other users have to say to determine if it’s the right penis extender for you.

Penis Extender Money-Back Guarantee

Most reputable companies are willing to back their products with a money-back guarantee or warranty. This could be anywhere between a few months and a year, based on the devices reviewed in this article.

This will give you peace of mind and allows you the chance to test the product before committing.

Penis Extenders in Conclusion

The five penis extenders reviewed all have something to offer, whether you want to correct your curvature or get a device that’ll last you and provide the growth you’re craving.

Our top choice goes to the Quick Extender Pro. We appreciate the security of the double strap system and the medical-grade, high-quality materials. The six-month money-back guarantee doesn’t hurt, either.