Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites For Free & Accurate Readers

Human beings are constantly confronted with concerns, spanning from work-related problems to emotional ones, including love and relationships. Sometimes making the correct choices about different areas of life may become a daunting task, thus making the person feel conflicted and unprepared to think correctly and conclude a solution. However, there are experts known as tarot card readers who are professionals, having advanced skills and are endowed with insightful and perceptual abilities to help individuals become much more aware of the possibilities and the highest potential results by performing tarot card reading online.

Even after the mainstream media’s inaccurate portrayal of tarot card readings, the profession has assisted many people in making sense of their underlying problems and subsequently leading them along the path best appropriate for their overall success and thus helping them lead a stress-free and happy life. The tarot online card reader’s powers and talents are sharpened throughout their adventures, allowing them to use unexplained methods to gain insight about a customer's spirit and aura and guiding them through the best path possible with the least difficulties.

Some veteran readers do not require any external information about the client, as they can fathom the source of the problem by just having a sense of a person’s psychic energy. The real advantage of online tarot readings is that it is efficient and convenient while also yielding life-changing results. The flexibility of contacting professionals online and the chance to interact with a variety of psychic mediums can help a person achieve many things in life by providing stronger insights and perceptions. Experts with many years of professional experience can find the best option and can help you get through the process without facing any obstacles.

Best Online Tarot Card Reading Websites For A Seamless Reading Experience

  • Kasamba Psychics - Tarot reading online performed by highly skilled tarot card readers. A perfect option for love tarot reading at affordable costs.
  • Keen Psychics - One of the most reputed tarot card reading online websites with a wide range of experts providing to the point and credible readings.
  • California Psychics  - A website that is highly recommended by a majority of the public and comes with an easy to access and user-friendly website.
  • Psychic Source- The perfect choice for individuals who are just beginning their journey with tarot card reading and that too at an affordable price.

Kasamba Psychics: Highly Praised Tarot Cards Reading Website


Kasamba has more than two decades of expertise in the area of tarot card readings and has offered assistance such as tarot reading, psychic reading, pet reading and horoscope reading, which are some of the many services provided by this platform. Kasamba Psychics is well recognized for its tarot card readings on a variety of topics and especially on the matters of love.

This website is a perfect choice for people who are a beginner in the field of tarot card readings, and that is mainly due to various offers and discounts provided by the company and a wide arsenal of over 90 highly trained tarot card readers to meet all the requirements of the individuals. Kasamba Psychics has transformed into something like a one-stop platform for those looking for a free tarot reading online accurate to help them overcome their greatest concerns through dream interpretation, love tarot reading, rune casting, birth chart translation, numerology, as well as other methodologies. 

Boasting a user-friendly and easy to access website, Kasamba Psychics has made it feasible for you to sign up on the website without any obstacles and also provides a plethora of introductory offers all with just a click of your fingers. The individuals who are looking for reading can customize their searches by accessing the database provided by the company which has information about every reader’s strengths, weaknesses and skills and helps people make an informed decision about which psychic best suits their needs.

The website additionally holds a notification option that notifies the patrons when their preferred psychic is online. As it is not possible for a tarot reader to be available 24 hours, this option makes it easier for the clients to schedule their time frames accordingly. Kasamba Psychics additionally enables readers to view recommendations and insights from other clients in order to deliver their services as user-directed reviews. Reading these evaluations will also assist them in choosing the most appropriate readers.

After the desired reader is selected there is no need to worry about the credibility of the reading as Kasamba Psychics offers highly skilled readers and also offers a $50 cashback if the patrons are not satisfied with the service.

Kasamba also guarantees that the security protocols are followed strictly and will never expose the client’s personal information to the readers and also does not record any sessions. The website is also equipped with a highly secured HTTP protocol that defends the client’s personal information from attacks of viruses and ransomware.

Choosing the right tarot card reader may be a daunting task, therefore Kasamba Psychics offers its patrons a free 3-minute consultation session with the reader to see whether they and the reader are a good match. The compatibility of the client and reader has a direct effect on the reading's success, therefore it's a good idea to spend the free minutes before paying. Kasamba has received several positive reviews based on user feedback and boasts a client satisfaction rate of almost 100%.


  • A perfect choice for love tarot card reading, career readings and different areas.
  • An excellent choice for beginners to get a 50% discount in the initial session and a free 3-minute reading session.
  • Highly committed patron assistance crew working round the clock

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Keen Psychics: Credible Tarot Reading Online Free At Affordable Rates


Keen Psychics have been growing in the field of tarot card reading since the year 1999. This website has been providing people with accurate readings and has been helping the population with all of its problems and concerns by providing credible readings. From marital or relationship related problems to business-related concerns and other questions like what will happen in the future, all these questions can be answered at Keen Psychics by contacting the customer specialized psychics at Keen Psychics.

