Top 3 Testosterone Tablets For Long-Term Benefits

Testosterone Tablets for Feeling Younger, Energetic, & Stronger than Ever

For men, testosterone has a profound effect on the way we feel every day. From our mood to energy levels to our sex drive. If you’re not living the life of an alpha male, you may be suffering from low testosterone. A healthy level of testosterone makes you feel younger, more energetic, and stronger than ever - regardless of your age. Are you in your late 30s, or you’re over 40 and looking to boost your testosterone levels? You might want to consider taking a testosterone booster. If you’ve already decided you want to increase your T-levels by incorporating testosterone tablets into your routine, but you don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to choosing the right testosterone tablets, things can get tricky pretty quickly.

How do you know which T-booster is right for you?

In this article, we’ll review the top three testosterone boosters designed to help you build muscle mass, improve your stamina, and enhance your libido. By the time you finish reading, we think you’ll feel confident choosing the right testosterone tablets for you.

Now let’s get right to it.

Beyond the Basics, The Best Testosterone Boosters Available

  1. Testodren™ – Best Overall
  2. TestRX™ – Best for Building Muscle Mass
  3. VigRX® Tongkat Ali – Best for Enhancing Libido

What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone produced by both men and women. In men, testosterone is used in everyday functions including building and maintaining muscle mass, sex drive, and wound healing.

The higher your T-levels, the stronger your muscles and bone mass. The better you can perform everywhere from in the gym to in between the sheets.

On the other hand, low T-levels are associated with decreases in sex drive, endurance, bone density, and muscle development. As well as increases in depression and body fat.

While most of our testosterone is produced naturally by our bodies functioning optimally, nutrition and exercise play a role in increasing our T-levels.

Our bodies stop producing testosterone like when we were in our 20s. So supplementing with the following testosterone tablets can encourage the increase in natural testosterone production.

#1 Testodren™ – Best Overall

Testodren™ is an all-natural testosterone booster from PrimeGENIX, the latest brand launched by Leading Edge Health. Whereas most supplements are marketed toward professional athletes and bodybuilders, Testodren™ is here for the average guy.

This testosterone booster allows men to reclaim their alpha in every way that matters – at the gym, in the bedroom, and in the boardroom.

Men supplementing with Testodren™ daily have reported tremendous improvements in all areas of their life. Keep reading to see some of the benefits you can expect with Testodren™.


Better Workouts, Better Results

More energy means you’ll be able to exercise longer and lift more without worrying about fatigue. Which means you won’t have to kill yourself in the gym to see your muscles grow as your lean muscle mass rapidly increases.

Improve Your Physique

You can start feeling good about your physique again as you watch the numbers on the scale go down. Shed belly fat and shrink your waistline as your overall body composition improves revealing more defined muscles.

Prevent Mental Sluggishness

Improved focus allows you to push through each workout with clear goals in mind. In addition, a laser-like focus and reduced stress makes it easier to stay on task and get more accomplished. Increased testosterone levels make you more agile, alert, and mentally sharp.

Enhance Motivation

Testodren™ restores your youthful mindset, and with it your alpha confidence to take on any task. You can look forward to experiencing a major motivation boost, allowing you to smash your goals in the gym.

Enjoy Better Sex

Perform like a teenager again as your sex drive surges with enough sexual energy and stamina to last the whole night. Prepare for an out of this world sexual appetite with the confidence and performance to back it up.


The makers of Testodren™ utilized years of scientific research to develop a formula free of artificial ingredients and proven to support natural testosterone production. The key active ingredient in Testodren™ is Furosap, a patented natural extract from the fenugreek seed.

Other active ingredients include Curculigo orchioides (Rhizome K), which has been used to improve virility and boost T-levels for centuries, and Protodioscin (20%), which encourages testosterone production by promoting healthy red blood cells.


  • No stacking required, no artificial or synthetic ingredients, and no reported side effects
  • Made in the USA
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Must take daily to see optimal results

Recommended Dosage

Testodren™ comes in a bottle with 30 capsules, enough for one month. It’s recommended that you take one capsule daily with food or water. You will need to take Testodren™ every day for at least four weeks to experience optimal results.

Taking more than the recommended dosage will not speed up results, but may instead lead to harmful side effects.

Where to Buy, and What Deals Can You Get?

The best deals are available on the official Testodren™ website; this is also the only safe place to purchase these supplements. A one-month supply will cost $59.95, which is about average for testosterone boosting pills. Bulk discounts are available as well.

Currently, you can buy a 3-month supply for $119.95 and a 6-month supply for $199.95. There is free shipping in the USA when you purchase a 6-month supply or more. You’ll get a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee with any purchase through their official website.

#2 TestRX™ – Best for Building Muscle Mass

The all-natural TestRX™ formula is designed for men who seek to increase their muscle mass without using synthetics or steroids. According to users, TestRX™ has the best customer service among its competition.

By encouraging your body’s natural production of testosterone, helping you get better sleep, and reducing mood fluctuations, TestRX™ offers a better quality of life. It’s the ideal formula for men over age 40 hoping to maintain and prevent further decline of their T-levels.

Take a look at the following benefits you can expect with daily supplementation of TestRX™.


Increases Muscle Growth

We all hit a plateau with our workouts and no amount of exercise or healthy eating can get us over the hump. TestRX™ brings your testosterone levels back to normal. Improving your ability to achieve maximum results from your workouts and get the ripped look you’ve been craving.

