The Proclaimers at Beachland Ballroom: Concert Review

The Proclaimers at Beachland Ballroom
  • The Proclaimers at Beachland Ballroom
Those thinking that it's OK to write off The Proclaimers as one-hit wonders who slunk into the mainstream solely by way of 1988's "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" just wouldn't understand what took place at the Beachland Ballroom last night. In one word of thunder: Passion.

Craig and Charlie Reid are masterful songwriters, and they know their way around pop rock sentiments. While they never stray far from topics like love and peace, they're also known to dip their toes deeply into waters of political dissent and rebellion.

Early in the night, the twins played "Letter from America," a song inspired by the late Margaret Thatcher's labor policies. Craig told a quick story about a chance meeting with the Iron Lady before launching into the jaunty tune and getting the whole audience involved. Much in the same way, "Born Innocent" brought out some sing-along vibes in the crowd.

The Reid brothers' stage presence was terrific. They've been playing stages around the world - particularly in the UK - for years now. And it's abundantly clear that a) their dedication to the craft has not waned and b) passion is the reason. Passion, in fact, is the constant undercurrent to their music.

The band's breakthrough album Sunshine on Leith contains some of their greatest material. "Cap in Hand," which roused the audience to swing-your-partner jigs, was a thrill. The final tune of the night, the aforementioned mega-hit "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)", brought everyone to their feet for a high-energy denouement for the evening. The guys left the stage gracious, with showers of applause cascading across the room.