Peabody's set to move into Agora


Earlier this year when it was announced that the building that currently houses Peabody’s would be razed to make room for a new Cleveland State University health innovation center, Peabody’s owner Chris Zitterbart, said he hadn’t “ruled anything out” when asked whether the club would move to the Agora Ballroom and Theatre, the historic Euclid Avenue venue that Hank LoConti operates.

“I talk to Hank on a regular basis,” Zitterbart said at the time. “Hank is a legendary guy in the business and has been a great resource. The reality is that we’re a destination location. We create events that people will travel a little bit to see. For me, I’m looking for customers to feel safe and parking and it has to have a cool vibe and good sound and a good layout. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Well, it turns out the club will indeed close at the end of October and move into the Agora. Just this week, Peabody’s released a schedule of events that includes four or five shows a week at the Agora starting with a Pelican show on Nov. 1.

“We’re not messing around. We’re going to hit it hard right away and we have a nice full fall calendar,” says Zitterbart, adding that he’s unsure if he will retain the Peabody’s name. “The Agora has a historic place in Cleveland’s music history and the fact that Hank has created such a recognizable brand name is appealing. I’ve owned Peabody’s for eight years now and when we close, it will be bittersweet. But the opportunity to start over with the Agora name is pretty cool.”

Zitterbart says he’s already begun making improvements to the venue and has just installed radiant heat in the theater. “It will be a significant upgrade from what we’ve seen in the past,” he says.