Reduce Fatigue, Increase Stamina

Supplementing with TestRX™ allows you to exercise longer, exponentially increasing your progress in muscle growth and strength. What’s more, following your workout you’ll be less tired and your muscle recovery time will be much less.

Makes it Easier to Lose Extra Body Fat

When testosterone production decreases, body fat is often stored as a result. No amount of trips to the gym or miles run can knock those extra pounds off when they are a symptom of low T-levels. Increasing testosterone levels will allow your body to store less fat and gain muscle mass more easily.

Stabilizes Mood, Reducing Irritation

Low testosterone levels contribute to an increase in mood swings, irrational behavior and irritation. This directly affects your happiness, and the happiness of those closest to you. By increasing your natural testosterone levels, your mood will stabilize, and you’ll experience calmer days.


  • Zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA): ZMA increases your total strength and testosterone levels.
  • Zinc: Zinc is known to increase your libido.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium strengthens your muscle tissues and bones.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 increases the production of testosterone in the body.
  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: Fenugreek herb is known to promote muscle strength and improve the loss of body fat.
  • Vitamin D3: Vitamin D3 encourages production of testosterone, as well as the absorption of it in the body.
  • Vitamin K2: Vitamin K2 balances testosterone and estrogen levels in the male body.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic Acid promotes muscle growth and testosterone production.


  • Carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients
  • Science-backed ingredients
  • Zero side effects
  • Made in the USA
  • Money-back Guarantee


  • Only available online
  • Free shipping offer only available with minimum purchase

Recommended Dosage

To achieve the best results, take four capsules of TestRX™ with food or water spaced evenly throughout your day. Spacing the pills out is encouraged so that your body will produce testosterone all day.

Exceeding the recommended dosage can lead to harmful or dangerous results.

Where to Buy, and What Deals Can You Get?

The safest place to purchase TestRX™ is through their official online store. This is also where you’ll get the best bulk deals, and the only place where you’ll get their money-back guarantee.

A one-month supply bottle is available for $69.99. You can buy a 3-month supply for $199.98, a 6-month supply for $390, and a 12-month supply for $747.

There is free global shipping when you purchase a 3-month supply or more.

#3 VigRX® Tongkat Ali – Best for Enhancing Libido

VigRX® Tongkat Ali is the supplement for the guys fed up with poor sexual performance due to low testosterone. This all-natural supplement works to reverse damage done by testosterone deficiency, while elevating your energy levels and mood.

It is one of the best testosterone tablets for men who need a little help getting back on top in the bedroom. VigRX® Tongkat Ali was specially formulated by MIT in collaboration with the Malaysian government. It's scientifically proven in 13 different human clinical trials for its efficacy in treating male sexual dysfunction.

We’ll let the benefits speak for themselves.


Enhance Sex Drive

An increase in testosterone leads to a boost in sexual vigor and libido. You’ll experience increased sexual sensations as you bring the magic back to the bedroom. More importantly, you and your partner can both enjoy more intense orgasms.

Revitalize Sexual Stamina

Increased blood and oxygen flow allow you to last longer in bed. This is done by providing your cells and tissue the necessary nutrients to rejuvenate and delay fatigue. Get ready to experience the sexual stamina of your youth.

Improve Erection Quality

It’s difficult penetrating your partner if your penis isn’t fully erect. Increased blood flow throughout your entire body means your penis will be thicker, harder, and stand at grand attention. For the pleasure of your partner.

Increase HGH Production

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) plays a key role in metabolism, lean muscle growth, athletic performance, and recovery time. By stimulating your pituitary gland, VigRX® Tongkat Ali encourages HGH production.


  • Tongkat Ali LJ100: LJ100 has been proven in 13 clinical human trials to increase testosterone levels in men with consistent supplementation.
  • Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1 deficiency is linked with fatigue and muscle weakness. Including this ingredient helps boost sex drive, energy, and libido.
  • Vitamin B6: Promotes testosterone production and increases the amount of free testosterone in your body.
  • Zinc: Zinc deficiency is linked to low testosterone. Including this ingredient helps improve blood flow and testosterone production.


  • Clinically-proven formula
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Manufactured by a well-known and trusted brand
  • Loads of positive customer reviews
  • Made in the USA
  • Affordable pricing
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only available online

Recommended Dosage

A one-month supply of VigRX® Tongkat Ali contains 60 capsules. It’s recommended that you take two capsules daily – one in the morning and one before you go to bed.

Increasing the number of pills you consume daily will not accelerate the effects. Instead, it could lead to unwanted side effects.

Where to Buy, and What Deals Can You Get?

VigRX® has been successfully making quality male health supplements for over a decade, which means there are many imposter products out there. The best place to purchase VigRX® Tongkat Ali is directly from the manufacturer’s official website.

You can buy a one-month supply for $49.95, a 2-month supply for $79.96, a 3-month supply for $109.95, and a 6-month supply for $209.94.

Final Verdict: How to Select the Best Testosterone Tablet

As you begin your search for the best testosterone tablets for you. It’s important to remember that the best T-boosters are those that have been tested, studied, and verified by people who have used them.

Boosting your testosterone is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, but it isn't as simple as taking a pill. Testosterone supplements work best when combined with exercising regularly and eating right.