Winter Guide 2013!


Were it simply the snow, it wouldn't be that bad. And if the only hurdle to surviving the winter months was the early disappearing act by our friend Mr. Sun every evening, well then, it'd be easy to make it to spring. And if only one of our teams could manage to not suck at any given time, there'd be more joy to go around.

But Clevelanders deal with all that and more once winter arrives. And somehow, we do it with a smile. (Usually. At least we try.)

These frigid months aren't easy, mind you. But as Clevelanders tend to do, we've found plenty of distractions to keep us entertained, plenty of booze to keep us happy and the best foods to fill our bellies while enjoying the cozy, convenient cover-ups provided by hoodies and burly coats. Beach season is pretty far off anyway.

With that in mind, we've built a survival guide of sort for the coming months. From theater to movies, from cocktails to hearty dinners, from sports & recreation to where to buy your Christmas gifts this year, we have you covered.

It's all proof that we do indeed love winter in Cleveland, but lest there should be any doubt, we put together a list of 50 reasons too, just in case you needed a little reminder.

So bundle up, drink up, eat up, stock up and we'll see you on the other side of the thaw.

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Gifts Galore: Stuff those Stockings with Goodies from Right Here in Cleveland this Year

Do Something: It's Cold, but that Doesn't Mean You Have to be a Couch Potato. Bundle Up and Get Outside

It's the Most Festival Time of the Year: The Winter Season is Jam Packed with Events. Grab the Family, Grab some Friends and Get Out

Shop Your Way to Peace & Joy: Our 10 Favorite Holiday Pop Ups, Markets & Bazaars

The Sporting Life: It Isn’t All About Football, Folks. Take in Some Quality Games this Winter that Don’t Require 12 Layers of Clothes

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Glad Tidings from the Stage: A Mix of Seasonal Offerings and Broadway Hits Await