Clevelanders Can't Stop Stealing From Movie Sets


Clevelanders were thrilled to hear that some more big blockbuster movies were coming to film in our delightful city this summer. Well, at least until we learned that Captain America would shut down every godblessit street in town, including a major highway.

Hollywood loves us!

Except what Hollywood didn't realize is that apparently Cleveland is a city of sticky fingers, loose morals, and shady characters. Why? (You know why.) Because Clevelanders can't stop stealing shit from those movie sets.

There was the car stolen from the Captain America set a week ago...

The driver of the black Chevrolet Malibu, identified in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas documents as Norman Wood Polk, 25, was pulled over by Middleburg Heights police after he was seen driving in an out of traffic, according to a Middleburg Heights Police report.

The suspect told the arresting officer that he had permission to take the vehicle, according to the report, but movie officials later said otherwise.

and now, theft from the Browns headquarters in Berea from the set of Draft Day.