Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks For Sale Online

The best delta 8 moon rocks provide the strongest strongest “buzz” you can get from smokeable hemp. These potent nuggets are perfect for consumers who want to enjoy the entourage effects of delta 8. Moon rocks consist of a perfect trifecta, usually including CBD flower dunked into Delta 8 distillate and rolled in CBD kief.

Smoking moon rocks requires clean, pure flower, which makes cleanliness even more critical. Thus, buying the best delta 8 moon rocks only from reliable THC brands is crucial. We wanted to answer the question, where to find the best delta 8 moon rocks for sale? Here are our best recommendations if you want to buy delta 8 moon rocks.

Top Brands To Buy Delta 8 Moon Rocks Online

  1. HiFi Farms - Hands Down #1 - Overall Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks
  2. The Hemp Collect - Top Runner Up - D8 Moon Rocks Most Variety
  3. Bay Smokes - Editor's Pick - Delta 8 Moon Rocks Bargain Option
  4. Silver Owl CBD - Competitive Mention - Delta 8 Moon Rocks

#1 Hifi Farms - Hands Down #1 - Overall Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks

HiFi Farms partners with local farmers who follow healthy practices to ensure natural and premium hemp sources. The company grows its delta 8 buds indoors until their peak maturity. Then, they hang the buds for drying and cure appropriately for the best results.

Aside from strict guidelines and procedures, Hifi Farms guarantees fresh and potent delta 8 moon rocks. Each bud contains a heavy amount of delta 8 and terpenes extracted from organic hemp plants. Consumers can enjoy a good buzz along with the balancing effects of CBG or CBD.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

Variety Of Delta 8 Moon Rocks

HiFi Farms offers various strains of delta 8 moon rocks! They come in India, Sativa, and hybrid options. So what are the differences between the three strains? Glad you asked. Generally, it all boils down to the effects that each strain can offer.

  • Delta 8 Indica - Your mood may be more relaxed, laidback, and easygoing. Indicas are good for winding down and soothing aches and pains.
  • Delta 8 Sativa - These strains may leave you feeling uplifted and more energetic than Indicas. Sativas are good for creativity, and productivity, but also still provides calming and soothing effects.
  • Delta 8 Hybrid - Hybrid strains can make you feel more motivated, confident, and alert but also help calm your mind. This is a balance between Indica and Sativa and can lean more to one side depending on which traits are more dominant.

Consumer Deals & Incentives

Who doesn't like discounts on every purchase made? Aside from the quality of the moon rocks, HiFi Farms probably has the best consumer deals and incentives. You can get 20% OFF on all moon rocks in your first order. You can also receive an instant 20% OFF if you sign up for their newsletter.

HiFi Farms offers free shipping on orders of $49.99 or more! And if you are unsatisfied with the order, you have 30 days to return it. Hifi makes it simple to resolve any order difficulties, whether a defective or the wrong item.

Easy To Navigate Website

You need an accessible website if you want a seamless online purchasing experience. Fortunately, HiFi Farms simplifies the process when you purchase your preferred hemp goods from their website.

You can quickly browse through many choices and select from a wide range of THC products - including moon rocks. Additionally, you can review the lab results before paying. Furthermore, the payment methods are flexible and secure. And your personal information is always safe.

Competitive Pricing

For $29.99, you can buy a pack of HiFi Farms delta 8 moon rocks that weighs

3.5 Grams. This is a friendly price considering its quality, potency, and other options in the market.

Customer Reviews

Few reviews exist for their delta 8 moon rocks, but looking at the reviews of other Hifi products people love this brand. From our research Hifi Farms is unquestionably one of the leading providers of delta 8 moon rocks. Definitely the best we tried, so we know you won't regret checking them out for yourself today!

HiFi Farms Delta 8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons


  • Different Delta 8 THC strains
  • Very Potent
  • 100% Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant


  • The strength of Hifi’s moon rocks may be intense for beginners.

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#2 The Hemp Collect - Top Runner Up - Greatest Variety Of D8 Moon Rocks

Second, on our list is The Hemp Collect. This company was founded by a group of women cannabis enthusiasts in 2018. This Oregon-based hemp supplier is becoming more dominant in the industry. It's not surprising, considering the brand offers one of the strongest delta 8 moon rocks for sale.

