Alleged Credit Card Thief Escapes Courtroom Only to Strike Again

Matthew Hallers mugshot
  • Sandusky Register
  • Matthew Haller's mugshot

What are 14 minutes of freedom worth? If you're Matthew Haller of Vermillion, two credit cards and probable jail time.

Haller, 32, was in court being arraigned on charges of credit card theft when he made a run for it. According to the Sandusky Register, when the police officer who escorted Haller into the courtroom stepped out, Haller's accomplice Matthew Machock opened a door with his foot. Haller vaulted over a partition and successfully escaped through said door.

Despite having his shackled hands attached to his waist by a belt, Haller managed to steal two credit cards from a purse sitting on a porch along his escape route. Why the purse was left unattended on a porch appears to be a mystery. Also unknown is if Haller stopped to rifle through it and find the credit cards, or if they were sticking out and he grabbed them while running. Either way, credit card theft appears to be a habit that Haller just can't kick.

A resident spotted the handcuffed thief near Ritter Public Library and tackled Haller to the ground. The entire incident took place in less than 15 minutes. Haller was charged with theft and escape, and Machock with complicity to escape.