How Prepared Are You For a Psychic Reading?

People from all walks of life use psychic readings as a tool to help them in their daily lives. Yet, some people hide this fact from many of their friends and family due to the stigma attached to the idea of psychics and paranormal beliefs.

Psychics also come from all walks of life. They're not just hippies living in a commune or traveling in a vagabond lifestyle from town to town. They're often teachers at schools, taxicab drivers in your city, or even the boring accountant that you didn't know believed in psychics.

When people walk into a psychic reading, they come with misconceptions about the practice and the people who are psychics themselves. So, that leaves the question, how prepared are you really for a psychic reading?

What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is an interaction between a psychic and their client to tune into their energy field and find answers and clarity to life situations by intuitive means with little to no information beforehand.

Psychics use a variety of psychic skills and tools to aid them in their session. The client's role is to be open and receptive so the psychic can properly tune into them to gather details that will enlighten the client.

Some people have a misconception that psychic readings are all about predictions, but that is not true. Oftentimes, psychic readings are about gaining confirmation and clarity about someone or something you believed to be true, but needed a second-opinion for validation.

Psychic Reading Formats

In-person - the traditional format for psychic readings. Clients receive insights from sitting across a table from their psychic. The settings can be private or public.

Phone - psychic readings evolved into phone formats in the seventies and eighties and are the most widely used form of psychic readings these days. In a psychic phone reading, clients and psychics converse with each other over the phone on either cell phones, landlines, or even VOIP.

Video - the latest evolution of psychic readings, video readings are typically done over systems such as Zoom or Skype. Both psychic and client can see each other during the reading, and it feels more intimate, similar to an in-person reading.

Chat - another modern evolution of psychic readings, the chat reading allows for more versatility and privacy. It is the perfect format for a client who doesn't have much privacy and/or is better at communicating by typing to receive readings with psychics.

Text - a very budget-friendly modernization of psychic readings, text readings allow for quick questions to be answered efficiently and privately.

Email - readings via email allow for privacy, tend to be budget-friendly and allow for much more depth. These types of readings are ideal for people who are low on time, but want in-depth psychic services.

- exclusively available at MeetYourPsychic, psychic message readings are incredibly private. They offer the same in-depth and budget-friendliness as email readings, but the reading is held within the privacy of your own account on the site.

Types of Psychics

Clairvoyant Psychics have the ability to see images through their mind's eye. Clairvoyance is the most common form of psychic ability.

Clairaudient Psychics have the ability to detect messages from the Spiritual realm that are beyond the normal hearing range.

Clairsentient Psychics
have the ability to sense feelings around an environment and from within a person or group.

Claircognizant Psychics have a clear knowing without images or voices. They don't get a feeling, but instead receive direct insight that comes into their mind.

Psychic Mediums can speak directly with spiritual and angelic realms specifically for the purpose of reaching those who have passed on from our earthly existence or who were never from this realm.

Psychic Empaths are highly sensitive intuitive who can sense the range of emotions from others. These types of psychics come in many different forms and strengths and are very capable with relationship readings.

Channelers allow specific spiritual beings to communicate through their mind and body to relay messages. Direct channeling usually involves a deep spiritual relationship between the channeler and the spiritual being.

Tarot Card Readers use a Tarot deck as a divination tool that assists them in reading a clients energy and accessing their past, present, and future. Specific spreads can help shine a light on where a client wishes to focus their questions. When used in a general reading, tarot readers can receive messages from the spiritual realm that Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, ancestors, or their higher selves feel they need to know in the present, but may not be consciously seeking answers to at the moment.

Psychics that work with Angel Guides are connected to spiritual entities: either Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, and Spirit animals.

Psychics that work with Spirit Guides are connecting with non-physical beings that are with us to help us with every aspect of our lives. Psychics can either connect with their Spirit Guides or the clients or both during a psychic reading.

Energy Healers offer more than just a psychic reading or mediumship. Energy healers help clients release negative energies that have attached or grown inside the client as a result of trauma or psychic attack.


Any psychic you are working with should greet you with respect upon your first meeting. Even though you may be nervous, they should be able to hold their space and yours while you are engaging in conversation. They should be sharing minimal information about themselves and their life experiences once you begin the session. The focus should be solely on you and your needs and questions.

Reading Style

Spiritual - psychics with a spiritual style will be able to work with you on issues regarding soulmates, twin flames, and karmic relationships. They often work with either Spirit Guides or Angel Guides or a combination of the two during psychic readings. Most, but not all, will work with issues regarding past lives.

Blunt and Direct - psychics with a blunt and direct style are typically fast readers and get into the reading immediately. They won't sugar coat anything they see, so if you're not prepared to hear an answer you may not like, they may not be the best style for you.

Conversational - psychics who are more conversational offer a more friendly tone and tend to connect with their clients more easily. They are especially great at speaking with clients who are looking for more spiritual guidance and manifesting creative problem-solving strategies rather than predictions.

- psychics who offer a compassionate style of reading are there for your encouragement and support. They help clients speak and reflect upon their lives in a safe and non-judgmental space, especially during emotionally challenging times.

Divination Tools

Many psychics develop their abilities by using divination tools. These tools help hone and refine psychic abilities for many and continue to evolve as we learn more about the Spiritual realm and people share techniques from other cultures.

Divination tools function as a way to shine a light on a particular set of variables so the psychic knows where to go in the reading rather than getting information from everywhere. For example, a natal birth chart will help understand challenges in someone's life path. Dream interpretations will clue a psychic into subconscious messages the client's higher self is trying to send along with Spirit Guides and Angel Guides. In tarot card readings, specific spreads will give more information on particular topics than others.

