TestoPrime - Legit Testosterone Booster | Reviews 2021 | Side Effects, Ingredients and Price of Testo Prime

Recently, our team has come across TestoPrime, a natural (100%) nutritional supplement for men feeling:

  • tired
  • with no energy
  • a loss of muscle mass
  • absence of sexual desire
  • sexual dysfunction
  • a loss of physical strength
  • reduction of focus
  • reduced memory capacity

As you may understand this is a supplement (a testosterone booster) for those feeling they are aging, a supplement for men who feel aging and dominated by the stress and the exhausting rhythms of everyday life, realizing that their body is slowly starting to change (in look / endurance / strength / capability).

TestoPrime (or Testo Prime) is a supplement boosting the naturally produced testosterone, really worth the time to make a research on it.

The 1st point that really caught our attention when opening its official website was the money back guarantee provided to its customers.

Here it is: LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, written as you see it in capital letters.

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Naturally, we wondered if this is another promotion trick, or extremely high confidence on the product offered.

In the following lines we’ll reveal every aspect of this product trying to verify where it succeeds and where not.

TestoPrime – What it is

First, a real characteristic.

This is is a supplement of 100% natural composition with no:

  • chemicals
  • addictive substances
  • GMOs (genetically modified foods)

TestoPrime's scientifically researched formula causes no side effects and requires no prescription.

In fact and according to the manufacturing company, even the ratios of the ingredients involved have undergone a careful study for securing the best possible results in the shortest time.

Prepared in state-of-the-art facilities, inspected and approved by FDA with special certification with the help of specialized staff.

Summarizing we see a product:
  • natural
  • friendly to organism
  • safe
  • of quality

Everything looks fine up to here.

Is it also effective?

We’ll find out later.

TestoPrime – In brief (Action and Benefits)

Upon purchasing a dietary supplement - whatever it is and for whatever purpose bought - the first thing you are interested in is to know whether it fulfills its goal for which it is made.

We can have a first opinion about each supplement - and in our case, TestoPrime supplement, by taking a brief look at its official website, finding useful information about:

  • its identity
  • its activity
  • the main points of interest
  • the way to use it
  • the place and its price of purchase
  • what guarantees it provides to the consumer
  • the manufacturing company
  • the communication with the company

The official website of a product provides all the necessary information to get a 1st image of the product and verify id this is what you are looking for (according to personal needs and requirements).

The information obtained about TestoPrime and its action, via the data provided by its manufacturers, present its action as follows:

  • Increases physical energy.
  • Stimulates psychology.
  • Supports protein synthesis.
  • Stimulates the metabolic process.
  • Increases body fat burning.
  • Strengthens muscle reconstruction.
  • Enhances focus / focus / concentration.
  • Increases motivation.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.
  • Increases physical endurance.
  • Regenerates sexual desire.
  • Improves sexual performance (erection).

And the best of all, we have scientific research confirmed by reliable sources as, MAYO CLINIC, Veritas Health and NIH-NLM (National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health).

The Company supporting the product

A parameter, ensuring the product’s quality (or not), is the manufacturing company.

Surely, a distinguished company, even more reliable for the supplements promoted and supported under its name.

Here we do not deal with an unknown company, not providing information about its identity / its location / its operation, or any ways for communication with its customers (whether this communication concerns a complaint, a question, or a need for support, creating doubts whether it deserves the trust of any person.

The official website of TestoPrime provides all the information about the company, which - if nothing else – strengthens our belief that this is a remarkable product (and probably effective as well).

Company address :
Wolfson Brands (United Kingdom) Limited
12 Payne Street
G4 0LF
United Kingdom
Company Registration Number: SC638930

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The Experienced Staff of the Company at your service

An experienced team of trained experts in the fields of:

  • health
  • wellness
  • nutrition
  • fitness / exercise

is at your service from the very first step, to help any person to achieve its goal with its expertise.

As a person who set goals in various periods of my life and tried to achieve them, I know first hand how important this kind of support is.

This is not moral and psychological support only. TestoPrime and its company provide users with "special support", guided by experts and offering

  • Tips
  • Consultation
  • Warnings
  • Useful information

TestoPrime – Target group

It is clearly aiming at adult men (but also at adult women).

Mainly used for boosting testosterone production.

This means that using the right natural aids, vitamins and nutrients, the TestoPrime supplement "shakes" the body, while strengthening it and rejuvenating it.

In a way, making an adult man feel and act like a teenager.

Practically we have a higher production of testosterone, and therefore a stronger body in every function of it.

Stronger in:

  • thinking process
  • the gym
  • bed
  • every aspect

The supplement is therefore aiming mainly (without this being absolute) at men over 40, who started feeling a beginning to feel the wear of time on their body, self-esteem, psychology, physical condition, libido, even in their mental capability.

Could also increase penis size?

What is certain is that TestoPrime increases the sexual desire (libido) like an ed pill, while it improves the vascularity in your genitals, allowing a harder erection

Definitely there is a performance improvement in terms of endurance and physical strength.

In TestoPrime supplement of Wolfson Brands Limited you find 1000 mg of natural (and very active) ingredients of the highest quality, specially combined to achieve this "boost" so desperately needed.