The Hemp Collect manufactures a variety of delta 8 moon rocks infused with CDB and live resin. As a result, it provides more potent and flavorful euphoric effects in every hit. What makes it more remarkable is that the brand carefully hand-rolls its delta 8 moon rocks to ensure high potency and premium quality.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

High Quality

The Hemp Collect offers unique delta 8 moon rocks. They don't just use hemp flower, delta 8 distillate, and kief. The brand also adds live resin and natural terpenes to their moon rocks! What's the result? More potent and flavorful experience. Moreover, they claim that their moon rocks are twice as strong as other market options since they are hand-rolled.

Fair Pricing

Compared to HiFi Farms, the Hemp Collect is slightly more expensive starting at $40 for 3.5 grams. Still, this is reasonable for moon rocks of this quality.

Variety Of Moon Rocks

The Hemp Collect offers a variety of moon rocks in different strains.

  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: Hand Rolled - It consists of premium trimmed CBD flower, a more potent coating of delta 8. The brand claims its product is about six times the potency of other moon rocks.
  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: Hand Rolled Terpene Infused - These CDB moon rocks have infused terpene that enhances the flavors. The added terpenes also increase the entourage effect which improves overall effects.
  • Delta 8 Moonrocks: CBD Live Resin Infused - Enhance your delta 8 moon rocks experience when infused with CBD Live Resin. Starting, a bit lower, at $35 these are similar to other brands' quality of moon rocks.

Consumer Deals & Incentives

The Hemp Collect offers a fair money-back guarantee if they fail to deliver what’s promised. However, given that their moon rocks are second on the list, we doubt you'll be dissatisfied. Consumers also get free live resin gummies with every order. And, the shipping is free for orders over $75!

Customer Reviews

There are currently only a few reviews for this brand on their website. However, we have tried out many moon rocks before, and we can say that the Hemp Collect exceeds our expectations. With the addition of CDB, terpenes, and live resin - it delivers highly potent effects in every hit.

The Hemp Collect D8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons


  • High Potency Delta 8 Live Moonrocks
  • Infused with CBD, terpenes, and live resin.
  • Made with premium trimmed CBD flower
  • 100% Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant


  • A little bit expensive
  • It may be too intense for first-timers.

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#3 Bay Smokes - Editor's Pick - Delta 8 Moon Rocks Bargain Option

Bay Smokes delta 8 moon rocks will give you that extra punch and prolonged effects. The brand uses the highest quality hemp flower soaked in potent D8 distillate, then top it off with a thick coat of kief.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

Budget-friendly option

Bay Smokes offers the best delta 8 moon rocks at reasonable prices; that's almost the same as our top two brands. Although, the quality isn’t up to par with The Hemp Collect or HiFi Farms. Bay Smokes’ moon rocks promise long-lasting effects, but there's no variety, so options are limited.

Deals & Incentives

When you check Bay Smokes' website, there's a pop-up you’ll see asking you to spin a wheel that gives you a chance to win coupons and other prizes. You can also get 20% off your first order and receive free delta 9 gummies. But unfortunately, they only offer standard shipping rates.

Customer Reviews

According to some reviews Bay Smokes' delta 8 moon rocks provide a pleasant “buzz,” which is good for beginners or those that prefer a mild high. In addition, some consumers mention the coating of distillate and kief seems minimal, which probably explains the milder effects. The quality of flower is good overall but not better than the Hemp Collect or HiFi Farms.

Bay Smokes D8 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons


  • Top-quality Delta-8 THC
  • Guarantees slow-burning effects
  • More intense effects with infused regular flowers
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant


  • Overpriced for the quality
  • Limited options

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#4 Silver Owl CBD - Competitive Mention - Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Another reasonably-priced option for delta 8 moon rocks is Silver Owl CBD. This brand offers moon rocks that feature Colorado-grown industrial hemp flower. It's the perfect option for getting the entourage effects of delta 8, CBD, CBG, and numerous other cannabinoids. Each of these works synergistically providing a potent and euphoric buzz.

