Liquid diet drop supplements or most commonly known as weight loss drops or dietary drops are a growing power in the matters of how to lose weight quickly and safely.

As stress-eating and junk food consumes our everyday lives while the hours of the day are barely enough to cover our jobs and spend a few moments with our loved ones, going to the gym or spend endless hours in a kitchen prepping the healthy, nutritious, and low-calorie meal with kinoa, lettuce, avocado, and eggs for more protein; in other words, it’s close to impossible to do so.

List of the 4 Best Weight Loss Drops Supplements / Diet Drops on the Market

  1. Nutravit Diet Drops
  2. Official HCG Diet Plan
  3. The TLC IASO Diet Duo Resolution & Life Weight Loss Drops
  4. Bio Origins Diet Drops

And now we hear you asking, “alright, and are those magical weight loss supplement drops of yours are supposed to help me with that?” What’s their difference with the more mainstream diet pills or fat burner powders? Why should you choose them? Do they actually work? And if so, how?

Here are 3 usual questions about liquid drops supplements and their answers for you – right after, we will review in detail the 4 best of them currently in the market, so stay tuned!

1. What Are Diet Drops? How Are They Gonna Help Me Get Rid Of My Extra Weight?

Diet drops are a valid, hormone-free, all-natural way to lose weight fast. Each brand contains a selected range of ingredients that are believed to be nutritious, metabolism-triggering, and also appetite suppressant.

Combined with specific instructions concerning your eating habits (many brands include Phases or Stages during which you should follow their guidelines very strictly) they allow you to increase energy, lose body fat, and reach and maintain your ultimate goal weight in the long run!

2. What’s The Difference Between Slimming Drops And Other Weight Loss Supplements?

There are three main differences between weight management appetite suppressants and weight loss pills, powders, or other dietary supplements. Firstly, diet drops do not require you to spend endless hours at the gym, doing aerobic, lifts, TRX, or any other form of exhausting exercise as many other fast weight loss supplements do.

Secondly, liquid diet drops are what we in the market call “on-the-go” weight loss solution; due to the fact that you don’t need to prep them, blend them, or prepare them in any way, you can take them any time of day or night before a meal – in other words they can fit right into your everyday schedule. And they’re a huge plus if you have difficulty in swallowing pills or hate the powdery taste of protein and the like weight-loss smoothies.

Thirdly, and most importantly, they do not contain any kind of chemical addition or ingredient. Appetite control weight loss drops are all about organic ingredients, natural detoxifiers, body supporting vitamins, anything that will help boost your stamina, lower your hunger levels and aid you in shedding pounds – but nothing that cannot be found in nature!

3. Is It One Of The Actually Working Easy Ways To Lose Weight? Or Am I Going Back To Atkins Diet, Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss & Intermittent Fasting Again?

While you should always keep in mind that there are no magic spells to lose weight fast or losing weight in a week and never gain it back, it should be said that weight control liquid supplements do prove to be incredibly helpful for several people and their journeys to effectively reshaping their bodies without exercising. In fact, we have included a couple of user comments in each of our reviews, to give you an idea of what exactly this dynamic diet supplement can do for you and your body!

And now on to our Review Boards, as we have researched and put to the test several dietary drops dietary products and we can proudly present to you the best four in the market of 2022!

#1. Nutravit Diet Drops (Best Weight Loss Drops in 2022)

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The Nutravit Liquid Diet Healthy & Quick Weight Loss Drops! Because there may not be a universally best way to lose weight, but you can bet that there are some methods that are becoming cruel and dated (such as weight loss surgery, or low carb/ no carb diets) and then some methods that combined with a balanced diet or a detox diet can really do the trick without killing both your body and your soul!

Nutravit diet drops belong to the latter category; they offer one of the quickest way to lose weight, burn fat rapidly, provide essential nutrition to your body, accelerate your fat metabolism, decrease appetite, and detoxify your digestive system!

How Does It Make Me Thinner?

Those diet drops were specifically, professional-grade formulated to include ingredients clinically proven to be able to boost natural weight loss and reducing sudden food cravings. Some of those ingredients you can find here.

  • L-ORNITHINE: Being able to lose weight without risking your health, means being able to work with a clear head, to eat at specific intervals during your day, and to keep a positive mindset while increasing your body’s natural metabolism; L-Ornithine keeps your spirits up and allows you to reach your weight loss goals sooner!
  • TRYPTOPHAN: Managing your appetite is key to maximizing fast weight loss. L-Tryptophan is strongly considered a potent appetite suppressant and, being a precursor to serotonin, can play a functional role in regulating metabolic processes and keep down sugar cravings.
  • GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE LEAF EXTRACT: If succumbing to eating your feelings is one of your great weight-loss enemies, Gymnema leaf extract is your special friend, as it is an organic herb that acts as a blocker for taste receptors. Yes, that does indeed mean that your taste receptors might be a bit less active, thus allowing you to keep in control of any mood changes that get you going straight to the fridge!

When & How I’m Taking It?

