Cleveland's the Sublets Release Second Single, 'Finally Free'

click to enlarge The Sublets. - Courtesy of the Sublets
Courtesy of the Sublets
The Sublets.
Formed in 2018 by guitarist, songwriter and singer George Chase, the Sublets possess an alternative sound anchored in “urgent and infectious melodies.”

The group, which also features bassist Daniel Lee and drummer Stephen Nicholson, released its first single, “The Fallout,” earlier this year. This week, it has released its second single, “Finally Free,” a track about “the search for growth and liberation from the pains of unrequited love,” as it’s put in a press release.

“The song is about a person navigating the waters of love, and more specifically, what is and isn’t love,” says Chase in a press release. “[It’s] a theme that everybody can relate to: love that can’t happen for one reason or another and wanting to be 'finally free' of those feelings. Love isn’t always fair. You might love somebody, and they just don’t love you back. How do you deal with that? Then, when you think you’ve moved on, you sometimes relapse by remembering the good times, and then, you miss that person again."