Video: Color Footage Of 1940s Cleveland Fire (Updated)

via Youtube user wburnard
  • via Youtube user wburnard

(Update) On our Facebook page, Diane Palko Lawriw thinks she knows where this fire occured:

E. 62 off of St. Clair. I used to work in that building when it was Petrequin Paper, which in turn became Ris Paper.

(original story: September 1, 5:57 PM) Youtube user wburnard just uploaded this video and he'd like some help identifying when and where it was shot. The footage was on an 8mm film reel he bought that had writing simply saying it was a fire in Cleveland in the 1940s. He thinks it was in the first half of the decade (because of the other footage on the reel) but doesn't believe it was the 1944 East Ohio Gas Co. explosion and fire that killed 130 people and destroyed a massive section of Cleveland's East Side.

Does anybody know anything? Here are some screenshots of the buildings in the video.