Best Online Tarot Card Reading Sites for Free and Accurate Tarot Experts

Do you often find yourself struggling with just getting out of bed every day? When your mental health is in shambles, it takes a toll on your physical well-being too. The constant worries of life have us all caught up. Each one of us is struggling differently. Some people are dealing with heartbreak; some are busy chasing their career goals while some are just struggling with finding the true purpose of life. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding it even harder to cope with the difficult realities of life. Whether it is about financial losses or losing a loved one, we all need help to make it through these difficult times. That’s where online services like tarot card reading come to play.

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, the trend of seeking out online professional’s help has been rising constantly. Where some people turn to online therapy for help, a lot of others reach out to tarot reading online. Tarot card reading goes way back in time as tarot card readers have been in existence for centuries. We have all grown up seeing tarot card readers in movies and TV shows or heard or read about them in the news. With the recent technological boom, tarot card reading has also evolved with time. What started off as a tiny backstreet shop is now a continuously-growing online industry serving millions of clients from all around the globe.

Online tarot card reading and free tarot reading have become widely popular, especially after the pandemic. People turn to online tarot readers for accurate predictions about their future, career, love life, health, mental health, etc. Free tarot card reading online has earned the trust of millions of people from all around the world and their testimonials inspire more people to put their fate to the test. Moreover, online tarot card reading platforms have eased up the entire process by enabling everyone to access free tarot reading services from the convenience of their home. Tarot card reading online is also available on mobile apps now, hence, making it more feasible for customers to avail these services at their fingertips.

The Top 4 Tarot Card Readers Online – Experts You Can Rely On

Finding the right tarot card reading online can be a daunting task as the online web is full of multiple options. However, it is very easy to get lost amidst the sea of millions of online tarot reading platforms as there are thousands of fraudulent websites out there. To save you from the trouble of falling victim to any of these scams, we have gathered a list of the best 4 online tarot card reading platforms for accurate future predictions. Here we go:

Keen Psychics

  • Accurate Tarot Card Reading Predictions Related to Love and Career
  • Affordable trial readings priced at $1.99 for the first 10-mins
  • Round-the-clock Customer Care Services

Psychic Source

  • Known for Reliable Tarot Card Readings on Career Prediction
  • Free 3-minute Trial for First-time Customers
  • Up to 75% Off for First-time Customers


  • Top Choice for Love Tarot Readings and Online Psychics
  • Free Tarot Card Trial Reading for First 3-mins
  • Available on mobile app for both Android and iOS users

California Psychics

  • Experienced and Qualified Tarot Card Readers Online
  • Easy-on-the-pocket tarot card services starting from $1 per minute
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support

Detailed Analysis: How to Choose the Right Tarot Card Reading Service Provider?

How to make the final call? Which tarot card reading online is best suited for you? If your brain is buzzing with all these important questions, fret not. We have dug through and carried out extensive research to shortlist the top 4 online taort card reading platforms for you. Here is a detailed review outlining what each of these platforms are known for and why you need to opt for them. Let’s get started:

#1: Keen Psychics: Popular for Providing Accurate Tarot Card Readings on Love and Career

Keen Psychics provides online psychics and tarot card reading. They have been active for the last two decades to over 40 million customers ever since its inception in 1999. Keen Psychics has made its way up in the online tarot card reading community and delivered excellent and authentic psychic services to millions of its customers. The quality of service provided by Keen Psychics is what has made it earn a top rank in the market.

Millions of customers from all around the globe have put their trust in Keen Psychics for providing them with reliable and accurate future predictions. The uncertainty of the future is hanging like a sword on the top of our heads. No one knows what’s going to happen the next moment and it often becomes quite difficult to plan your life ahead with such ambiguity and doubts in your head. That’s where free tarot card reading services from Keen Psychics become our saving grace. The 5-star reviews and ratings shared by their millions of customers are a testament to the fact that Keen Psychic is 100% reliable and authentic for an online tarot reading and other psychic services.

