Basketball Coach Charged After "Butt Bumping" Spectator


We'd wager that this is the first time "butt bumping" has popped up in a North Ridgeville police report, and for that we are thankful.

It seems Brian Chrosniak, basketball coach at St. Peter in North Ridgeville, took the art of fundamentals and lessons from the Round Mound of Rebound to a new level of boxing out this week. According to the Chronicle-Telegram, he went after the mother of an opposing player after he accused her of making noises during a foul shot. (Side note: Gotta block out the distractions, kid. Sorry. You won't get to the NBA by asking everyone to be quiet while you toss up a brick.)

The alleged victim, Lizabeth Buescher, told police that she and her husband were watching their 13-year-old son’s basketball game at Elyria Catholic High School when she was approached by Chrosniak, who accused her of making noises during a foul shot. Buescher said Chrosniak continued to yell at her, although she denied making the noises, according to a police report.

Buesecher said Chrosniak also yelled at her son, and kicked her once in the back leg, causing her to lose her balance on the steps leading up from the playing floor. She said after Chrosniak pushed her with his buttocks, she fell down five steps, hitting her head and landing on her tailbone.

Although witnesses confirmed he used his buttocks, they could not elaborate on his form.