Suggested use is to keep 0,5 under your tongue for 30 seconds and swallow after that. Like some other drops, you’re also suggested to use at least 3 times a day for 15 minutes before meals, and keep in mind that eating or drinking for 15 minutes before and after taking the droplets is not advisable if you want optimal results.

What People Liked About It

“I was hesitant to give yet another shot to a product that might fail me but Nutravit liquid weightloss drops got me by surprise. It was both tasty and efficient. Lost about 3,5 pounds the first four days and going-I will be back for an update”

Since Nutravit drops is relatively new on the dietary supplement drops’ market, its positive reviews are quite a feat. Like Alex, there are several other users that were pleasantly surprised by both Nutravit weightloss drops taste and its weight loss capacities. There are also a couple of people saying that they loved the overall design and communication of the product’s company.

What People Disliked About It

Again, due to it being a new addition, we weren’t able to find a negative review yet to use – but rest assured that if we do, we will update the current article accordingly!

Why the 1st Place?

Because so far Nutravit weight loss drops not only exceeded people’s expectations about how quickly and effortlessly it helped them suppress their hunger and avoid any “yo-yo” dieting effect, but there were still no disappointed comments for us to present, and we were left with no choice but to choose it as our Number One Diet Drop Weight Loss Management System For 2022!

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#2. Official HCG Diet Plan

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The Official HCG Diet Plan drops are an alcohol-free supplement designed to take your body’s potential of fat-burning sky high, but without depriving you of your mental of physical vitality to go about your daily chores and responsibilities. Those drops could reset your metabolism and make your stomach think that it is full and fulfilled!

To sum it up, it gives you an alternative to strenuous exercise, exhausting training sessions, and inner discipline chaos each time your stomach demands a little something sweet or savory. Combined with the specially created HCG Diet, this homeopathic, all-natural supplement support super-fast weight loss – up to a pound a day!

How Does It Make Me Thinner?

The Official HCG Diet has a homeopathic HCG solution which ensures that each droplet boosts your body with nutrients and gently nudges your metabolism in order to start using stored fats as energy. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone: The famous HCG is this healthy diet supplement’s main ingredient. It is thought to trigger your brain’s hypothalamus, the center that has control over your appetite and metabolic rhythm.

NATRUM PHOSPHATE: Another potent homeopathic ingredient used often for quick fat weight loss is Magnesia Phosphate, because it is said to help alleviate muscle and nerve pains, making your body calmer and greatly helping with sentimental overeating and bulimia.

When & How I’m Taking It?

Along with their proprietary blend, you will receive a Four-Stage guide and a low-calorie diet called “The HCG Diet Plan”. In each phase you will have to follow specific instructions to see the desired loss of body fat and pounds. In general, however, you must put 10 drops under your tongue three times per day and wait for 30 seconds before swallowing. You shouldn’t eat anything for 15 minutes prior and after taking them.

What People Liked About It

“These drops work very well but you MUST follow the diet that you are emailed after you order the drops. I have lost 22 pounds in 27 days and am now 7 pounds from my goal. I have not been hungry. A bit unsatisfied from not being able to eat my favorite food but never hungry. They do taste like water which made me skeptical at first but WOW! It is a simple plan and is very easy to follow. I'm so glad I tried the drops!”

As KDF here states, he’s enjoying weight loss unlike anything – and yes, it’s not easy not to be able to eat all your favorites, but it’s sure worth your summer body, right? Most of the Official HCG dietary drops users say the same thing, if you follow the diet, the full weight program works wonders and it happens extremely quickly and effortlessly.

What People Disliked About It

“The manufacturer does not offer any instructions. The customer support is non-existent. Do not buy this product!”

Elk20hunter seems to have a point, because a few other clients mentioned that they weren’t quite happy with the company’s customer support. Also, there were some comments saying that the HCG Diet had to be paid additionally – but since this was not clarified we do include it, but can’t vouch for its validity.

Why The 2nd Place?

The Official HCG Diet Drops for quick weight loss have been around for quite a while and have gained the trust of thousands of people who have been using them for years. We do not consider this a coincidence, hence they deservedly ended up as our runner up. Nonetheless, considering they do not seem to truly offer the full-package of a great weight loss diet drop and weight management system along with stellar results and excellent customer support, we have snooped around the market and brought you the product that does! Drumroll please, for our 2022 Diet Pills replacement that is here to help you lose that stubborn belly fat without breaking a sweat is….

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The TLC IASO Diet Duo Resolution & Life Weight Loss Drops can lead to rapid weight loss, by taking toxins out of your system, fight the fats and help you battle your food cravinds all day long. Their main purpose is to help you answer the question “how to lose weight fast” without also having to answer the question “how much jogging do I need to do to burn those calories now?”.

Their formula centers around a) not disrupting your daily routine and b) your gut health, but also around your energy levels and stamina. Not only they can get you through food pangs, but they can also give you a helping hand with digestive issues, nausea, bloating, gas passing and indigestion. But the best part? Due to their unique blend, they also reduce the chances of return weight gains too!