Keen Psychics takes pride in having a large portfolio of over 1700 online psychic advisors and tarot card readers that customers can choose from. They are most popularly known for providing relationship and career advice but you can also utilize Keen Psychics for other important matters. For instance, if you are looking to gain accurate future predictions on financial matters or important decision-making, there’s a tarot card reading expert to provide you with personalized advice according to your needs. No more running around in circles trying to solve your life problems all by yourself. Sign up with Keen Psychics today and began the journey to a successful future right away.

If you are worried about the qualification and expertise of your tarot card readers, Keen Psychics eases out the whole process for you. All expert online psychics and tarot card readers on the platform have to make it through a detailed hiring procedure that puts their skills, knowledge, and experience to test. Only the best candidates get shortlisted as certified tarot card readers on the platform to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with the quality of service.

Moreover, Keen Psychics ensures that its customers get to enjoy complete data security and privacy protection. All customer information is safely stored on the platform and they need not worry about privacy breaches or any information leakage. Keen Psychics is certified by law to protect all user information and maintain data confidentiality.

Special Offers for Keen Psychics Customers

Keen Psychics is known in the online psychic community for providing easy-on-the-pocket services that everyone can afford and benefit from. They offer an incredibly low starting rate of $1.99 for every minute for all new tarot card reading customers. Note that this offer is applicable for 10 minutes only. This gives a wonderful opportunity for all first-time tarot reading customers to experience the service and take full advantage of the affordable pricing plan.

Key Features – What Makes Keen Psychics Stand Out?

  • Huge portfolio of reputed tarot card reading experts
  • Over 40 million loyal Keen Psychics customers
  • Always online customer care support
  • Phone, chat and video call option available
  • New customers can enjoy free 3-min tarot card trial reading
  • Complete data protection
  • Affordable tarot card reading pricing as low as $1.99/min
  • User-friendly interface providing smooth customer experience

Connect with Experienced Tarot Card Readers to Gain Control of Your Future with Reliable and Accurate Predictions by Keen Psychics.

#2: Psychic Source : A Trustworthy Name in the Online Tarot Card Reading Industry Working for Over 3 Decades

Psychic Source takes pride in being a torchbearer in the online tarot card industry. The company started off in 1989 and is now a successful online business empire serving millions of customers over the past few decades. It is known in the online community for providing world-class love psychics and love tarot card reading services to its customers. Psychic Source provides various other psychic services including psychic readings, future forecasts, financial advice, astrology, dream analysis, past reading, and the list goes on.

Whether you are struggling to cope up with a new relationship or looking to find closure for an older one, Psychic Source is an excellent platform to start from. They have a huge portfolio of expert tarot card reading experts that specialize in love and relationships to provide you with accurate future predictions. From heartbreaks to healing, Psychic Source is well-equipped in helping you every step of the way. The staff is well known in the industry for their kind and friendly nature, making it easier for customers to pour out their hearts to them. The online tarot card readers utilize their long-term experience to provide accurate and reliable tarot reading online that help customers find a new ray of hope in life.

Customers can connect with online tarot card readers and psychic experts in various different ways. For people who are shy or introverted, telephone calls or online chat work as the best options as they can avoid face-to-face interaction this way. Moreover, customers also have the option to connect with their tarot readers via video chat for more personalized and one-on-one interaction. The customer service helpline is available 24/7 to provide users with round-the-clock help and assistance on the go.

Psychic Source puts their customers above everything else that’s why they bring in an extremely user-friendly platform to cater to all their needs. You can easily navigate through the online platform and choose an online psychic expert or tarot card reader of your choice to kickstart your online psychic journey. Users can also take full advantage of their 100% transparent expert’s portfolio. You can find everything you need to know about a tarot card reader from their qualification to their experience to their specialization to customer reviews - everything is available on Psychic Source. This makes the screening process a whole lot easier for customers and gives them the golden opportunity to pick a tarot card reading expert that best suits their needs.

