10 Best White Women Black Men Interracial Dating Sites

If you’re a white woman looking for decent black men, interracial dating is now much easier with the help of successful interracial dating sites. White women looking for black men have a lot of success when creating profiles on different dating platforms.

This sort of relationship is no longer marginalised – in fact, it’s quite common now that our society has evolved and become more tolerant.

That being said, some women still have trouble finding a perfect black man to date, which is why online dating sites provide an unlimited amount of resources they can use to meet the man of their dreams. Among many options, we draw some of the best dating platforms where you can meet single black men and start an adventure of your lifetime.

Here are our top picks that guarantee your search will end up successfully.

1. eHarmony

The first on our list is a website with huge success backing them up over the past 12 years. eHarmony is one of the top online dating sites in the US, with around 30 million registered users. Even though many women will like to find a casual relationship, eHarmony is best suited for those looking to start something more serious than that.

The interest of white women for black men was always there, and eHarmony uses one of the best algorithms to match you with men that will fit your personality and desires, which is a great help when trying to find a perfect black man.

Besides providing you with a vast selection of members, this site also has a blog section where you can learn many secrets to the dating game to have greater chances of playing it right. If you feel like you don’t have enough experience in online dating, this information could help you meet someone special.

Even though eHarmony offers a free trial period, you would need to pay a monthly subscription to unlock all of its options.

2. Zoosk

Zoosk is another great online dating site for white women seeking black men either for casual dating or for long-term relationships. Years of experience in the dating business resulted in one successful site where you could meet black men among 4 million users.

Even though Zoosk has some issues regarding fake profiles, and you would find some comments regarding that on different forums, they successfully fight back and create a healthy environment for their community where they can feel comfortable contacting each other.

Compared to eHarmony, Zoosk has many affordable subscription packages you would need to pay for if you want full access. If you don’t like spending too much cash on interracial dating sites, Zoosk is one of the best budget-friendly options on the market.

3. Interracial Dating Central

Interracial Dating Central specializes in dating with different races. White women black men dating is now much easier with the help of sites like Interracial Dating Central, and many women find their luck after registering on it.

Compared to others, this site has a smaller community with only 100,000 registered members in the US. However, sometimes, it’s not all in numbers that make one dating site a successful one. The community on Interracial Dating Central is highly active, and you will find it quite interesting and interactive.

The main winning point is that this site has minor issues with fake profiles, and you can feel comfortable chatting with others if you see a verified sign next to their name. 

Creating a profile on this dating site is simplified, and you can use your Facebook account to make things even faster.

4. Elite Singles

Are you looking for someone sophisticated to share your valuable time with? Do you want to have long and meaningful conversations? Say no more.

Elite Singles is one of the best places where you can meet highly educated black men and start dating them right away. Even though this site isn’t meant solely for interracial dating, it gives enough options for you to find the man you’ve only could dream of in the past.

The best part of Elite Singles is that it has a verification process done by customer support, and you would hardly find any verified account that could scam you or waste your precious time. With 5 million users in the US, Elite Singles has a good reputation among online dating enthusiasts. 

Like others, this site offers only a glimpse into their content before paying for a monthly subscription that would allow you full access.

5. White Women Black Men

A new option on the market, White Women Black Men is a rising star in the racial dating industry but perfect for white women black men dating. With a name like this, you won’t look for a long time to find a registered user that’s not into the same things as you.

As its member base grows as time passes, White Women Black Men continues to amaze its users with options that allow easy interracial dating. The interface is easy to use, and even those lacking computer skills could navigate through it easier.

If you would like to try your luck on the site that’s in constant development, you should give this one chance to connect you with some of the most handsome black men in the country.

6. Interracial Cupid

Going down on our list, we have a website that’s quite familiar in the interracial dating circles. Interracial Cupid is the first choice for many American white women looking to meet and date fine black men. 

However, you should know that the majority of the registered members are between 34 and 44 years old and that you would have better chances if you’re in the same age group.

Besides connecting white women with black men, Interracial Cupid serves any other race or nationality and helps many US citizens to find their happily ever after. Another thing worth mentioning is that this site is more biased towards serious relationships rather than casual dating and that you would have better luck finding someone willing to commit.

