Ohio "Werewolf Enthusiast" Indicted on Charges of Sexual Misconduct

Mark Edwards, in full regalia, with a raw rabbits leg in his mouth.
  • Mark Edwards, in full regalia, with a raw rabbit's leg in his mouth.

An Ohio man has been indicted by a grand jury in Clark County, near Dayton, for luring a 14-year-old girl into a bizarre, cultish role-playing 'covenant' that led to unlawful sexual conduct and then running away with her.

Mark Edwards, 44, is a "werewolf enthusiast" who goes by the alias Nagamishe Shiro online. He engages in all sorts of horror-movie activities including, but by no means limited to, feasting on animal carcasses and having sex with his followers before and after sword fighting in the woods.

The Guardian posted several pictures taken from Edwards' grotesque Facebook albums. Many include his teenage followers, whom he harvested from the internet's more adventurous cosplayers, armed and costumed.

Also on his Facebook profile — this stuff is unreal — Edwards likens his covenant to the Jedi order, describing it as 'a world wide secret organization of Werewolves, Vampires, Werecats or Hell cats, and Hybrid humans that work together to protect the human race from the evil of demons and other evil vampires or werewolves.'

Edwards is married and was formerly employed as an animal trapper. He turned himself in after running off with the teenage girl and was indicted on charges yesterday.

At least one close friend of Edwards says that this werewolf stuff is a just a hobby, and it may be. But a lot of it certainly wasn't legal. Get a load of this video to see him in action.

"I told my parents the same thing," Edwards tells the camera, about a monster under his bed. "You know what they done? They gave me a hatchet and a spear and said 'go get him before he gets you.'"