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The Covid 19 pandemic accelerated the move to shopping and selling online. So, if you have been planning to start an online business, it might be the right time to do that.

Unfortunately, launching an online store is just the start of your selling journey. Unless you have the right skills to choose profitable products, drive traffic to your store, and scale the business, the store will not generate any income. And even though there are many training programs on the internet designed to help you achieve that, most of them are outdated, very expensive, and rarely work. Kibo Eclipse promises to solve most of the problems online sellers encounter.

Kibo Eclipse is among the newest online marketing training programs and promises to help you establish a flourishing ecommerce business. This Kibo Eclipse Review will introduce you to this program and tell you whether it works.

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What is The Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse is an eCommerce training program that is based on the fundamental Kibo business model. After signing up for the Kibo Eclipse program, the creators will teach you how to launch a productive online business within a short time. The program comes with a software tool designed to facilitate the easier building of an online store within minutes and optimize it for profitability.

The primary goal of the creators is to help people, including beginner-level sellers, to establish profitable online businesses without having to manage inventory, contact overseas suppliers, or rely on Amazon or Shopify.

After signing up in this program, they will provide you with a quality domain name, hand-picked product listings, and a pre-loaded webstore. The Kibo Eclipse program will also teach you how to start sending traffic to your product listings instantly, therefore, increasing the chances of making money within a short time.

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Who are The Founders of The Kibo Eclipse?

The people behind the Kibo Eclipse are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. If you are very new to the world of marketing and virtual advertising, the two names might sound new to you. Aidan Booth is a widely known entrepreneur who has worked online for many years while Steve Clayton has worked in various sales and technical positions for around 18 years.

The two are also the people behind several other online programs, including the Kibo Code and Kibo Code Quantum, which have helped people establish profitable ecommerce companies and make money. Other programs include the 7-Figure Cycle, 100K Factory, and Parallel Profits.

Aidan Booth has been specializing in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, software tool development, training, and small business marketing. The author has been prioritizing financial independence, flexibility, and better quality of life. Many people have relied on his systems to establish their online businesses and make millions.

His partner, Steve Clayton has been specializing in internet marketing for many years. Clayton claims that he decided to establish an online business after serving as the CFO of a Fortune 500 corporation for several years. While his job was well-paying, he had to spend many hours working, such that he did not get adequate time to spend with his friends and family. That forced him to establish his first online business.

How Does The Kibo Eclipse Work?

Kibo Eclipse is founded on the three-step Kibo business model. Here is how the system works:

Step 1: Identification of the Right Products

The program will help you identify the best products, based on the amount of profit they generate. Identification of the right products is vital when it comes to boosting your sales and making more money in the long term. Without the Kibo Eclipse system, it can take you many hours of research, and even then, the products you choose might not be profitable.

Kibo Eclipse comes with a software tool that can help you choose many profitable products from various niches within a few minutes. After that, you can load up all the products or some of them on your webstore and start selling. Further, the program comes with software tools to help design and optimize the webstore.

Step 2: Generate Traffic and Make Instant Sales

After loading products on the online store, the Kibo Eclipse system will provide you with access to various traffic sources. The creators of the program have described the traffic sources as immediate, free, and easier to get. In fact, a large percent of the traffic will be sourced from Facebook but not through groups or Facebook ads.

Further, theKibo Eclipse system teaches a new strategy and approach that will enable you to target many active groups on Facebook and reach over 100 million United States buyers. The best news is that all the buyers will be interested in your products.

Step 3: Expand Your Marketplace

In the third step, Kibo Eclipse will help you identify the most profitable products on the Facebook Marketplace so that you can add them to the mega-marketplaces like Walmart and Google.

The Key Features of Kibo Eclipse:

The Kibo Eclipse training program offers many features that differentiate it from other similar programs in the market. Here are some of the important features to expect after buying it.

  • It recommends products based on the niche and profitability.
  • It provides a unique software tool that tests many products from different niches simultaneously
  • Offers free traffic strategies for people who would want to try the program.
  • The instant outcome in the form of sales and traction
  • The offered software tool eliminates all the products that are not sold and keeps any product that makes a profit – including those slightly profitable.
  • The program repeats the selling process to help identify many profitable products

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The Components of Kibo Eclipse:

The process of building a webstore, stocking up, and selling can be complicated and tricky. This is especially true for individuals new to the ecommerce world. To help such people learn easily and establish productive online businesses within a short time, the creators of Kibo Eclipse divided it into eight components. Here is what to expect:

Kibo Incubator

This is the first component of the Kibo Eclipse course. It is designed to help the students establish a foundation for their ecommerce businesses and start making money immediately. The eight-week core program will guide you in every step and teach you the process of building a new business from scratch and helping it grow rapidly.

Kibo Jumpstart

Kibo Jumpstart consists of several in-depth weekly training sessions with Stephen, Aidan, and several other in-house specialists. The weekly classes are designed to facilitate the establishment of a productive online business within a short time. All you have to do is complete the 30 days challenge.

The offered weekly milestone checkpoints enable the users to track their progress. And even more, the creators of the program allow students to discuss their progress via live interaction in chat or zoom. That means you can benefit from detailed advice and analysis.

Kibo Headquarters

This is a featured operations center to facilitate the development, expansion, and management of the online business. The module provides access to the infrastructures that Aidan and Stephen have built over time. You will have access to various services and tools, which include apps worth $1000.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo Oracle is another key component of Kibo Eclipse. The software suite provides users with access to thousands of products from many niches and helps them choose the profitable ones alone. Moreover, the software suite enables users to assess thousands of products in a few seconds. That might be all you need to save many hours or days of effort.

