Some Public Employees Aren't Good At Facebook

If the taxpayers are cutting you a check, watch your ass the next time you log onto Facebook. That's probably sage advice for anyone, but local public employees (oh, a county prosecutor, a Cleveland principal, you know...) have found themselves in hot water this week.

Most recently, the newly assigned principal of Bolton Elementary School lost that job after she posted this quaint little status update: "Just took ownership of the filthiest school full of some seriously decrepit looking teachers. They are all mine and I'm grateful for all of them! Welcome to the new era Bolton Elementary. And throw your shit out!"


Also: Former Assistant County Prosecutor Aaron Brockler was fired after posing as a woman in a Facebook chat (wait for it...) with an accused murderer's alibi's witnesses. He was trying to get them to alter their testimony and who knows what else.

Of course, Brockler says he did nothing wrong. The PD's James McCarty has all the sordid deets on that one.