7 Best Herpes Dating Sites for People with HSV-1 and HSV-2

The dating scene is full of excitement, but for those dating with herpes, it could be much more challenging than usual. Dating sites for people with herpes are a great tool for those looking to find their happiness and the special someone even though they struggle with STD.

Herpes dating is far from unusual, and the fact they’re successful is that herpes dating sites break all the taboos and help people find each other without feeling embarrassed about talking about it.

We live in an age when we could talk more about STDs as if it’s a normal thing because, in fact, they are. The estimation is that half of the population has HSV-1 type, a minor shape of herpes transmitted only by oral contact.

The other type of herpes, HSV-2, is a bit more serious infection, with an estimated one out of six people struggling with it and only transmittable by sexual intercourse.

We’re glad that people infected with herpes break out of their shells and decide to go out and live their life to their fullest- after all, we all deserve to live our lives happily ever after.

These are the best herpes dating sites where you can find people with the same condition that you can date with or find someone special to share your life with.

1. PositiveSingles.com

PositiveSingles.com is one of the most successful dating sites specialized for people with herpes, STDs, and HIV. They claim their success rate is far from any other dating site found online.

Besides connecting people and helping them find others for dating, PositiveSingles.com has a support system that helps you out by advising on the next steps to take.

When you live your life with STIs or STDs, the support from the people that know more about it is something that you will cherish the most.

Members often review PositiveSingles.com as one of the best sites for finding their true love, and they claim that their matching system will undoubtedly match you up with people with the same interests besides struggling with the same issue.

The site consists of 150,000+ members from the US with more male population than women. That ratio is around 70% male and 30% female, making the site biased more toward women looking to find decent men.

Sign up process takes you in rather quickly with his simplified application and terms of use you need to agree on before you’re allowed in. PositiveSingles.com requires you to state your condition to avoid any unpleasant situations with other members, and will later help you when you get matched with the person of your dreams.

We support the type of sites where you need to claim your condition as it will immediately break all the barriers between you and the person you’re contacting- both will be more comfortable with each other when it’s all out in the open.

2. eHarmony.com

eHarmony.com is one of the best dating sites in the US and one of the pioneers in the online dating industry. With 29,000,000+ members in the US, it’s one of the sites with the largest member communities among other successful dating sites and apps in the country.

Even though eHarmony.com is not a dating site specialized for people with herpes, it doesn’t prevent it from helping them find their true love.

eHarmony.com community is equally divided between men and women, both looking for serious commitments rather than quick hookups – that’s perfect if you’re looking to find a perfect match. Sign up process for this site takes a bit longer than it would with some other major sites, but it’s all worth it after you realize making a good profile takes more information than usual.

The more you describe yourself – you’ll have better chances of passing their personality tests that help the matchmaker connect you with someone with similar characteristics or interests. Their successful matchmaker guarantees that you’ll connect with others rather quickly.

Adding to your bio that you have herpes is something that you should do at the beginning to avoid any unpleasant scenarios followed by not being completely honest. Keep in mind that eHarmony.com will ask you to pay a monthly subscription. Even though you can use some features free, it’s vise to invest some money and fully access the site’s options.

3. HerpesPeopleMeet.com

Here’s another herpes dating site that makes dating possible for people with HSV-1 and HSV-2, it connects them in one large supportive community. If you’re searching for herpes dating sites with a smaller anonymous community, you’re in the right place. HerpesPeopleMeet.com is a perfect platform for all those having issues with herpes.

The site claims that their platform will offer you a chance for a new life where you don’t need to hide your issue with herpes and where you’ll meet other members that will support you by any means necessary.

The site also offers many success stories you can read before deciding to sign up for their services. Next to that, you can find many great tips made by experts on how you can continue living your life normally even though you live with herpes.

Life doesn’t stop there, and you can sign up on HerpesPeopleMeet.com to help you find other singles with the same issue looking to have some fun or find someone special for the rest of your lives.