Special Offers for Psychic Source Customers

Psychic Source encourages all new tarot car resting users to join the platform by offering free tarot card reading services to them. All first-time customers can avail of their special offer of a 3-minute trial on the first tarot reading online free session. If this is not enough, Psychic Source further offers an incredible 75% discount on the first tarot session for all newbies. This is how you earn a loyal customer base by offering value-added services.

In addition to this, Psychic Source also facilitates its customers by providing affordable online psychic and tarot card reading services. They offer an unbelievably low starting price of $0.66 per minute making their tarot card reading online more accessible for anyone and everyone.

Key Features – What Makes Psychic Source Stand Out?

  • New customers are offered free 3-minute trial tarot card reading
  • 75% discount on the first tarot card reading session
  • A wide network of tarot card reading experts
  • 3 decades experience in online tarot card reading
  • Always online customer care service available
  • Phone psychics, live psychics, and video call options available for customers
  • Trustworthy and accurate tarot card readings

Get One-on-one with Tarot Card Reading Maestros with over 3-decades of Experience in Providing Accurate Future Predictions that Can Help Transform Your Life.

#3: Kasamba : Number 1 Choice for Reliable Tarot Readings on Love, Career & Important Life Matters

If you have recently started taking interest in online psychic reading and tarot card reading, Kasamba is one name that you must have definitely come across. Kasamba has been a part of the online psychic and tarot card reading industry since 1999 and has earned the privilege of serving over 4 million customers to date. When we talk about providing above-par tarot card reading services, Kasamba has set an industry benchmark for all others to follow.

Known for their experienced and highly skilled online psychic advisors and tarot card readers for their customers, Kasamba is a reliable and trustworthy online tarot card reading platform for accurate future predictions. Customers have the full liberty to scan through tarot card reader profiles and evaluate them based on a number of criteria. This includes their qualification, area of expertise, years of experience, customer reviews, and so on.

Kasamba takes pride in offering complete transparency to their customers regarding psychic expert’s portfolios so they know that Kasamba is an authentic and reliable online tarot card reading and psychic services platform. All online tarot readers have to pass a stringent hiring process that evaluates their strengths and skills to ensure customers get the best of the best.

Kasamba is proud to boast an extensive portfolio of highly skilled and experienced tarot card reading experts, with over 180 online tarot readers and 150 tarot readers available on phone. Customers have a wide variety of options to choose from and ensure 100% satisfaction. To make the screening process further convenient for customers, Kasamba has a customer reviews section that contains genuine and honest feedback from Kasamba’s regular as well as first-time customers. You can scan through the thousands of positive reviews and see for yourself why Kasamba is a name that everyone vouches for. Kasamba has successfully provided free tarot reading services online to millions of customers and helped them see their future in a new light. When it is about ensuring customer satisfaction, Kasamba is undoubtedly a master of the game.

In addition to providing accurate tarot reading services online, Kasamba is also well-known for providing other online psychics services. This includes love psychics, career advice, angel card reading, dream analysis, psychic medium, spiritual healing, etc. It’s the ultimate one-stop solution for all your psychics-related needs. No matter what your problem is, Kasamba has an online psychic service just for you. So whether you are facing a tough time with matters of the heart, or your career, or mental peace, come to Kasamba to find a remedy for everything. The tarot card reading experts at Kasamba hold years of experience in providing spiritual and mental relief to everyone looking to get clarity on what the future holds for them.

In addition to this, Kasamba adds convenience to your life by making online tarot card reading services available at your fingertips. You can download the Android or iOS app and enjoy swift connectivity with a whirlpool of psychic and tarot reading experts. Their customer care is also available round the clock to help and guide you every step of the way.

