Dish of the Day: Banh Mi @ Superior Pho


Superior Pho Vietnamese Restaurant in the heart of Cleveland's Asiatown neighborhood serves what is quite possibly the city's best sandwich.

The bánh mì is a tasty departure from the ho-hum burgers, wraps and hoagies that we normally cram into our cake holes. Served on a sturdy French roll, this flavor packed missile is layered with thin slices of juicy seasoned roasted pork, housemade pate and mayonnaise. For pickled crunch, the 'wich is capped off with slices of cucumber, pickled carrots, daikon radish, and a few jalapeno wheels. Fresh cilantro brightens the entire affair.

Priced at just $4.50, we typically buy them by the sack.

Superior Pho
3030 Superior Ave. E