PHOTOS: A History of 15 Cleveland Breweries (That Are No More)

Cleveland Beer Week is coming to a close and perhaps it's just a result of all the glorious, glorious beer that's been pouring this week, but this ole gal is feeling a bit nostalgic about the end of yet another successful nine-day beer fest.

To commemorate all the new memories we've made this week and to give a figurative raise of the glass to the memories of yesteryear, we've pulled together a few vintage photographs- thanks to the Cleveland Memory Project website- to help tell the story of the local brew scene here in Cleveland.

While these photos naturally don't paint a complete picture of the very rich and complex history that is Cleveland beer, they do, nevertheless, reveal that our midwestern ancestors apparently enjoyed a pint 'o brew as much as the next Clevelander.

For a really fine history of the Cleveland beer scene, we recommend checking out the book Brewing in Cleveland, meticulously compiled by local author and doctor Robert Musson, or any one of the various sites on Cleveland brewing history.

Cheers to Cleveland brews.