Here's Destination Cleveland's Ad Spot for the City That Will Run During the NFL Draft

click to enlarge Good times in The Land - Destination Cleveland
Destination Cleveland
Good times in The Land
With all eyes — some 47 million of them — on Cleveland during the NFL Draft beginning tonight, Destination Cleveland will be airing a new 30-second ad spot to the international audience touting the city.

Filled with images of the Cleveland — the Flats, Browns fans, live music, local attractions, meats — the spot is otherwise indistinguishable in most ways — voiceover, music, general vibes — from a car or beer commercial, but it's still a nice little slice of Cleveland. (Referred to in the spot exclusively as "The Land," for better or worse.)

"There's no better place to call home," it concludes.

Destination Cleveland told it's the first part of an expanded brand campaign for the city that will roll out later this year.