No side effects.
No risks.
No prescription.
No injections.
Only 4 capsules / day

Testo Prime - Ingredients contained & Real Scientific Studies

Natural and safe ingredients, support the Testo Prime recommendation.

More specifically, TestoPrime contains 12 very effective (according to valid scientific studies) ingredients that could help any man. More specifically their action targets at:

  • increasing libido
  • improving erection and ejaculation
  • increasing efficiency
  • enhancing reproductive capacity
  • promoting the quality of orgasms
  • stimulating the body muscle mass
  • increasing the metabolic rate
  • enhancing fat burning in the body

TestoPrime tested Ingredients’- independent Action

D-aspartic Acid 2,000 mg
Powerful and very beneficial for the organism amino acid, supporting the production of luteinizing hormone (LH / Luteinizing Hormone) which then promoting the healthy production of testosterone leading to enhanced muscle mass and physical endurance, increased endurance performance, healthy body weight with lower percentages of body fat and clearly higher psychology / confidence.

Panax Ginseng 8,000 mg

Powerful antioxidant and energy booster, fights fatigue, enhances sexual desire and organism overall health/
It is one of the oldest "health secrets" in China and now one of the most popular health supplements in the field of nutritional supplements.

Ashwagandha Extract 668 mg of KSM 66®
Clearly one of the most popular natural aphrodisiac supplements, supported by plenty of clinical trials certifying its action.
Boosts testosterone production, energy, while it promotes weight loss (from stored fat).
Furthermore, promotes good digestive function, enhances focus and clear thinking, and enhances your performance in bed.

Fenugreek 800 mg
Another aphrodisiac and well-known male booster used in alternative and traditional medicine for over 6,000 years, boosting endurance, libido, erection, physical energy and fitness.
It also increases the metabolic rate by promoting the loss of excess body fat.

Green Tea extract 70% Catechins 4,000 mg
Green tea, one of the most popular antioxidants in the world, contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate Compounds) preventing the reduction of testosterone production and its breakdown into harmful DHT compounds (Dihydrotestosterone).

Besides, strengthens the immune system, helps fat and weight loss, improves brain function, protects against carcinogenesis, enhances physical performance (athletic, sexual & cerebral), fights obesity, enhances good heart function and improves heart function.

Pomegranate Extract 40% Ellagic Acid 360 mg
Pomegranate is another well-known health booster and a very popular and common ingredient in male booster supplements, as it provides antioxidant, antiviral, anti-cancer & anti-inflammatory protection.
Furthermore, offers a wealth of vitamins and nutrients.
Pomegranate has 3 times higher antioxidant capacity than the famous green tea and is an incredible health ally.
Improves cardiovascular function, strengthens memory, enhances physical condition, stimulates digestion, prevents arthritis, prevents diabetes & helps diabetics control blood sugar, enhances oral health, improves skin quality and promotes sexual health and fertility.

Vitamin D
A large number of scientific studies and clinical trials proving its effective ability in terms of the organism's immunity, boosting testosterone production, improving psychology / mood, increasing bone density and boosting metabolic function verify the importance of this ingredient.
Especially over time and as we grow older, adequate intake of this vitamin becomes necessary.

Zinc 40 mg
Zinc - with the help of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate Compounds) contained in Green Tea, also found in the ingredients of TestoPrime - helps to slow down the conversion of the produced male hormone testosterone into female hormones / estrogen .
In this way increases the androgenic action of the supplement leading to an increase in physical strength, enhancement of aerobic endurance and athletic / sexual performance, stimulation of energy and boost of the ability to focus / concentrate.

Vitamin B6 5.6 mg
B6, or Pyridoxine, is one of the B vitamins enhancing overall health, fitness, hormonal balance and cognitive ability.
Recommended for administration (via a proper diet or a dietary supplement) by athletes, enhances the beneficial energy levels while reducing the feeling of fatigue usually creating problems to athletes after serious / demanding training.
Learn more at: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminB6-HealthProfessional/ .

Vitamin B5 8 mg
B5, another vitamin of the B vitamin complex, the B5, also called Pantothenic Acid, is present specifically in the supplement TestoPrime in the form of Pantothenic Calcium, boosting the conversion of body fat into energy for benefiting the body in its training and not only.
Controls appetite levels, fights the feeling of exhaustion / fatigue and supports healthy testosterone production, considered one of the very basic ingredients for improved weight and fat loss.
See more here: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/PantothenicAcid-HealthProfessional/

Garlic extract 1,200 mg
This ingredient, admittedly not one of the most common ingredients found in dietary supplements or in male and testosterone booster supplements.
However, it is one of the most beneficial natural ingredients for a variety of health problems, including male impotence or dysfunction.
Used since ancient years for its healing abilities and today its effective and beneficial action finds support in extensive scientific research.
Containing the chemical allicin, functions as a perfect health booster not only for health but for the immune system, as well.
Among its numerous benefits to the organism, garlic, provides antiviral action, improves cardiovascular function and promotes the removal of harmful toxins (such as heavy metals) from the organism.
Read more about its benefits at: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-proven-health-benefits-of-garlic .

