Deep-Fried Twinkies Coming Back to a Restaurant Near You


When Hostess Twinkies disappeared from store shelves last year, it wasn't only junk-food fanatics that suffered a setback, it also was local operators like Matt Fish.

"We had to stop selling our deep-fried Twinkie dessert on June 1st when we depleted our supply," says Melt Bar and Grilled owner Matt Fish. "The plan is to bring it back as soon as it comes back around."

That could as soon as July 15, according to recent reports. New ownership group Metropoulos (who also owns Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewing) purchased the rights to the storied sweets from bankrupt Hostess Brands earlier this year. When they do come back to store shelves, the boxes will bear the tagline "The Sweetest Comeback Ever."

The prices will be the same as when they were taken off the shelves: $3.99.