  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Angel Cards
  • Rune
  • Pendulum
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Crystals
  • Automatic Writing
  • Dowsing
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Palmistry

Common Questions

What can I speak to my psychic about?

Psychics can speak on a variety of topics such as love and relationships, family problems, buying a home, dating life, marriage, cheating, unhealthy relationship, addictions, pets, divorce or separation, coping with loss, life purpose, spirituality, or even career and financial issues. You can even speak about more than one topic during your reading.

Do I need a specific question or can I get a general reading?

It is recommended that you have a specific question (or more) in mind if you are hoping to get clarity on a specific issue. Having a direction gives the psychic more guidance to tune in into what you are looking for in your psychic reading as opposed to what might show up for you in a general reading. General readings are great if you're really open and interested in hearing what the Universe wants and needs you to know at the moment.

What do psychics see?

Psychics can see, hear, or sense many things. They can tune into past events, current emotional entanglements and see possible situations or people coming into your life. Some images or feelings may be very clear, sometimes they will be grainy and hard to describe. It varies and will depend on the psychics abilities and your energy. If you come to the reading scattered and highly emotional, your psychic may not be able to give you a clear and accurate reading as your energy will be all over the place.

Should I prepare for my psychic reading?

Yes, you should take time to make sure you are ready to receive your psychic reading. Psychics will want to be able to read your energy without any interference or interruptions, so take at least five minutes to gather your thoughts and be open to receive information from your psychic once you have decided to book a psychic reading online.

Ways to Prepare
  • Do Your Research - take time to research your psychic. Read past reviews, see what other clients say, and look at the methods and tools they use during the reading.
  • Meditate and Clear Your Mind - use the time prior to your psychic reading to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the answers and clarity you will receive. If meditation doesn't work for you, consider getting in a brisk walk outside to release any negative energy.
  • Prepare Specific Questions - it's always a best practice to write out your questions before your reading so you leave the reading feeling you have received all the information you were hoping for. Writing out your questions also allows you to understand your purpose in getting your answers and how you might integrate them into your life afterward.
  • Set Achievable Goals - once you are in your reading and afterward, make sure to consider what goals and steps are achievable and which are wishful thinking. Being honest with yourself and others helps to eliminate any future disappointment.
  • Be Open to Receiving Guidance - there are most likely going to be some things you will find hard to believe or guidance that upsets you. Instead of fighting it, allow yourself to sit with the information for a while before deciding on what to do next.
  • Let Go of the Outcome - if you go into a reading with a preconceived outcome, you will not be able to receive an accurate reading. When you come from a set mindset, you actually block real information from coming to you as there is an unwillingness on your part to grow spiritually with the information. Let yourself be open to what happens and what unfolds.

Examples of a Psychic Reading

Love and relationships
Claire wants to know about her love life. Her psychic gives her a love reading spread using her Tarot card deck. She reveals from the cards that her boyfriend is withholding information from her, but it has nothing to do with another person. He is occupied with money and work-related stressors. Her psychic also reveals that a new romantic relationship is possible for her with someone coming into her life in the next few weeks.

Veronika is having issues with her parents. She receives a no tools reading from a psychic medium. The psychic tunes in immediately and let her know that her grandparents are there to help her with her situation. Veronika is shocked, but listens to what her psychic medium is telling her on how to approach this conflict and reveals a past event that she wasn't aware of.

Life Purpose
Gina just graduated from college and doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She can't find a job and feels uncertain about her future and her place in the world. She works with a compassionate and conversational psychic in tone, and they look at her astrology chart for insights. Over the course of the call, Gina feels more at ease as she begins to see where her life has been and where it might possibly go based on the insights her psychic shares. She also leaves the reading with tools to use as suggested by her psychic.

Sharron is stumbling through her grief and feels lost without her husband. She reaches out to a spiritual psychic for clarity and understanding. Her psychic offers guidance on her path and gives her steps to help her through her grief. They review together the life she had with her husband and the person she was before she was married, which led to greater understanding as to where her new path must teach her. She feels validated and leaves the reading with peace of mind.

What to expect after your psychic reading

Once your psychic reading has been completed, you should plan to spend time by yourself so you can process what was exchanged between you and the psychic. Regardless of whether the reading made you feel good by the end, you should expect to feel changes throughout the next 24 hours.

Energy Shifts
The most common thing you will experience is shifts in your energy. You may feel boosted or drained by the end of the reading and then feel the opposite hours later. Many times these shifts will be subtle and occur as you have realizations and epiphanies.

Feeling Exhausted or Drained
When you are faced with information that is daunting or surprising, you may feel exhausted or drained after your psychic reading. This is because deflated expectations can create a rise in suppressed feelings and intuitions. Feelings of exhaustion can also occur during mediumship readings as they take a lot of emotional energy out of both the psychic and the client.

When our energy shifts suddenly, so do our moods so expect moodiness if your energy is all over the place. More often than not with moodiness, specific repressed emotions and feelings are being lifted to the surface and memories that shift our perspective.

Lack of Sleep
After a psychic reading, it is common to feel restless and not being able to sleep properly. This is partly because our subconscious mind is trying to unravel the truth we've been exposed to from our reading. If we are resisting any truth, it will cause us to experience sleep disturbances.

Unsettling Dreams and Visions
Often, after a psychic reading, we can experience dreams that force us to face our fears and anxieties and sometimes even have flashes of the past or future. Psychics help us to tune into the flow of the Universe, and if we've asked for communication with our guides and higher self, they will show up in our dreams if we aren't listening to messages they are sending us in the daytime.


Psychic readings can be an intensely rewarding experience, but it does take effort to make sure you get the most for your time and money. Work with a quality psychic network like MeetYourPsychic for your psychic services and you will be most satisfied with your psychic readings.

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