Best Indica Seed Strains: Get Top Indica Strains From the Best Seed Banks

Imagine how it’d feel buying indica seeds, getting excited about cultivating them, then realizing they’re damaged or substandard.

It would suck, right?

Good thing, we’d love nothing more than to help you save your precious time and money by getting the best indica seed strains from the most reputed seed banks today.

New, intermediate, or experienced grower, it doesn’t matter. This review of the best indica seeds strains and seed banks will not only get you high-grade indica strains, but provide you with germination assurances, too.

Sounds amazing, let’s get it!

Best Indica Seeds Banks: First Look

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana - Best indica seeds overall
  2. Crop King Seeds - Fastest delivery (2-7 days)
  3. Seedsman - Strongest THC strains
  4. Quebec Seed Bank - Therapeutic indica cannabis strains
  5. Herbies Seeds - Top customer service
  6. Seed City - Regular 25% discounts
  7. Mary Jane's Garden - Top indica dominant strains
  8. SunWest Genetic - 500+ strains available
  9. Beaver Seeds - Excellent quality control
  10. Sonoma Seeds - Natural indica seeds

Where To Buy the Best Indica Strains

1. I Love Growing Marijuana - Best Indica Strains Overall


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Large grower community
  • Deal alerts
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • 24/7 grower support


  • Low CBD content

I Love Growing Marijuana has a sizzling passion for weed pumping through its veins.

Its team is made of complete cannabis firebrands, more so, the seed bank founder Robert Bergman had studied cannabis for 25+ years. Suffice to say, the seeds here are actually a result of high standards and careful thought.

You’ll love that ILGM really cares about every type of grower. The seed store boasts a grower community of 1M+, offers 24/7 grower support, and has an extensive range of grower guides to help you get the best out of your seeds.

The climax is that ILGM’s indica strain range is a beautiful garden of variety. This is especially true for their high THC feminized seeds for those that want the biggest yield possible.

Furthermore, they also have autoflowering, fast flowering and beginner seeds for new indica growers, and even stock climate-tailored indica weed seeds to ensure you get a pleasant grower adventure wherever you are.

We personally love ILGM’s:

Of all these indica seeds, the Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Feminized Seeds and the Blueberry Autoflower Seeds are our top favorites. The seeds are 80% indica, and 20% sativa and can produce as much as 21 oz per square meter.

Better yet, they allow for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, and basically, any level of grower can nurture them.

Also, the Girl Scout variation has some high THC levels - up to 21%, and they also come with 10 FREE seeds.

In summary, I Love Growing Marijuana is all about trustworthiness. They will protect your investment with a germination and delivery guarantee, so you’re sure of getting a reshipment or seed replacement in case anything unsavory happens.

Try ILGM For The Best Indica Seeds Overall

2. Crop King Seeds - Widest Variety of Indica Seeds Online


  • 80% germination rate
  • Fast, discreet delivery
  • Widest strain selection
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Could have more discounts

Crop King Seeds is the royalty of strain variety. Whatever indica strain you might have in mind, they probably have it in store for you.

That’s not all, actually. Even if you don’t want any specific indica cannabis strain you can get a mixed Indica strain pack and experiment with different seeds to find the ones you love most.

To give you a little background, Crop King Seeds has been around since 2005, and that it’s grown to be one of the most popular seed stores in North America speaks to the level of trust they enjoy.

Notably, Crop King Seeds is a stickler for quality. The company handpicks and tests their seeds before putting them up for sale, thus you’re assured of getting top-notch indica genetics.

Also, the seed bank has germination and growing environment guides to hold your hand through your indica plant cultivating journey. You also get an 80% germination guarantee to give you confidence.

Crop King’s most popular Indica seeds are:

  • Bubba Kush Feminized
  • Black Indica Feminized
  • Pure Indica Feminized

The 80% Bubba Kush and Black Indica strains caught our eye the most. They can grow in any environment, take just 7-9 weeks to flower, and have an easy level of growing difficulty, so you don’t have to fuss much about being the perfect grower.