After registering, our advice is to pay for a premium subscription, as you get much more than using it free of charge.

7. Afro Romance

Still not impressed with our selection? Here’s another great online dating site where you will find black men ready to light up your life by starting a fiery romance. 

Afro Romance has a small but fairly active member base within the US. With over 600,000 monthly visits, it’s one of the most visited sites specialized for white women black men dating. Even though most of its members and visits are from the US, a large number of them come from the UK. 

If you’re into traveling, why not meet a decent back man from the UK and do some sightseeing while arranging your first meeting?

International borders don’t limit dating, and you can explore the world by meeting someone outside of the US and start a romance that could change your life forever. 

Compared to others on our list, Afro Romance offers you more free options, and it’s usable even if you don’t want to invest any cash in a premium subscription to unlock all of its potentials. Therefore, this site is one of the best for beginners and those with a lower budget. 

8. Interracial Match

Here’s a site with over 20 years of experience in online dating. Started back in 2001, Interracial Match is one of the founding fathers of the interracial dating scene. 

Two decades of experience in interracial dating have resulted in one of the best online dating sites where you will find many others sharing similar desires and dreams. Interracial Match has around 600,000 members within the US, and you won’t spend much time looking for a black man that will set those butterflies in your stomach on fire. 

Interracial Match has a fair age and gender distribution, and you will find members of all age groups equally divided by gender. The community on this site is fairly active and approachable, and messaging others will give results almost instantly.

The customer support team plays a big role in banning all suspicious profiles, and you can feel comfortable they got your back covered.

9. Interracial Romance

Let’s talk about less-known uprising stars in the interracial dating scene. Interracial Romance is one of the younger sites still looking to match others by connecting white women and black men of similar personalities and desires.

Developers behind this site learn a lot by observing their competitors and implement only the best option into their website. To make things simple, Interracial Romance has a fast registration process, and everyone can navigate its interface easily when browsing other members.

The only thing we would like to see from a site like this is a working mobile app that would allow better format when using it on our mobile devices. As the new kid on the block, this site shows remarkable results, and we can’t wait for what else it can offer to its loyal community.

10. Interracial People Meet

The last on our list is another uprising star with great potential to become one of the most competitive in the market. Interracial People Meet has a small but loyal community that communicates on its platform. With only 10,000 members in the US, we can say that it still has much more to learn from others before it can gain popularity.

However, the thing we learned by visiting and registering on this dating site is that it shows remarkable signs of greatness and might become one of the top players in the dating industry in the future. Learning on the way and absorbing only the best from their competitors, Interracial Meet People combines all the great features of any of the more popular dating sites.

If you’re new on the online dating scene and you’re willing to try it to find the black man of your dreams, we suggest testing your luck on lesser-known sites such as this one before stepping up to the big scene.


White women black men dating are now much easier with the help of these dating sites. If you’re a woman looking to find a decent back man to share special moments in your life, you can test your luck on the sites mentioned above to improve your chances of meeting someone that could make it all come true.

Start your adventure today, as you never know when your life can change for the better after receiving a message from a stranger in your inbox.

Intteracial Dating Sites Q&As

What is interracial dating?

Interracial dating is when two people of different races date. In this case, when a white woman decides to date a black man, it’s considered interracial dating. 

What are interracial dating sites?

Interracial dating sites exclusively connect different races and provide them options to find and contact each other. Many people find these dating sites handy when trying to meet someone new.

Is using these sites safe?

Even though many interracial dating sites struggle with fake accounts, you can feel comfortable interacting with verified members that passed the site’s security checks. Practice caution on every step, and you shouldn’t worry too much about getting scammed.

Are interracial dating sites free?

Even though interracial dating sites offer some free options, you would have to pay a monthly subscription to use all of their features. 

How affordable are they?

A monthly subscription price depends on the site you’re using. To get the best pricing, it’s always good to go for the longest subscription as it provides additional discounts.

Is there any mobile app?

The best interracial dating sites have mobile apps you can download on any mobile device and use while on the go. In most cases, a mobile app provides an easy-to-navigate format that overmatches its browser version.