Lorain Children Were Placed in Home with Sex Offender

Today in "WTF?" it's coming to light that three children were placed by Lorain County Children Services into a home with a registered sex offender.

The Chronicle-Telegram reports on the news, which is being urged into the spotlight by the children's mother, Mayra Valentin.

A caseworker determined the placement was copacetic in 2008, and Valentin originally OK'd the arrangement. The children are staying with paternal relatives, though an adult living in the home was charge with gross sexual imposition as a juvenile. (It was a initially a rape charge, though that was lessened.)

Valentin's concern centers around the seeming likelihood, according to her, that the man is sleeping in the same room as her 6-year-old son. “I would like to have my kids removed from there, because I don’t feel that they’re safe there … If I’m not going to get them back, I’d rather them be placed with a [maternal] family member,” she told the Chronicle-Telegram.

The whole situation stemmed from horrendous living conditions at Valentin's home circa 2007 (trash and dirty diapers littering the house and an unsettling dismissal of the children's medical appointments throughout the years... that kinda stuff). If the kids can't be re-placed into her home, Valentin is hoping to move them to a maternal relative's home.

Since Valentin and reporters began homing in on the matter, nothing has been changed.