Lastly, Crop King Seeds gives you 10 free seeds on orders worth $420 and more. Furthermore, your indica weed seeds are shipped stealthily in random items to stave off ogling eyes, and the delivery times are 2-7 days to get you growing in no time.

Get Fast Discreet Delivery From Crop King Seeds Here

3. Seedsman - Highest THC Levels Indica Strains


  • Always get free seeds
  • Collaborates with other banks
  • Pioneers
  • Seamless shopper experience


  • No fixed shipping cost

Buds produced by Seedsman seeds have the kick of a horse.

The seeds here have some top-tier THC content, with most having the potential to produce weed with 21-30% THC, and that’s some potent harvest you’re looking at.

And, Seedsman isn’t just any other brand. They’ve got a 20+ year seed bank reputation and were the first brand to sell autoflowering and CBD seeds, so this is a store you can trust.

Even more, the seed bank also collaborates with 27 other reputable seed banks, e.g. Sensi Seeds, Royal Queen, Female Seeds, and more to always have high-quality seeds available for you.

The strain selection here is massive too, Seedsman stocks over 350 strains, and their indica strains make a big chunk of them.

Even with the broad range of cannabis indica strains, you’ll get a smooth shopper experience. You can use Seedman’s THC/CBD content, sex, flowering type, price, and more seed filters to help you find your perfect seed match.

While there is a wide selection of regular, autoflowering, fast version, and feminized seeds, their most popular indica cannabis seeds are:

  • Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Feminized

  • Tropicana Passion XL Auto Feminized

  • Trichome and Cream Auto Feminized seeds

The Gorilla and Tropicana Indica are in fact 100% pure indica seeds, while the Trichome one is an indica-dominant hybrid for people that want to enjoy both the highs and therapeutic effects of weed.

Marijuana plants produced from these indica cannabis seeds will give you some creative and stimulating yet relaxing vibes, and their uplifting effects mean they’re awesome for daytime use.

The cherry on top is that Seedsman scores you freebie cannabis seeds on every order, big or small.

Maximize Your THC Levels With Seedsman

4. Quebec Seed Bank - Best Medical Marijuana Indica Strains


  • North America personalized seeds
  • Variety of flowering types
  • Good bulk discounts
  • Wide medicinal benefits


  • Free shipping on bulk buys only

Yes, you guessed it. Quebec Seed Bank is based in Quebec, Canada, a thriving pro-weed society. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of weed seeds in Canada and the US.

Quebec makes its bones by giving you more than just a fun weed experience with arguably one of the best medical Indica strains today.

It goes on.

The most incredible thing is that the store sells cannabis seeds tailored to North America, so your indica cannabis seeds will survive the harsh winters that may come around.

In addition, many of their indica seeds are touted as mold and termite resistant, and that means less worrying about pests and diseases.

Quebec Seed Bank has a variety of indica flowering types around autoflowering, feminized, regular, CBD, outdoor, and even mixed strain packs for people that desire an all-in-one package.

Their most popular and top-rated Indica cannabis seeds are:

  • Master Kush Feminized

  • Pink Berry Feminized

  • CBD Northern Lights Feminized

Master Kush (80% Indica) and the Pink Berry seeds (90% Indica) have a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, and they’re said to give a euphoric and relaxed feel.

Alternatively, if your eyes are on more medicinal effects, you could opt for the CBD Northern Lights feminized version that is said to have potential anxiety and possibly chronic pain soothing effects.

It’s all good if you’re buying just a few pot seeds, but know that you get extra free seeds on purchases over $150, and free shipping for purchases over $200 … something to think about, eh?

Try the Medical Marijauna Strains at Quebec Cannabis Seeds

5. Herbies Seeds - Unmatched Indica Cannabis Seeds Guarantee


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free seed on every order
  • Affordable prices
  • Consultant help


  • Longer delivery

Herbies Seeds is steered by a team of weed experts who’ve put their heads down on weed research for 10+ years. So, Knowing that your suppliers are business veterans should give you some peace of mind. .

