Election Day Selfies Are Illegal in Ohio

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Photo via Instagram
Tuesday was election day: Many Ohioans came out and exercised their right to vote.

And many of those voters took selfies while doing so.

Why not document the experience, and encourage others to vote through an inspirational pic of yourself in the booth, right?

According to News Channel 5, the selfie trend may end up getting a lot of Americans in trouble on election day, since documenting what goes on in the voting booth is illegal in many states.

In Ohio, it's illegal to "exhibit a photo of any ticket or ballot which the elector intends to cast," but it is unclear if this law would be applied only before a ballot is cast.

At the same time, Ohio law does permit the use of smartphones and tablets in polling places so that voters can research the issues and candidates and make informed decisions.

Alas, the conundrum of the selfie continues: to take or not to take the election day selfie? 

We'd recommend waiting until you're a safe distance away from the polls before snapping a quick pic.