In this ever-growing era of online tarot reading, the staff at Keen Psychics are always one step ahead with their one in a million live tarot card reading. The ambition of Keen Psychics is to provide patrons with well-researched, credible readings which will enable them to choose the ideal route in their life. They pledge to this purpose with the organization's finest team of over 1800 psychics and tarot card readers. Keen Psychics offers a wide range of customizable possibilities for individuals based on the specifications of customer feedback, charges available, area and years of work experience accumulated by the readers to make things easier for patrons to choose an ideal reader from the roster.

The experts at Keen Psychics possess experience in almost every field which ranges from tarot card readings, aura cleansing, astrology, animal psychics, dream analysis and numerology to give the patrons a wide range to choose from. Keen Psychics also boasts a user-friendly and easy to access mobile application available on both Android and IOS platforms and provides the clients with a better and seamless reading experience. The mobile application further helps the individuals in selecting their ideal tarot card reader and makes it easier to contact and schedule an appointment with them. However, if the reader chosen by the client is not available at the moment, a call back can be scheduled later.

To guarantee that the company continues to deliver trustworthy tarot card reading services, the customer service department analyzes the evaluations and ratings given to the readers by users. The clients are billed by the minute. Also because money is transferred automatically from the bank account, there is no need to stress about replenishing the reading account on a routine basis.

Therefore, if you are searching for a credible and reputed tarot card reading website with a plethora of highly skilled psychics to choose from then Keen Psychics is the ideal choice for you. The individuals who are looking for their first tarot card reading are generally offered a free 10-minute complimentary session at just $2.00. This offer allows the user to get a lay of the land and helps them identify whether the experts at keen meet their requirements or not.


  • An expert in the industry with an excellent success rate for getting readings on important life decisions.
  • A detailed database comprising information on every psychic available along with their areas of expertise and various skills they possess.

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California Psychics: Excellent Website With Unique And Experienced Tarot Card Readers

The California Psychics
The California Psychics

The experts at California Psychics excel at love tarot card reading, financial, relationship and telepathic tarot card reading and the clientele comprises individuals from all over the world. With over 200 highly trained and skilled tarot readers on deck, California psychics boast a free of cost reading session if the clients are not satisfied with the psychic or with the reading performed by the psychic. 

The charging system at California psychics is a bit different from every other tarot card reading website as the staff at the company offer a three-tiered cost structure which is based on a psychic’s expertise, skills and reviews. California psychics have been able to stand firm in the tarot card reading business to date because of their 25 years of experience in the industry. The patrons are offered the choice of both phones and chat psychics to contact the reader and converse with them.

To arrange an appointment at California psychics, the client should first pick a good reader based on their experience, methodology, and the intention of the reading. Patrons may get as many as 40 search results to investigate different online tarot card readers and select the one that is most suited for them. The ‘quick view' button available on the website can also assist by making it much easier for the user to find a match based on the feedback and reviews provided by the previous customers.

Boasting a large customer base, California psychics also offer readings at a very modest price range along with various introductory offers and discounts for new customers. New users may enjoy the benefits of the introductory offers that can save money and get a free tarot card readings session online. People who are new to using the services of California psychics would be given a discount and will only need to pay $1 for their first reading. The amount of further reading sessions outside of the first session is decided by the psychics hired by the website; however, most of them frequently offer the members a discount.

The professionals at California Psychics go through a thorough training session and screening test which evaluates the psychics and ensures the credibility of the quality provided by them. Client reviews and ratings are used as a factor to determine the progress of a psychic which guarantees an accurate and thorough tarot card reading. The experts are further tested to find out their areas of expertise and the skills which they possess and also other areas are also given weightage like empathy and trustworthiness which are equally important.

California Psychics is the best place to go if you need help figuring out what you want to do with your life. Their customer-focused services reflect their devotion and long-term ambition to assist their clientele in realizing their full potential. Numerous patrons have profited from the insight of California Psychics, which has enabled people to fully appreciate themselves and make critical life decisions.


  • Best known for their expertise in love tarot card reading, relationship, financial and readings related to future predictions.
  • The various reviews and ratings posted by previous clients are used as a classification system for psychics.
  • Provides affordable readings at just $1 per minute.
  • New patrons can also avail many different discounts and coupons which lets them attend for the first five minutes for free using promo code "ADD5".
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Psychic Source: Highly Recommended Tarot Reading Website For Beginners

The Psychic Source
The Psychic Source

Psychic Source has been delivering psychic services since 1989, rendering it one of the oldest and perhaps most reputable companies in the market. They have a stellar reputation for providing significant love and relationship tarot cards readings. Psychic Source allows patrons to choose from a roster of up to 250 highly qualified and experienced online psychics to begin their journey in the world of tarot card reading. The website helps the client remain up to date with the various offers which the company provides as a part of the introductory sessions for first-time users.