And, the brilliance of the team behind the brand is demonstrated by cutting-edge seed genetics. The THC levels these seeds can produce go up to 35%, so you’ll be getting some of the most potent indica strain experiences in just a few weeks.

Even better, Herbies Seeds provides online consultants that can help you find the best indica seeds for your grower goals. Besides, you always get free cannabis seeds on every order, allowing more room for rookie grower mistakes.

See, the indica collection on Herbies seeds is charming. We recommend their most popular cannabis strains, which include:

First things first, the Shiskaberry goes all out as 100% pure indica seeds and is the most potent pure strain here at 28-33% THC. Moreover, its nice soothing benefits are delivered in a delightful berry aroma mixed with an earthy taste.

The best part is that these strains can easily produce over 500g per square meter, and even up to 600g when grown outdoors.

To sum up your experience, Herbies Seeds give you an all-around satisfaction guarantee. By that, we mean seed replacements and a reshipment if things go south. Good thing, every order comes in disguised shipping to further ward off potential harm to your package.

6. Seed City - Most Affordable Indica Cannabis Shop


  • Tons of deals
  • Low prices
  • Fast, discreet delivery
  • Sells from top breeders


  • Could have a better site

Working with a tight budget shouldn’t spoil the party.

Seed City has probably the lowest prices you’ll ever find. Also, it always has some sales, deals, and seed offers going on. Add their free seeds on every order, and you’re looking at a great bang for your buck.

Additionally, Seed City has built its forte around seed quality. The seed shop is a bit of a weed seed connoisseur. It cherry-picks top-grade genetics from reputable breeders around the world to give you a standout strain selection.

We get that Seed City might have chosen to go with a weed theme for their website, but it might feel a tad too much for some people.

That said, there’s an exceptional seed selection tool that can help you pick a tailored indica cannabis seed for yourself using your price, breeder, yield, strength, and other preferences.

Their best-selling indicas are:

  • Octane Fire OG Feminized
  • Purple Punch Autoflowering

The Octane seeds give dense buds and can yield as much as 650 g/m² and grow in either warm or cold climates, so you can cultivate them wherever you want.

For a faster grower experience, the Purple punch autoflowering indica seeds are a good bet since they take just 50-60 days from seed to harvest.

If you pay a little more for Courier Stealth Delivery, not only will your indica cannabis seeds be hidden in everyday things like DVD cases, but you’ll also receive your package as fast as 2-4 days.

Look for Affordable Strains at Seed City

7. Mary Jane’s Garden - Best Indica Dominant Strains


  • Keen seed selection
  • Great medical strain options
  • Popular, quality strains
  • Nice indica hybrid strains


  • Limited promos

For almost 10 years now, Mary Jane’s Garden has been a top-rated seed store for popular, premium quality seeds.

If you want balanced seeds, then Mary Jane’s Garden’s indica dominant hybrids might be the way to go. The cannabis seeds will ensure you boost your wellness with the indica side, while also having fun with the energizing and euphoric benefits of cannabis sativa.

Better still, the seeds here have gone through a mindful selection and inspection process to ensure you’re getting the highest possible standard.

Yeah, you’re right, feminized indica seeds give some massive yields. But, also, Mary Jane’s Garden’s beginner-friendly autoflowering indica seeds can give you a significant harvest even if you make a few grower errors.

The seed store’s most popular indica cannabis seeds include:

  • California Orange Autoflowering
  • Crystal Autoflowering
  • Diamond Kush Autoflowering

As the name suggests, the California Orange seeds do well in warm climates, and in 9-10 weeks you’ll be enjoying its fulfilling sweet yet citrusy taste.

If you know one or two things about growing cannabis, you can go for the high-yielding Crystal strains and try to get the promised medical rewards like a calming feel, chronic pain relief, and better sleep.

