Renovations Begin Today on First Energy Stadium

Back in November, we reported on the slew of extravagant improvements proposed for Browns' stadium, including "experience enriching" scoreboards and escalators, as well as the city's plan to throw the football organization $2 million a year for the next 15 years to fund said enhancements.

Today, despite much back and forth between city officials and impassioned residents who feel the money could be better used elsewhere, those renovations will begin.

Organizers have plans to break ground this afternoon, weather pending, on the first of two stages of renovations.

It's unclear what— if anything— will actually get done today, but if you're one of those Clevelanders who believe stadium upgrades reflect poor use of taxpayer money, than today would be the day to stand in front of the bulldozer, so to speak, because, as 19 Action News' Shannon Davidson tweeted, equipment is on site and ready to go.