Regional Beat: Filament 38

Isolate Decay Disintegrate: (self-released)

The guys in this veteran industrial act have said they aimed to focus on "big hooky choruses" on this, their fifth studio release. That's apparent right from the start as opening tune "Stitch_Crucifix" sounds more like White Zombie than Skinny Puppy. The same goes for tunes such as "Clockwork" and "Sometimes," noisy songs that feature an overload of synths and guitars. "Cyanide & A Kiss" features a bit more finesse as it starts with percolating synthesizers that then give way to hoarse vocals and distorted guitars (the album includes the atmospheric "club edit" of the song too). The terrific guitar solo at the end of "Spite" suggests just how much the band has matured.

Filament 38 performs with Free Medicine, Shadow Saints, the Inhumanity and Two Dead Roses at 8 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8, at the Foundry.

Lorine Chia performs with DJ Fugitive, Atari Jones, Kipp Stone, Creez Mob, R the Czar, Aphiniti, Tae Fresh, Chris Black and Thurm at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 25, at the Foundry.