In brief, Mary Jane’s Garden doesn’t have regular deals yet, but, if you make slightly bigger purchases of $200 or $420 and more, you’ll get free shipping and 10 free cannabis seeds respectively.

Try Mary Jane’s Garden Seeds Today

8. SunWest Genetics - Unique Innovative Top Indica Strains


  • Superior indica genetics
  • Extensive popular, unique strains
  • Comprehensive germination guarantee


  • No growing guides
  • Conditional delivery guarantee

Sunwest Genetics isn’t your regular seed bank.

The brand has its own labs where its weed experts crossbreed different marijuana strains to create even more powerful seed genes for you.

That’s not all. Sunwest Genetics also handpicks the best cannabis seeds and tests them for quality, only providing the most superior ones for you.

Most customers report very high germination rates, and if less than 80% of your indica seeds germinate, the store will gladly send replacement seeds your way.

Sunwest Genetics also gives you a detailed germination guide. However, you'll have to learn how to grow indica cannabis seeds elsewhere as they don’t have any additional grower guides.

Our favorite strains, which also happen to be their most popular seeds, are:;

  • Critical Mass Feminized
  • Cherry Pie Feminized

You might fancy the Critical Mass strain for the reason that it only takes 6-8 weeks to mature, and that it produces as much as 21 ounces per indica plant. In addition, it has 20% THC and 5% CBD, so you can get both medicinal and recreational benefits.

Lastly, you’ll receive free shipping and 10 free seeds when you buy indica seeds worth over $200 and $420 in that order.

Try the SunWest Genetics 80% Germination Rate Guarantee

9. Beaver Seeds - Best Indica Weed Standards


  • Fast worldwide delivery
  • Reliable 24/7 support
  • Regular promos, discounts


  • Limited selection

Beaver Seeds might not have the biggest seed selection, but the company says it sacrificed that part of its business in order to ensure that the seeds it sells are really up to par.

That’s how you know a store doesn’t waver on quality.

Also, the seed bank checks their seeds for damages as well, further boosting their already high germination rates.

Along with this, Beaver Seeds appear to have found the sweet spot between affordability and quality, and they also give regular discounts that can save you more bucks.

You’ll most probably love their indica strains of:

  • Devil's Crack Feminized
  • Great White Shark Feminized
  • Platinum OG

Beaver Seeds’ Devil’s Crack and Great White Shark strains can give as big as 500-1000 mg/m² yields with some satisfying and bearable energizing effects.

Your time on Beaver Seeds is tied up with fast delivery. Even for international orders, you don’t have to painfully wait for a long time as you’ll get your seeds within a week. Better yet, Canada, US, and UK orders even have the possibility of same-day delivery.

Get Regular Discounts At Beaver Seeds

10. Sonoma Seeds - Great Natural Indica Strains


  • Wide strain catalog
  • 80% germination rate
  • Fast client support


  • Little company information
  • Few promos

Sonoma Seeds plays on the motto “Grow Organically”, as their seeds are said to be gotten from naturally grown indica plants.

While there’s not much information about the company, the Canadian West Coast-based company is a proven major supplier of quality-grade cannabis seeds in North America.

Equally important, their indica seeds have very high customer ratings, and many report a 100% germination rate.

Even so, the company gives an 80% germination guarantee below which they’ll refund you or give you seed replacements if less than 80% of your seeds don’t sprout.

Sonoma Seeds’ best-selling indica seeds are:

  • LA Confidential Feminized
  • Sweet Tooth Feminized

The LA Confidential strain grows well in Mediterranean and warm climates, and its 22% THC can get you in a better mood with additional relaxing effects.

In conclusion, orders in the US will be guised in random things like birthday cards, torches, beads, and the likes to keep thieves and nosy custom officers at bay.

