Band of the Week: The Suede Brothers

Meet the Band: Mike (drums), Kevin (bass), Dylan (vocals, guitar)

Teen Dream: Dylan and Kevin started playing in 2005 in the hard rock outfit Black Diamonds, playing a battle of the bands at Peabody's when they were only 15. In 2007, they started the Suede Brothers, a power trio with stoner rock impulses. "We got schooled on listening to old '70s punk and that transferred into being obsessed with Black Sabbath," Dylan recalls. "We opened up for [heavy metal rockers] Blue Cheer, and they turned us on to other music. We obsessed over stuff like that, not caring if it was old or new." In 2007, the band released its first album and "recorded everything we had," as Dylan puts it. "Looking back, we probably should have waited longer," he says. "It was what it was. We just wanted to be a product of the time."

Riffs Aplenty: The heavy riffs compare favorably to stoner rock acts such as Fu Manchu and Wolfmother. "I like the genre and I like all the bands," says Dylan. "It's trivial to narrow things down to one genre. I actually listen to electronic and ambient music in my spare time. It's my favorite thing to play. Once in a while I throw on [Sabbath's] Master of Reality or the first two Ramones albums."

Why You Should Hear Them: The band's new album, 13 Songs, is its fourth studio release; it comes two years after its last studio album. The disc opens with "Desert Song," a heavy song with a Sabbath-like guitar riff that slowly builds in intensity. Though the track starts slow, it's the kind of tune you want to crank. And the same goes for the other 12 tunes. "It does sound good on headphones," Dylan says of the disc. "And it does sound good loud."

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Where You Can See Them: The Suede Brothers perform with Ohio Sky and So Long, Albatross at 8 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 20, at the Beachland Tavern.