The @PlainDealer Twitter Handle Now Belongs to Scene


If you were browsing around Twitter looking for the Northeast Ohio Media Group's string of news coming from PD staffers and members of the new NEOMG, you'd find news from any number of handles, some of which might be less intuitive and brand-friendly than a media outlet might hope.

There's @NEOMG_News, the Metro desk's feed (but not @NEOMG, which is just a dead account with one tweet). There's @ClevelandDotCom, with the general feed coming from the site. There's @NEO_MediaGroup, which is somehow it's own separate account. Other logical handles like @NeOmgroup and @clevelanddotcombackslashneomg haven't been registered yet, but no doubt will be coming as the digital braintrust executes their flawless digital and social media strategies.

What you wouldn't find, however, would be anything from @PlainDealer, which a tipster pointed out to Scene today was somehow dead and unaccounted for in the shuffling of Twitter handles, though @ThePlainDealer still exists. Yes, a digital-first company somehow didn't account of its namesake print product on Twitter.

We registered it this morning, mainly because we wouldn't want it falling into the hands of anyone who would do nasty stuff with it. You're welcome, Advance.