Another great thing that makes Kasamba stand out from the crowd is that they pay proper attention to user’s privacy and data security. Once you sign up with Kasamba as a new customer, you can take a sigh of relief and keep all your worries aside about data breaches or leakage. Kasamba is legally authorized and known for following all data protection laws to ensure their customers feel completely safe when they join the platform. You are only required to share limited details on signup. Customers also get to enjoy complete anonymity infront of their psychic advisors and tarot readers. This makes it easier for a lot of people to open up to the experts without the fear of being recognized or judged by them.

Special Offers for Kasamba Customers

All new Kasamba customers can enjoy free tarot card reading services and gain firsthand experience with it. Kasamba offers a free 3-minute trial tarot card reading online for all new customers so they can get a taste of what Kasamba has in store for them. In addition to this, Kasamba brings yet another exciting special offer for its customers by providing them up to a 75% discount on their first tarot card reading session. What more could one ask for!

Last but not the least, Kasamba also takes pride in offering a full refund policy in case a customer is not happy with their tarot reading session. That’s how they take customer service up a notch and provide a memorable online tarot reading experience for all their customers.

Key Features – What Makes Kasamba Stand Out?

  • Experienced and fully-trained online tarot card readers
  • New customers get free 3-mins tarot card trial reading
  • Complete guarantee of user data protection
  • Secure payment options for customers
  • More than 5 million customer reviews and ratings
  • Easy-on-the-pocket tarot card reading services at $1 per minute
  • Psychic readings, psychic mediums, numerology, astrology, and dream analysis
  • 100% refund policy for unhappy customers
  • Available as mobile application for both Android and iOS users

Get in Touch with Expert Tarot Card Readers and Avail Free 3-min Free Trial to Receive Accurate Future Predictions on Your Love Life, Career and More.

#4: California Psychics : World-Class Online Tarot Card Reading Platform for Accurate Future Predictions

California Psychics have been serving the online tarot reading community since early 90s. Are you looking for a reliable tarot online service that is known for providing accurate future predictions? If yes, then California Psychics is the place to be. They take pride in providing personalized tarot reading services for people struggling with finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether you are looking for love tarot reading, career insights, spiritual healing or just general guidance in life, California Psychics caters to all your needs. In addition to this, in case you are skeptical about the quality of service provided by California Psychics you can go through the positive reviews and client testimonials on the platform to assure that you will get your money’s worth. All psychic readers and tarot card reading experts are shortlisted based on a strict recruitment procedure to ensure that their qualifications, experience and expertise would do complete justice to fulfilling the client’s expectations. That’s one thing that California Psychics is extremely particular about ever since it’s inception and this is what has helped earn the trust and admiration of their millions of customers.

Moreover, California Psychics aims to ensure that all its clients and customers are welcomed with a smooth and hassle-free user experience to make online tarot reading easily accessible for everyone. Customers can enjoy secure payment options for all their transactions and take full advantage of free tarot reading online accurate predictions.

California Psychics platforms further comes equipped with advanced search filters that enable users to do a thorough analysis before choosing the right tarot reader for themselves. They can shortlist experts based on their experience, area of expertise or customer reviews and ranking. California Psychics offers complete information related to psychic portfolio so customers can be assured that this is a platform they can fully trust and rely on.

Moreover, customers have the option to choose a communication medium of their choice. Some people are not 100% comfortable with a face-to-face interaction with a psychic, hence, they can always opt for free tarot card reading online via phone or chat option. For others who prefer a more personalized and interactive tarot reading experience, California Psychics also has a video chat option. The possibilities are limitless. The customer care helpline is also at your disposal 24/7 to provide assistance and guidance to all new and existing clients, whenever and wherever they need it.

Special Offers for California Psychics Customers

You know what’s better than online tarot card reading services? Getting them for free! Yes, you read it right. With California Psychics, customers can enjoy free tarot card reading services to help them make the right choice. All new customers are offered a free 3-minute trial session that they can avail to gauge how a full one hour session will turn out for them.

Additionally, California Psychics holds an industry reputation for providing affordable online tarot card reading services for all. With introductory prices as low as $1 per minute, California Psychics makes it convenient and accessible for everyone to experience online tarot card reading like never before.

