Beer Market (Not Bier Markt) to Join Offerings at Uptown


Look for the Beer Market, which has locations in Illinois, Pennsylvania and soon the Flats East Bank, to join Uptown in University Circle this fall. The new chain "borrows" concepts from World of Beer, Winks, Winking Lizard and other firmly established brands by offering a staggering amount of beer, real-time beer lists, and a beverage loyalty program. And like World of Beer, the bar has no kitchen but invites neighboring establishments to feed its guests.

Despite the trend of craft beer bars moving away from monster bottled beer lists because of freshness concerns, The Beer Market boasts an inventory of "500 microbrews, craft, flavored, organic, gluten-free, seasonal and other specialty beers, wines and beverages." About 40 selections will be on draft.

The Beer Market (not to be confused with the independently owned Bier Markt in Ohio City), will join ABC the Tavern, Accent, Potbelly, Corner Alley, and other as-yet-to-be-named establishments.

Tidbit: The Beer Market is partially owned by Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson, both of General Hospital - so I'm sure they'll be hanging out there all the time.