Melvins bring 30th anniversary tour to Grog


Last year, the Melvins came through town on a record-breaking tour that found them playing 51 shows in 51 days. Drummer Dale Crover, who brings the proto-grunge sludge rockers back to the Grog Shop tonight as part of the group’s 30th anniversary tour, says it wasn’t as grueling as you might think.

“When you’re on tour, you don’t have a day off anyway,” he says. “If you have a day off, you’re driving 500 miles. Our day off was 8 hours in the van. It was awesome. That tour was really great. It wasn’t that hard. It might have been easier because some of the states are close together, and we could stay in one hotel for a couple of nights. Some of the shows were early enough that we could be back at the hotel by midnight. It was something big and stupid that we could do to draw a lot of attention to ourselves. In that, we succeeded.”