Aaron Craft Gets Engaged; OSU Women Seek Solace in Ice Cream


Scrappy OSU point guard Aaron Craft — the man whose face has become a compelling Jason Kipnis/Grady Sizemore hybrid — is getting married! He's pictured at right with longtime sweetheart Amber Peterson.

And before you start cooing and taking celebratory shots, know that the women of central Ohio aren't taking the news too well. I mean they're devastated. If you're on Twitter, searching "Aaron Craft" will provide an instant sampling of the drama and despair which has attended the nuptial news over the past couple of days — who knew the kid was such a campus heartthrob? — but Scene dug a little deeper.

While perusing Matt Norlander's exquisite Tweet compilation of reactions to the news, we noticed what some might recognize as a predictable trend:

Ice cream.

That's right folks. Women are consuming ice cream by what appears to be the metric ton down in Columbus. Don't take our word for it. Have a look at the compilation below. (Norlander's original list ought to be consumed in its entirety, though it's far from comprehensive. He was quick to point out that the Tweets he gathered were merely the tip of the sadness iceberg). Ours deals exclusively with the recourse to dairy.