Sora, a New Sushi Ghost Kitchen, Launching Monday

Bento boxes of sushi fun - Courtesy Sora
Courtesy Sora
Bento boxes of sushi fun

Lago's Fabio Salerno, Chef Kevin Wang and Kumar Arora will launch Sora, a new sushi ghost kitchen in Cleveland, on Monday.

Sora has been featured in pop-up events in the last year as the team built the concept, which features a "colorful takeout bento box" with "spicy tuna crispy rice, sushi, nigiri, and edamame with sauces."

“During a time of uncertainty in the restaurant industry, ghost kitchens provide effective solutions for both restaurants and the community.” said Kumar Arora, CEO of Arora Ventures.

Come Monday, orders can be made on DoorDash or UberEats for delivery. Takeout orders can be made at or by phone at 216-294-1800.