The professionals recruited by psychic sources have to go through an intensive training program which tests their areas of expertise along with finding out the various skills they possess. The profile of the experts is thoroughly checked to make sure that they are credible with the right sets of certificates. This kind of screening process helps the company avoid any fraudsters or tricksters.

The psychic source is distinctive because of how it allows clients to browse both favorable and unfavorable customer feedback for online psychics, allowing them to make decisions based on the information. The organization's openness enhances its trustworthiness in contrast to other psychic companies. Understanding both the reader's capabilities and weaknesses can help the clients make a more informed selection by balancing the positives and negatives.

Scheduling a reading session at Psychic source is very easy. The clients have various options to choose from when contacting a psychic. For example, the website offers chat, phone and in-person reading to provide the patrons with a seamless reading experience. Also, the clients can choose from the various types of reading provided by the experts and also lets them select a specific reader which suits their needs.

People may have sophisticated concerns about the many facets of life that really need deeper investigation using specialized procedures in order to arrive at accurate results. Patrons may find a variety of experienced readers specializing in multiple kinds of interpretations at Psychic Source, permitting them to choose only the one they desire. They wouldn't have to depend on whatever information is presented on various search engines as the psychic source is very open with all of its data relating to tarot card reading which is provided on the website.

The new members at Psychic source can get a huge advantage by getting the first 3 minutes free on their initial reading and a 75% discount on readings thereafter. Aside from the various introductory offers and discounts, the website assures complete money back if the patrons are not satisfied with the readers or with the online reading.


  • Well reputed website with expertise in areas like love tarot card reading and many other areas of expertise.
  • Recorded reviews and ratings from previous clients.
  • The first 3 minutes are free for every new individual.
  • A cashback guarantees if the patrons are not satisfied with the reading sessions.

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Understanding Tarot Card Reading 

Contrary to the popular misconception that tarot card readings are supernatural, they are in reality an investigation of the problems, nightmares, or challenges faced by many different individuals. It is not a process solely focused on the supernatural factors rather it is a combined process that is carried out by using both psychic and intuitive skills. The purpose of the tarot card reading is to acquire the information about the customer in a very detailed manner so that their readers can help them make the right set of decisions and provide them with a clearer picture of what’s to come. The tarot card readings are normally presented with the help of a tarot reading deck consisting of 78 cards and each card holding a distinct life meaning.

The reader's, as well as the client’s discerning talents, are what allows the tarot card reading to still be successful in addressing the user's existing problems. Individuals seeking advice on their problems may also be provided psychological consultation. An informative tarot card reading can help individuals feel connected and make them increasingly cognizant of their sentiments, which really is essential for optimal progress, depending on the client's participation and the reader's skill set.

In What Ways Can An Online Free Tarot Card Reading Assist You?

Tarot readers in the present times hold abilities such as reflective listening and reliable analysis of the information provided by the client as a byproduct of their real-world experience with various personalities. Certain abilities are unique to the domain of tarot card reading, wherein the individuals gain knowledge regarding their future by enhancing their current state of knowledge. A competent tarot card reader's ability to understand and absorb the aura that a person carries enables them to probe deeper into even the most rudimentary of problems and retrieve the answers.

Patrons will become more aware of their personal decisions as a result of the complexity portrayed in their concerns, enhancing their own measure of competence. The tarot card readers try to gain the trust of the patrons through the use of different techniques like compassion, empath and self-reflection. These kinds of techniques play a major role in the success of both online and offline tarot card readings. Also, the readers practicing clairvoyance may see the issue in a new light through the use of their sixth sense which lets them sense the information from the surroundings.

The most distinguishing factor which separates a tarot card reader from a normal individual is their competence to feel and see the missing pieces of information which are not detectable through normal means. This kind of ability is namely known as extrasensory perception and is often a sign indicating the authenticity of a reader. Skilled tarot card readers can use their abilities to make an understanding of the customer's difficulties and complex scenarios. The obtained information is then sent off to the patrons to best prepare them for their destiny. 

Clients' newly acquired awareness will also benefit individuals in addressing difficulties or conundrums in domains apart from those addressed during reading sessions. With the introduction of chat, phone, and video sessions, tarot card readings have become much more approachable and dependable as a result of increased innovation.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Tarot Card Reading Mediums Available?