The pricing plan is divided into three categories mainly: preferred, popular and premium. Customers can review and analyze each price plan based on their needs and budget and pick the one that suits them the best.

Key Features – What Makes California Psychics Stand Out?

  • 100% reliable and accurate tarot card reading services
  • Always online customer care support services
  • Complete transparency on psychics portfolio
  • Phone, live chat and video call available
  • 3-tier price plan offering affordable tarot reading
  • Free 5 minute trial reading for new customers
  • Incredibly low starting price as low as $1 per minute

Click Here to Consult Experienced and Qualified Tarot Card Reading Experts for a Free 5-Minute Trial Session from California Psychics!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have rounded up a detailed FAQs section to answer all your burning questions related to free tarot card services and online tarot reading. Go through this section to get clarity on the common queries related to tarot card reading. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most commonly asked questions about tarot reading:

Q1. What to expect in your first online tarot card reading session?

Your first online tarot card reading session will go like this. You will start off by asking a series of questions from the tarot card reader related to love, career, future, etc depending on what your motive is. The psychic reader will then lay out multiple tarot cards so they can find the right solution for you. They will decipher the combination of the set of tarot cards placed out, and use them to provide valuable insights into your future. Only a tarot card reading expert understands the significance and value of each tarot card and its varying combinations.

Q2. Why should you choose free tarot card reading online services?

Free tarot card reading online helps provide users with a test drive before they can take the final call of whether to invest in a tarot card reading service or not. You can enjoy the benefit of a proper tarot card reading session without paying a single penny. Various top-ranked tarot card reading online platforms provide free trial sessions to new customers so they can get a sneak peek preview of what a tarot card session looks like.

Q3. What questions should you ask an online tarot card reading expert?

A common mistake made by the majority of new tarot reading customers is that they do not ask the right questions from their tarot readers. To ensure you get the best value for your online tarot card reading session, it is important to ensure that you phrase all the questions properly. A useful tip to consider before your first tarot card reading session is to make a list of all important questions that you need to ask from the tarot card reading expert.

Do go through your list of questions numerous times to ensure that you have covered everything that you need to get clarity on. The questions can be related to love life, career advice, financial matters, important decision making, spiritual healing, etc. If you generally feel like you have lost the purpose in life, you can seek the help of an online tarot card reading expert to provide you with a sense of direction based on your future predictions.

Q4. What is the average cost of an online tarot card reading session?

The average cost of an online tarot card reading session starts from $0.66 and goes up to $30 depending on the plan you choose. Different tarot card reading platforms offer varying prices based on the quality of service being provided to customers. Expert tarot readers with years of experience charge a higher rate than those who are new to the field.

The price of an average tarot card reading session may vary based on different factors. If you are looking for affordable tarot card reading services, multiples options are available. You can also take advantage of free tarot card reading services offered by popular platforms like Kasamba and California Psychics. Do thorough research before choosing an online tarot card platform so you can pick a plan that best suits your budget.

Final Words

If you had any concerns or misconceptions about online tarot card reading, we are hopeful that all of them were answered here. The next time you think about reaching out to an online tarot card reading service provider, you can put our tips and advice to good use and make the right choice.

You can choose any one or multiple online tarot cards reading platforms that we have listed above. Each online platform is well known in the industry for providing accurate and reliable future predictions. Online tarot card reading platforms will help you gain reliable and accurate future predictions related to different matters like love, career, financials, mental health, spirituality, decision making etc. Online tarot card readings can help you find the true meaning of life and gain more control over your future.

Your first tarot card reading experience can be both intimidating and exciting. Make sure you do a thorough analysis of your own requirement and then choose a platform that best suits your needs. As long as you choose any one of the platforms that we shared, you are in the right place. Good luck!

Keep watching this space for more expert tips and guides on free tarot card reading and online psychic readings.