The DEVO-Obsessed Converge on Beachland Ballroom This Weekend for DEVOtional Events Featuring Band Members, Fred Armisen

click to enlarge It's all Devo all weekend - Courtesy Beachland Ballroom
Courtesy Beachland Ballroom
It's all Devo all weekend

It's a weekend full of Devo in Northeast Ohio featuring music, live events, a 5K, guest appearances by David Kendrick, Jerry Casale, Fred Armisen, and more.

The Beachland Ballroom will be hosting a two-day DEVOtional celebration starting Friday at 6 p.m. with a pay-what-you-want admittance for performances by Eric Nassau and the San Francisco Threesome (7:30), Poopy Necroponde and the Louisiana Fudge Patch Kids (8:30), and The Fantastic Plastics (9:30).

Saturday's slate will cost you $35 but includes a full day of Devo fun:

3:00 - The Jimmy Psycho Experiment
4:00 - David Kendrick talks DEVO and Gleaming Spires
4:45 - Fight Milk
5:45 - Jerry Casale
6:30 - Fred Armisen
7:00 - Detention
8:00 - Massive Hotdog Recall
9:00 - Devomatix
9:45 - Raffle
10:15 - The Super Thing

The annual DEVOtional, a gathering of like-minded Devo crusaders, was a spinoff of the original blog page set up by Scott Orsi where a group of Devo fans decided to meet in person in 2000 instead of ‘nerding out’ in chat rooms pre-Facebook.

Michael Pilmer who has worked closely with the band for many years and helped start this ‘devolved’ event over 20 years ago says, “We always hope humans take away a sense of belonging, even though most of us are outcasts, geeks, weirdos and nerds who 'don't belong.'”

The fun continues down in Akron on Nov. 7 with the 5KDEVO run.