Check out Sonoma’s Vast Strain Catalogue

Best Indica Seed Strains and Seed Banks FAQs

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Indica Seeds

Indica seeds are cannabis seeds used to produce marijuana strains with soothing and more sedating effects. They are largely associated with wellness benefits, e.g. better sleep, potential pain relief, and relaxation, and are best used in the evenings.

Sativa Seeds

Sativa seeds on the other hand produce more psychoactive strains in that they largely affect the mind and usually give energizing and uplifting effects and can be used during the day.

Hybrid Seeds

Hybrid seeds have both indica and sativa genetics. The Indica and Sativa content can be equally balanced, or one strain can be more dominant. Hybrids give a blend between cannabis sativa highs and indica’s sedating effects.

Are Indica Seeds Better?

Well, yes and no. It largely depends on your end game. If you desire a strain to help you kick down and relax in the evening or want weed’s medical benefits, then indica cannabis seeds are the best.

On the contrary, cannabis Sativa seeds are better if you have eyes on energizing benefits of marijuana.

What Do Indica Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

Indica marijuana seeds usually have more than one color, mostly black and brown, and are usually larger than other cannabis seeds. Additionally, even as seeds, indicas give a slightly earthy and fruity smell.

How Do You Know if Seeds Are Good or Bad?

You can know if seeds are good or bad if you check their color. Healthy seeds usually have earth colors like gray, black, or brown, and are usually round and fuller.

Again, if you’re not sure just by the appearance of your marijuana seeds, you can do a sink or float test. Good indica cannabis seeds will sink in water while bad seeds will sink in.

What’s the Purest Indica Strain?

The purest Indica strains from our selection are:

Even so, all the marijuana seeds we recommended are at least 80% indica.

What’s the Strongest Indica?

The Strongest Indica strains from our review (in terms of THC) are:

  • Shiskaberry Feminized - 33% THC Herbie's Seeds
  • Grandmommy Purple Feminized - 33% THC Herbie's Seeds
  • Blueberry Hill Feminized - 26% THC Herbie's Seeds
  • Octane Fire OG Feminized -25% THC Seed City (pictured)
  • Tropicana Passion XL Auto Feminized - 24% THC Seedsman
  • Gorilla Sherbet F1 Fast Feminized - 23% THC Seedsman
  • Trichome and Cream Auto Feminized seeds - 23% THC Seedsman (pictured)

Where Can You Buy Indica Seeds Online?

You can buy Indica weed seeds from many seed banks online. However, you should ensure that you pick the most reputable seed banks to avoid disappointment with bad seeds.

We recommend I Love Growing Marijuana, Crop King Seeds, and Seedsman seed banks. These online seed stores have the highest quality indica cannabis seeds with high THC potential. Even better, they offer grower guides to help you have the best experience growing your weed.

What Are the Effects Associated With Indica Strains?

(DISCLAIMER: These results are based on general user reviews and aren’t in any way a substitute for professional medical advice)

Relaxing: Many users point out to indica getting them calm and wind down, especially after a long day.

Sedating: Indica may also give some users a soothing laid-back sensation that might even induce sleep.

Pain-relieving: Pain relief is another popular benefit people report getting from indica strain, especially people with muscle pains.

Appetite-inducing: Indica strain is said to cause the ‘munchies’, which is basically a desire to eat.

Nausea-soothing: Cannabis indica, more so those with higher levels of CBD, are widely thought to help people keep food down.

Top Indica Marijuana Seed Banks: Conclusion

Getting your own indica cannabis seeds and seeing them germinate and finally mature into healthy plants for harvest is wonderfully satisfying.

The first step to getting an enjoyable grower experience is choosing a great seed bank, and the banks we’ve weighed above will set you up nicely for success.

From our evaluation, I Love Growing Marijuana just pips the other brands in terms of weed experience, seed quality, and consistent and easily accessible grower support.

Nonetheless, Crop King Seeds and Seedsman are right there at the top too and have some of the widest indica strain selections for you.

Yes, you can start growing your own bud. Just remember, if you get stuck along the way, most of these sites offer extensive guides that can help you out.