Six Facts About Ousted Men's Wearhouse CEO George Zimmer

George Zimmer, the founder and CEO of Men's Wearhouse, was suddenly ousted this morning from the company he crafted as a young man.

No reason was given for the abrupt move. In fact, Zimmer wasn't even notified before the press release was issued.

Here are some interesting facts about the sharp-dressin' man:

- He is an ardent supporter of therapeutic MDMA and LSD ("You're gonna like the way you trip. I guarantee it.")

- He also supports the legalization and use of medicinal marijuana

- He did not background-check his employees at Men's Wearhouse

- He is a recovering alcoholic

- He is heavily involved with the Oakland Zoo, where he raises funds and participates in "political battles" for animal protection

- He began his company in Texas by using an old cigar box as a cash register