The tarot reading mediums can be considered as a tool or as a mechanism that collects all the necessary information about the departed person. A tarot reading medium acts as a communication channel that connects the individuals to their departed ones through a supernatural power medium and lets them communicate.

There is a wide range of mediums to choose from for a tarot card reader. The readers can choose different mediums based on the aim of the reading and ultimately the mode of communication. For example, online tarot card readers may use different spreads of tarot cards to carry out the reading. Significantly, the employment of a specific tarot reading medium should not be seen as a qualification for proficiency, since many tarot card readers can also choose to avoid using channels altogether, but instead solely depend on their own senses and abilities to assist their patrons.

What Is The Procedure To Get An Online Tarot Card Reading Online?

In its most basic form, virtual tarot card reading is essentially an online version of in-person tarot card readings. However, contacting online readers may be more accessible since it can be done from the comfort of your own home from everywhere in the world. Tarot card readings involving spirits and souls, contrary to popular opinion, are an advanced level of reading which requires massive knowledge and skills from online readers.

Unlike offline, online tarot readers do not require individuals to present physically at the site of reading for a successful tarot card reading. This has been possible due to the advent of different mediums like online chat rooms or email conversations and video and phone calls to further assist the clients. In addition to this, one can also choose to obtain gainful tarot card readings over an email which is one of the most unique features presented by online tarot reading platforms.

The availability of different mediums helps the clients choose the mode of communication which suits them best. Also, unlike offline readers, online tarot readers also take into consideration many different factors like time slots, mode of communication and the comfort level of the client while scheduling a reading session. To receive an online tarot reading session, one can easily create an account on their desired tarot reading platform and start this amazing tarot reading journey to gain some valuable insights. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Tarot Card Reading?

Online live tarot card reading is a cutting-edge technology that assists both online tarot card readers and their clients. Online tarot card readers hold the necessary knowledge and skills to provide people with similar services to those provided by in-person tarot readers but in the privacy and comfort of their own dwellings.

Apart from these, there are several benefits of tarot reading that are mentioned below:

  • Online reading sessions with a private environment
    The privacy protocols followed by online tarot card reading websites are very strict and well protected so the customers need not worry about the contents of their readings getting leaked out or someone stealing their private information. Apart from that if the client requests a recorded session then it will be ensured that the reader does not deviate from the topic of the reading. Also, if the individual feels uneasy about any of the psychics they can just go to the website and register a complaint against the reader.
  • Complete control over the timings of the sessions
    Sometimes a reading session may be too exhaustive for the clients so the online readers plan the session in such a way that it becomes easier for the customers to grasp all the important information. Also, for the working individuals, the session may be broken into smaller sessions to assist them with managing their work and the readings.
  • Increased flexibility
    Online tarot card readers also offer the customers the flexibility of arranging a reading session at any hour of the day. This system allows the clients to choose the reader of their choice without worrying about the right time to arrange a session.
  • Availability of highly skilled readers
    Choosing an online reader can be very easy when compared to offline tarot card readers. The experts available online are certified and possess the right set of skills which lets the customers select the best reader according to their needs. Moreover, many online tarot reading websites offer various introductory discounts and benefits.

How To Prepare Yourself For An Online Tarot Card Reading Session?

There are many different kinds of tarot card readings like past-life interpretation, love tarot reading and future forecasting. If the individual is looking to get reading in any specific domain, it must be discussed with the psychic of their choice.

During a reading session, the customers must be enthusiastic and in their high hopes so that they do not get nervous during the session. So it is always advised to only schedule the session when feeling optimistic for a reading. Also choosing a silent environment can help block distractions and make the environment more comfortable.

Detailed notes must be taken during the session as the readers expect their clients to participate actively during the session. Tarot card readings can be complex at times so jotting down some notes can help the individuals better prepare for the next session. 

Many people go to a tarot reader with a purpose in their minds. So if the clients have noted down all their questions and concerns beforehand then the session will become more productive and smooth. Additionally, nobody must expect to get all the information during a single reading session as sometimes the problem may be a complex one and can span to more than one session.

Bottom Line

Online tarot card reading helps individuals by changing the way they look at the major life choices and concerns in a new light. The online tarot readers also provide the customers with a solution to deal with various struggles and problems which they may be facing, plus it also provides insight into what the future holds for an individual. The readers' instinctive perceptions motivate the remedies provided, hence aiming for them to the best of one's ability will decide the efficacy of a psychic reading. 

Therefore, if you are looking for methods that can help you decrease the worries associated with the coming future, an online tarot card reading can do the trick for you. Online tarot readings will be able to advise concerned individuals about what has still not happened utilizing future predictions and fortune-telling technologies. The effectiveness of tarot card readings, however, is based on faith and full involvement in the activity.