Hudson Would Like to Remind America Its Ice-Fishing-Prostitution Mayor Is Part Time and Holds No Real Power

click to enlarge Mayor Shubert - City of Hudson
City of Hudson
Mayor Shubert

The city of Hudson, in response to this week's installment of Hudson Makes National News for Hilarious or Sad Reasons, would like to remind everyone that its mayor is basically powerless and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Mayor Craig Shubert, as you probably know, used some of his time during a city council work session this week to share his thoughts that allowing ice fishing on city land will lead to ice shanties which will lead to prostitution in said ice shanties.

Video of Shubert sharing his impenetrable logic quickly went viral.

Naturally that led to some questions for Hudson city council and city hall about how everyone felt about the mayor's most recent star turn. The city was not super excited to discuss the topic but wanted to at least set America straight on what Shubert does for the city, which is nothing (except embarrass everyone).

“We will not be doing interviews on this subject. The mayor is a part-time ceremonial mayor with no vote or power to enact legislation. That power falls on city council and based on Tuesday’s meeting. I did not hear any council members speak up in support of the mayor’s comments, so I do not believe this will go anywhere,” a spokesperson told Channel 19.

Not if Shubert has anything to say about it.