Cavs are Shopping Dion Waiters


In case you missed the news yesterday, via ESPN, the Cavs are shopping shooting guard Dion Waiters. Sources say they've already spoken with the Bulls (targeting Luol Deng) the Knicks (targeting Iman Shumpert) and others.

The ESPN story also said that it was Waiters and Tristan Thompson — not Kyrie Irving, as previously reported — who got into a scuffle during the players' only meeting after the loss to the Timberwolves two weeks ago. Waiters criticized Irving and Thompson, said they were playing "buddy ball" and that he was being held to a higher standard.

Except for dismal foul shooting, Waiters played well in the nationally televised game against the Heat last night, scoring 24 pts on 7-14 shooting (including 4-8 on three-pointers). With any luck, that'll increase his trade value.

Scene was pretty amped for an improved Waiters' season this year, and we're bummed he's turned into such a poisonous locker room presence.

Part of me can't blame Waiters though. Evidently, he's been protesting what he sees as preferential treatment for Kyrie Irving (the same type of treatment Delonte West said LeBron James received at the hands of Mike Brown).