Black Pepper Extract 95% Piperine
The last ingredient found in TestoPrime supplement (and in many other nutritional supplements) is black pepper extract.
Though it does not offer substantial help in boosting the testosterone produced, this ingredient is used more as a "binder / booster" for all other ingredients in the formula.
Increases their ability to be absorbed by the organism and enhances (almost by a percentage reaching 30%) their active capacity.

TestoPrime - Summary Benefits

  • enhances natural testosterone production
  • supports protein synthesis
  • increases fat loss and promotes weight loss
  • increases sexual mood / momentum / performance
  • enhances erectile capacity
  • boosts the athletic performance (almost like an anabolic steroid)
  • reduces the risk of injuries (muscle, bone, ligament)
  • improves mood / psychology / confidence
  • improves motivation

Causes any side effects? For which persons its administration is not allowed.

TestoPrime is a safe natural nutritional supplement, not containing any synthetic substances (except natural ingredients of excellent quality) and its use does require no medical prescription.

However, like any other supplement or medicine, when not used properly and in moderation could lead to side effects and organism reactions.

As mentioned above (in the list of ingredients contained) some people should be especially careful before the administration of the supplement.

Besides, as with any dietary supplement, sick people or persons taking medication, women pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as adolescents and children, should not take it without medical advice.
TestoPrime is manufactured in facilities meeting all safety and hygiene rules (holders of GMP and FDA certification) and by people with the necessary knowledge and knowhow.

TestoPrime – Reviews received

According to the official website of the Testo Prime, more than 143,284 men around the world found assistance by its active formula, managing to significantly improve their social life, health, sexual performance and self-confidence.

If not the thousands of happy users is an important reason to try it, then really, what could be a better incentive?
"Low-T" syndrome will no longer be a cause for concern and insecurity for you. Live your life with no limits and fear.
TestoPrime is one of the Best Testosterone Boosters you can Buy.Period.

TestoPrime – Period necessary for observing Results

Just a few weeks are more than enough (according to the company but also to reports from various Testo Prime users) to see real results.
Results on the mood, body (muscle strength, body weight, energy). Effects on sexual drive and fitness.
Do not take it as an exaggeration, but you experience a significant difference even in your cognitive ability, memory capacity of brain, observation, perception and sharpness.

Testo Prime – What makes this Supplement a Good Selection?

If there is anything "convincing" me about this supplement, this is the 4 key elements below:

  • up-to-date ingredient formula
  • the fact that its formula has been scientifically researched
  • that the formula of its ingredients has passed (resulting to high costs of the company) tests by 3rd parties to certify its true effectiveness
  • 100% lifetime money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee – Its meaning

This great innovation of TestoPrime, that is, offering its customers the opportunity to claim their money back without time limit - if nothing else gives me a sense of security and safety (especially when it comes to a new user like me).
No explanation required for a refund request, without subjecting you to hassle, endless questions and doubts

TestoPrime - Does it work for Everyone?

This is a very good question. The honest answer is "No".
No man is the same as the other. No organism reacts in the same way as another. No one gets exactly the same results from one diet supplement to another.
This is an indisputable fact.

Therefore, there is an extremely small group of men who may not really see a difference from this particular dietary supplement. If we had to give this number of people numerically, we would say that it is around 2% of men (if not less).

The money back guarantee therefore mainly concerns this category of people who will not see a difference from the supplement, and specifically those persons the company would not want to make them feel as cheated or suffering a loss.

That's why it offers all men - an unlimited money back guarantee - to try Testo Prime without stress to see if it serves their goal.
If not, everyone gets back even the last dime spent.

As simple as that.

Testo Prime – Ideal way for Use

The company has prepared this nutritional supplement for administration on a daily basis as a dietary supplement and not as a substitute.
The easy-to-use form of the supplement in capsule form makes it even simpler and more convenient to use, while ensuring rapid absorption of its active ingredients by the organism and therefore rapid benefits.

The RDD (Recommended Daily Dosage) recommended by the manufacturer is 4 capsules per day. The capsules administered together before breakfast, ensuring the maximum results / benefits for you.
After a while, you will start feeling the action of the supplement, while you will not experience any side effects as it happens in similar dietary supplements (stomach upset, digestive disorders, headache).

Necessary for administration in a Cycle?

No. Unlike other supplements, TestoPrime’s composition does not require you to take it in a cycle, meaning for those who do not know, that many testosterone supplements require systematic discontinuation of their use so the liver is not charged and the organism never becomes addicted to the active substances.

Specifically, as TestoPrime contains no synthetic elements, harmful substances, hormones or drugs / stimulants / steroids, there is no need to discontinue the administration of the supplement regularly. Instead, it can be used without fear on a daily basis and for long periods.

With no risk
Without compromising health
No worries about addiction.
No charge on the liver.
Without disturbing the hormonal balance of the organism.

TestoPrime - Purchase

Purchase of the original TestoPrime supplement (accompanied by the guarantees provided by the company) is possible only via its official website, in an easy and quick way.

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