How Does It Make Me Thinner?

Amongst other powerful and potent ingredients for maximum weight loss results, the Life & Resolution formula includes:

  • AMMONIUM BROMATUM: A widely known homeopathic remedy used to treat obesity and unhealthy fat levels, and also chronic pharyngeal, laryngeal, and pharyngeal catarrhand neuralgic headaches.
  • AVENA SATIVA: Taken from the oat plant we all know and trust, Avena Sativa is a herb that has been used to enhance our nervous and immune system hundreds of years.

When & How I’m Taking It?

The brand’s instructions state that you should place a half-dropper (0.5 ml) under your tongue for 30 seconds, and then slowly swallow it. You should repeat that three times daily, before every meal, or as your healthcare professional has instructed you to (for people with vegan, diabetic, or other diets with different meal-eating habits).

What People Liked About It

“I used this product with the tea and noticed a substantial difference in my weight within a couple of weeks. It's been about a month now and I have lost about 9 lbs and I was 250. I noticed how much my midsection has dropped and I was not paid for this review.”

Along with Andrea, we see that numerous people noticed quite a difference on their scale as soon as they started using the TLC IASO Diet Duo Resolution & Life Weight Losing Support Drops and this is a clear testament on their capacity. Additionally, some of them mentioned that they love the minty fresh taste the drops leave in their mouth – that’s a plus!

What People Disliked About It

“Causes a sick feeling each time. Like vertigo. But worse.»

Andy is not the only one to be left with a weird gastro-intestinal related sensation. Also, some users have made it clear that the drops’ efficacy drops dramatically if you don’t stick to the Resolutions Meal Planner Pdf that they offer (for free though) in their website.

Why The Third Place?

Due to the mixed feelings of the people who have used the TLC Iaso Drops Duo, it was hard for us to place anywhere higher than the fourth place. Yes, it deserves to be in the Top Five since it works, but there are some drops out there that truly have it all – like our Number One, so stick around to find which one it is!

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On our Number Five we meet with the Bio Origins Drops For Men & Women, one of the first fat loss dietary supplements that had a big break to the brand’s longevity in the supplement and vitamin field. They are weight management drops designed both for men and for women who are stuck and wish to start losing weight rapidly and healthily.

They have a potent, pure formula for muscle mass and energy retention, but not only that; their product can also help with issues of bloating and indigestion, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Last but not least, the Bio Origins Drops have an anti-oxidant effect on your body – however, their biggest attribute has not been mentioned yet. We are of course talking about their appetite suppressing capacity!

What’s Inside That Could Make Me Thin & Slim?

The Bio Origin’s Powerful Drops are made and formulated in the United States, and they’re meant to help you increase your energy but keep your muscles intact, and keep your cravings for not-so-healthy sweet or salted goodies at bay. Check out some of the ingredients it uses to achieve those goals.

  • NIACIN: A crucial nutrient for the human body, Niacin is a Vitamin B3 form and in great amounts it has the potential to lower your blood’s triglycerides while also raising your “good” cholesterol. The result? Less hunger pangs for you!
  • ASTRAGALUS ROOT: Part of the traditional Chinese medicine for ages, this herb can do wonders on your liver’s function, as well as your cardiovascular system, thus keeping you energetic and strong will prompting your body to consume more fat!
  • L-GLUTAMINE: One of our body’s natural amino acids, this protein-building block of our cells is great for our digestive system, and it is also necessary to make, among other things, glucose. And do you know what happens when your blood’s glucose levels are sufficient? That’s right, you don’t feel hungry!

When & How I’m Taking It?

You should use two to three times a day. You drop a few drops under your tongue for approximately 10 minutes prior to eating each of your meals. During this time, you don’t eat or drink anything. It has a subtle berry flavor that will not affect the taste of your food.

What People Liked About It

“I gave this product four stars to be fair. It really did take my appetite in 3 days. I was shocked, couldn't believe it. But by day 4 I had a throbbed headache, frequent urination, rapid heart rate. Therefore I stopped taking it, it took a few days before I got back to normal. Long story short I will drink more water and start meal planning and exercise!! Be careful”

Like Brenda, many people actually loved how quickly they felt their hunger cravings subside, while others mentioned that they did not feel much fatigue – something they’d expected.

What People Disliked About It

“The bottle clearly states120 servings, which is false. By my simple math calculation, I’m using 10 which is 1 Serving, 30 drops is 3 Servings. The bottle should last 40 days. I’m on my 15th day and my bottle is almost empty. This product is very expensive and I do not appreciate the false advertisement for servings per bottle. The product does work however”

Steven here states that the calculations given by the company about how much each (2oz) bottle will last were incorrect, and a few other users agree with him. Also, several people pointed out that the berry flavor was not very nice, but had a tinge of bitterness.

Why The Fourth Place?

While Bio Origins Diet Drops seem to have what it takes to accelerate your fat metabolism and keep you away from keto & Atkins, there were some negative points that we couldn’t oversee, like the measurement problem, hence it ranks on our 4th place.

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