Sign up process is quite simple, and you will enter only basic information that will show on your profile. Next to that, you will state the type of herpes you’re living with, so there are no secrets between the members. After a few minutes of registration, you’ll get access to a large community of people looking to meet and share some special moments.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the largest dating sites together with eHarmony and AdultFriendFinder. With over 10,000,000 active users in the US, OkCupid has more than a solid community looking to meet and have fun.

Launched back in 2004, OkCupid has a steady membership growth each year, and many would prefer using it rather than dealing with some other platforms with similar options. Even though this site is open for everyone, and it’s not exclusive only for members living with herpes, you can find much luck matching others with the same issues if you’re open about it from the start.

When signing up for a dating site for the open public, always state in your bio that you’re living with herpes before it’s too late and you lose their trust forever. When you state that you live with any type of herpes, other members with the same issue or those not afraid of contacting you will approach you.

There’s no shame in posting about your struggle with herpes on a site like OkCupid, and you should not worry about not meeting anyone that will have no issues about it. People living with herpes use OkCupid more than you would think of, and you should invest your time browsing it.

Besides your time, the site will ask for some money, as a premium monthly subscription will let you access all the features the site has to offer. You can use it free of charge, but the premium option is far better.

5. MPWH.com

Are you looking for a site specialized for people with herpes but with low fake profiles count? Look no further, as MPWH.com is the best place you can sign up. MPWH.com has a very strict profile confirmation process that filters all the fake profiles trying to troll others or snoop on them.

With 170000+ members in the US, Meet People With Herpes or MPWH is one of the best places for people with STIs to meet each other, provide support, and go on a date.

To keep an exclusive title, MPWH is only for those infected with any type of HSV and excluding all those with any other STD. Having the community packed with people with HSV makes the success rate of matchmakers one of the highest and you can rest assured that you’ll meet someone to have fun.

Compared to some other sites specialized in herpes dating, MPWH has a low member base. However, their community is active and responsive, while many sites have too many inactive users but brag about having a large community.

All members are from the US, and hardly you’ll find anyone from across the world and having to skip meeting each other in person. MPWH.com is open to all types of people, genders, races, etc. It’s like any other dating site where you find a vast number of people with different backgrounds.

Another great part of this site is that it offers a downloadable app for your mobile device – something worth trying out.

6. LOVOO.com

LOVOO.com is a social network more than a dating site, but you can consider it as both. With more than 70,000,000 users worldwide and 6,000,000 here in the US, it’s one of the largest social dating sites in the world. Members love the idea of Lovoo and what it’s offering to them, and their activity on the site is far higher than anything else on this list.

The most popular interactions are live videos and streaming, where others can rate you and express your desires for you. It’s an innovative way of interaction but very popular among the members. LOVOO.com is an open community, and people with herpes should always declare their status in their bio before interacting with other members.

The site lets you use some of the free features, but a premium account will unlock much more than you can ever have by not paying anything. Customizing your profile on LOVOO.com is fun, and you will have more luck matching with people with the same interests and preferences at all times by answering honestly on the questionnaire.

If you’re looking to try something new and have some fun meeting people along the way, you should try LOVOO.com as your next dating site.

7. H-Date.com

The last on our list is a small site but with a bright future. H-Date.com is a small community full of members living with herpes of any type.

The site has 41000+ members from all over the world, but they’re always active and will not hesitate to approach you as soon as you sign up. The best thing about H-Date.com is that it is free of charge, and it won’t ask you for additional payments anytime you use it.

If you’re still a beginner in the online dating world, you can use H-Date.com as your training ground before you sign up for something more serious and that requires a monthly subscription. Sign up process for this site is one of the easiest, and you can expect to go in quickly and connect with other members that will gladly accept you as one of their own.

Feeling like a part of the community is one of the most important things, and H-Date.com is a perfect place for you to feel comfortable with your herpes issue. Feel free to explore it, and get ready to hop on the next site with a large member base to have more chances of matching with others.


Dating with herpes is not taboo anymore, and it’s quite possible if you decide to use online dating sites like those on our list. If you’re brave enough to try them out, soon you’ll realize you’re wasting your time sitting back and waiting for the opportunity to come to you.

Do what’s best, and start your new life now.