Product & Brand Featured Highlights

Budget Pricing

Silver Owl CBD delta 8 moon rocks are reasonably priced (just a bit more than Bay Smokes). You can experience a sensational high, however, like Bay Smokes, Silver Owl’s moon rocks are not as potent as the top two brands and they are limited in options.

Deals & Incentives

Unfortunately, Silver Owl CBD doesn't have many deals or incentives. However, the brand offers free shipping on all orders.

Customer Reviews

Some users are satisfied with the sensational high of this brand's delta 8 moon rocks. Many enjoy smoking some to relax or ease minor pains. Some mention these nuggets also help with social anxiety.

Silver Owl CBD D9 Moon Rocks Pros & Cons


  • Premium Delta 8 THC Content
  • Almost instant effects
  • 3rd Party Lab Tested
  • 2018 Farm Bill Compliant
  • Good prices


  • Average quality
  • Lack of deals and incentives
  • Limited options

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How We Selected These Brands For Best D8 Moon Rocks

We chose the best delta 8 moon rocks based on their potency, quality, legality, consumer feedback, and brand credibility. Here are some elements we considered when selecting our top moon rocks brands.

We Inspected & Sampled The Quality Of Moon Rocks

We wouldn't be able to review unbiasedly without physically inspecting and sampling the moon rocks. Since they’re made from flower, distillate, and kief - it's essential to consider this product's freshness, potency, and smell, since these all play crucial roles in overall quality.

  • Freshness - You should only buy fresh delta 8 moon rocks (no older than 2 months from the manufactured date). Don't even bother buying any that are nearing the expiration date. Delta 8 moon rocks are more effective and enjoyable when they are fresh.
  • Potency - If you want super potent delta 8 moon rocks you can check the COA for cannabinoid content. For instance, Hifi farms and the Hemp Collect moon rocks are very high in delta 8 and CBD content. If you want less potent but still effective moon rocks opt for the Bay Smokes or Silver Owl options.
  • Smell - Depending on the strain, moon rocks can have fruity, spicy, or earthy aromas. Delta 8 THC distillate doesn't have much of a scent. However, since some brands use terpenes, it can give the moon rocks more of an herbal aroma. In contrast, if there is a lack of smell or the scent is bland it could signify old or low quality.
  • Taste - The flavor of the flower should be tasty and prominent. Low-quality moon rocks will lack flavor. As for the delta 8 THC, it tastes earthy and natural in flavor, which many enjoy. Moon rocks infused with terpenes may have more of a fruity and sweet flavor compared to those made with only flower, distillate, and kief.
  • Smoking Performance - Delta 8 moon rocks are very potent, so it's normal to feel a subtle harshness on the throat when you smoke some, but too harsh is a problem. All the moon rocks on this list definitely hit soothe enough. Some blends could hit harsher than others, like those infused with terpenes. Taking smaller hits can reduce harshness.

Do They Provide Third-party Lab Testing?

Third-party lab testing guarantees that all content advertised on the product's label is correct. Thus, it gives you an unbiased report of the delta 8 moon rocks' accuracy. Fortunately, all brands on our list provide Certificates of Analysis (COA) from 3rd party labs. We advise avoiding brands that don’t offer or mention COA testing.

What Is The Hemp Sourced From?

We selected brands that only use premium delta 8 THC sourced from organic and natural cannabis plants. All brands on this list either grow their own hemp or get it from local farms. We recommend only using products made from USA-grown hemp.

Shipping & Return Policies

Who doesn't like free shipping? Almost all brands on our list offer some type of free shipping, which is a relief for users. Also, each brand provides a safe return policy, which takes away the risk of trying them out. For example, if the parcel you receive is the wrong or item is damaged, you can request get a refund or a replacement.

Buying Delta-8 Moon Rocks - Things To Consider

When purchasing any delta 8 moon rocks, quality and safety should come first. So, always verify the hemp source. It should be from premium, organic, and natural cannabis plants. Here are some more things to consider when buying the best delta 8 moon rocks.

Ingredients Quality

Premium quality ingredients give you the best delta 8 moon rocks. Aside from potency, you can be sure that what you're about to smoke is indeed safe. That's why we suggest brands that use USA-grown hemp because growers must follow strict safety guidelines. This may also help prevent any adverse side effects.