Kibo Converters

This Kibo Eclipse program module is a smart software tool designed to convert your visitors into returning buyers. The tool offers access to many conversation tools to automate your online marketing. For example, you can engage with your target customers through the Kibo BOT. The bot will work through your virtual sales assistant to automate all the chats.

Kibo Socializers

Kibo Socializer is another important component of the Kibo Eclipse program. It makes the process of identifying viral social media traffic and attracting it easy. You can use the tool to boost your sales faster because it offers the benefits of social media traffic pockets. The Kibo Socializer is proven to boost online sales and profits.

Kibo Accelerators

This Kibo Eclipse program module will help you scale your business. It will also provide you with the social media traffic secrets that you need to move the business forward. And because scaling an online business can be problematic, the online program offers a fool-proof plan to help you scale the business.


The KiboMentorPoint is the last part of the Kibo Eclipse training program. This module consists of various avenues avenue of support and coaching. The students will get assistance from a support system that consists of a dedicated in-house expert team along with other Kibo Members. One great thing about this system is that it is open 24/7 throughout the year.

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How Does the Kibo Eclipse 2022 Differ from the Other Versions?

The KiboEclipse is an updated version of the earlier released two training programs, known as Kibo Code 2020 and Kibo Code Quantum 2021. Still, the key features of the Kibo Eclipse 2022 are different.

The Kibo Code 2020 required the students to pay for a Shopify account but the Kibo Eclipse 2022 offers free access to an ecommerce platform for all students. While the Kibo Eclipse 2022 is more expensive than the two earlier versions, it offers many benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

Get Quality Traffic

The Kibo Eclipse course teaches students how to use high-targeted buyer traffic from the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It further reveals other methods of scaling up the traffic instantly.

No Dealing with Foreign Suppliers

The program allows you to choose products from the United States suppliers alone. Even more, the products are sold locally to people in different parts of the country. Therefore, there are low chances of encountering communication problems.

Low Chances of Losing Your Money

Most businesspeople buy stock in bulk, something that requires investing a huge amount of money. They then do a lot of work to sell the stock so that they can retrieve the invested money and make a profit. There are many risks behind the process and you will never be sure whether you will sell the entire stock.

The Kibo Eclipse program eliminates the need of investing in any stock. Actually, you do not have to buy a single product to start selling. That means that the risk of losing your money does not exist.

Fast Results

Kibo Eclipse makes the process of selecting profitable products from all niches a breeze. And as soon as the product selection ends, you can load them to your webstore to start making money. Your business will catch speed within a short time and you will enjoy high profits in the long term.

Less Time-Consuming

If you already have a full-time job and you want to start an online job as your side hustle, Kibo Eclipse will help you do that. The program requires you to work for at least 5-10 hours to make money per week. That means you can continue with your day job and pursue your online business.

Kibo Eclipse 2022 Limited Virtual Live Event

The Kibo Eclipse 2022 Limited Virtual Event is scheduled to take place on 3 February 2022 virtually. However, only the people who have already enrolled in the program will attend.

This virtual live event will allow you to meet many successful online business owners and interact with them. That means that you learn more about establishing an ecommerce business and generating high revenue in the long term.

In the live session, many successful business owners and entrepreneurs will share their secrets along with tricks and tips. They will tell you what you need to do to generate high profit throughout the year and what you have to avoid.

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Kibo Eclipse Price:

The Kibo Eclipse training program is available for $3,497. However, the founders offer an option for people who would want to pay in installments. Instead of the $3,497 single-payment, you can choose the all-wheel-drive payment option that requires you to pay $997 after every 30 days for 4 months.

The single-payment option, nevertheless, allows you to save $491 and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with what the program offers or you do not achieve any of your goals, you can ask for your money back within 30 days. Remember to buy the program through the official website to avoid losing your money or paying for a different program.

Kibo Eclipse Bonuses:

The Kibo Eclipse comes with three bonuses. Here is what to expect.

Social Selling Secrets

 This is possibly the most useful offered bonus. The Social Selling Secrets explains various ways that you can use to drive traffic to your website with the help of social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. Social media allows business people to connect with their target audience directly and save money. In Social Selling Secrets, you will get all the tips you need to maintain social media interaction and boost your traffic.

Kibo Event Live Recordings

In this Kibo Eclipse bonus, you will get full recordings of live events with inner circle secrets and guest speakers. You can watch the videos at your own pace.

The Secret Mastermind

The Secret Mastermind is in the form of workshops and seminars. It is all you need to learn more about the current market trends and the ecommerce world through outlines and graphs. With this bonus, you will look more realistic and practical and start understanding things deeply.

Who Should Go For the Kibo Eclipse?

Kibo Eclipse training program is a good choice for anyone who would want to launch an ecommerce business. It is also ideal for online business owners who would want to hone their skills. The program offers a software tool that will identify the best-selling products in all niches and drive social traffic to your webstore. Furthermore, the modules are full of deep knowledge that you need to establish and grow an online business.


The Kibo Eclipse Program offers many benefits for people who would want to establish their online business from scratch. First, the program provides a software tool to help you build a functional ecommerce website within minutes, choose the profitable products, and load them on the site. It will further help you increase the traffic to your webstore and boost your revenue. The creators of this program have adequate experience in the ecommerce world and they have released many other helpful programs.

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