Third-party Lab Testing

For transparency, look for Certificates of Analysis from third-party labs. If you're buying online, COAs should be available for free public viewing on the website. COAs give an unbiased report of the delta 8 moon rocks, which certifies their efficiency and efficacy.

Brand Reputation

The best way to assess a brand's reputation is to read customer reviews. Reading client reviews will help you understand what the product achieves and what to expect from the brand.

Product Pricing

Nobody wants to get high while emptying all their pockets. So, only buy delta 8 moon rocks from brands that offer reasonable prices. Don't settle for cheap brands, we all know we get what we pay for, and it’s even more so with moon rocks.

Product Potency

Another critical quality we all seek from delta 8 THC is potency. We want to spend money on delta 8 moon rocks that are efficient, beneficial to our health, and safe for consumption.

FAQ Section - Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks

How Are D8 Moon Rocks Used?

Smoking moon rocks straight is the most popular way to use them, although, you can also enjoy some in a joint or blunt. When smoking moon rocks with a bong or glass pipe many people only sprinkle a bit onto a bowl of flower. As with vaping, use a tiny bit of moon rock can be added to some flower. The ideal ratio is 1:4, which means 0.1 g of moon rock for every 0.4 g of flower. The effects will be far more potent if you consume pure moon rock.

To smoke it, ensure the moon rocks are loosely packed in the bowl. Then, tilt it away from the mouthpiece for sufficient airflow. Pack your flower first, then top it off with more. Using torches for moon rocks is not ideal since they get too hot and burn away cannabinoids and terpenes. Also, due to their high levels of delta-8, moon rocks are not the best choice for beginners. But you still need to be very careful with the dosage, even if you're a cannabis veteran.

How Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Made?

Delta 8 moon rocks are made by dipping a nug of CBD flower into a delta-8 distillate. Then, they top it off with a coat of CBD or CBG kief.

Do D8 Moon Rocks Get You High?

Delta 8 moon rocks are potent enough to give you an energizing high. However, it is not as potent as delta 9 THC. Nevertheless, it's perfect for people who want to feel the sensational euphoria of THC. And unlike delta 9, delta 8 is legal to order online!

Effects & Benefits Of Delta 8

Delta 8 THC is best known for providing a tremendous buzz in the brain. It works great to provide the body and mind with relaxing comfort. It may also help reduce stress and promote better sleep. Some users reported improved appetite as well. Delta 8 THC also has properties to aid minor pains.

When Will The Effects Kick In From Moon Rocks?

Delta 8 moon rocks may give you almost instant effects and full effects kick in about 15-30 minutes. Effects typically last 3-6 hours, however, they may linger for longer or even the next day if it's your first time trying moon rocks.

Do Moon Rocks Go Bad Or Spoil?

Moon rocks may get worse without proper storage. They can also pose the health risk of having molds when not made or stored correctly. Once you open a pack of moon rock, mold may start to form if you keep it trapped in the container for a long time. To avoid this open the jar, at least once a week, for a couple of minutes to let fresh air in.

How To Store Moon Rocks?

Always store your moon rocks in dry and dark places since moisture and light may affect their potency. Also, keep it away from any heat sources and always keep the lid on tight.

Are Delta 8 Moon Rocks Legal?

Delta 8 moon rocks, like other hemp-derived products, are legal for as long as it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill Law. It states that THC products are legal with only 0.3% THC level or below. However, some states still don't allow the production and consumption of hemp-derived products, you should always check with your local regulations.

Can I Take Too Much? [Side Effects]

You can take too many delta 8 moon rocks. If this happens you may experience temporary side effects that are mild. Side effects may include mild dizziness and anxiety.

The Take Away: Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks To Buy

When it comes to quality and potency, The Hemp Collect and HiFi Farms give you both worlds. Both offer exceptional taste and aroma, plus you can choose from various strains. Try some out to find your favorite.

For stronger potency, the best delta 8 moon rocks should be from natural and organic hemp sources. In addition, you should only buy from a reputable THC brand that follows strict guidelines and procedures. More importantly, look for COAs to guarantee their safety.

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