5 Best Emergency Loans For Bad Credit: List Of Online Payday Lenders To Get Same Day Payday Loans In 2022

With the financial troubles and difficulties that struck the whole world, it becomes harder and harder to apply for a loan. Moreover, if you have a bad credit score (a score below 580), this might make things even more difficult. The chances of qualifying for an emergency loan with a poor credit score are small but not nonexistent.

Lenders are also aware of the situation in which many Americans have poor credit scores and, more often, are in desperate need of an emergency loan. That's why they have tried to adapt the loan terms and conditions as much as possible. This way, even those clients with the worst credit scores can get the chance to apply for credit and get the financial help they need. That's why, through this article, we wanted to pay attention to some of the best platforms that offer emergency loans for bad credit and would gladly help you, even with your bad credit score.

Top 5 Online Lenders Providing Emergency Same Day Loans

  • MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform To Get Emergency Loans; Editor’s Pick
  • BadCreditLoans: Popular Lenders Offeting Loans For People With Bad Credit
  • RadCred: Get Bad Credit Personal Loans From Top Loan Company
  • CashUSA: Trusted Financial Institution For Fast Cash & Instant Loans
  • Personal Loans: Best For Personal Loans With Low Interest Rates

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Platform To Get Emergency Loans; Editor’s Pick

Trusted by more than two million Americans, MoneyMutual is the leader in the lending industry. It is safe to say that when it comes to emergency loans for bad credit, MoneyMutual has been the leader since it was established in 2010. Thanks to their long professional experience in managing finances, they successfully help clients in need daily. Another key thing we want to mention about this platform is that MoneyMutual is a reputable and well-organized member of the Online Lenders Alliance. This proves their involvement in the lending industry, with a desire to improve and become better every day.

Also, we must mention MoneyMutual's spokesman Montel Williams, who inspired a whole new generation to live their lives without limitations and constraints caused by financial nature. Thanks to this inspiring man, MoneyMutual is the number one lending platform across the USA.


Simple conditions

Unlike many years ago when, if you had a bad credit score, it was almost impossible to even apply for an emergency loan, nowadays, the times have changed. With the simple conditions lending platforms provide, alongside the fast online process, there are no more obstacles to getting the much-needed emergency loan.

As lending platforms have refined and restructured the applicable terms and conditions, they have been able to help a significantly higher number of people than in the previous decades. A significant role in these improvements has been the internet because, with its help, people can now apply for a loan online which means no more waiting lines and neverending paperwork.

Different types of bad credit loans

While some lending platforms do not even want to consider approving a loan to people with bad credit, MoneyMutual offers not one but three different options to choose from. If you decide to borrow funds from this platform, get ready to be greeted with three different loan possibilities that make for an even more effective lending process. In addition, let's take a look at what loan options the MoneyMutual platform offers.

  1. Payday loans: This option is excellent for those who do not want to think about paying back money every month. With this option, you are required to pay your loan on the next due day of your paycheck, but terms on these types of loans can vary depending on the lender and the info you provide.
  2. No-Fax Bad Credit Loans: With advanced technology, you can finally say goodbye to fax machines and hello to the faxless loan applications
  3. Installment Loan With Bad Credit: This type of loan would be best for you if you have to borrow more funds than you can return. You and the lender will set the best conditions for you, and they may do everything they can to give you the most reasonable terms possible.

Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual


  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • Assured anonymity of data
  • Long working experience
  • Quick application method
  • Wide network of lenders
  • High encrypted data protection


  • The platform is not available outside the U.S.

#2. BadCreditLoans: Popular Lenders Offeting Loans For People With Bad Credit

This company's name speaks for itself as it specializes in bad credit loans. BadCreditLoans is a well-respected and reputable platform, thanks to its unique decision to work with Tribal leaders. Being considerate of the local people and having immense respect for them, they wanted to get as inclusive as possible.

That's why, besides collaborating with a vast network of lenders, they also collaborate with Tribal lenders. Although these lenders are subject to federal and tribal laws, and you may sometimes encounter higher rates and fees, this does not stop people from working with them.

Besides the inclusivity, this platform is also known for the possibility of applying for a loan of up to $10,000. Moreover, they have fixed the APR rate from 5,99% to 35,99% as additional proof of their care for clients. So, with all of these facts in mind, we do not doubt that you will successfully find the right loan for you.


Apply on your terms

With BadCreditLoans, you can feel free to decide when and how you apply for a loan. With the help of advanced technology and the internet, the need to wait in endless lines and deal with tons of paperwork is gone. Now, you can fill out the loan application whenever and wherever you want, and all you are required is a stable internet connection.

Additional services

If by any chance you do not get approved for a loan, BadCreditLoans has your back. As they want to ensure that all of their clients walk away satisfied, they may offer you some additional services that might come in handy and help you with the financial burden you are having. These services can include credit repair, debt relief, or other credit-related products.

Online resource for more than just a loan

With a strive to have as many satisfied clients as possible, BadCreditLoans included an additional educational section on their website. The purpose of this section is to educate and inform all of the new and old clients so that they can have confidence and knowledge when engaging in the whole loan application process.

Moreover, in this section, you may find critical information, tips, and guidelines on getting the most out of your loan application. All the articles in this educational section are free and expertly written by professionals with long-term experience. The issues these articles may help you with are various loan-related topics such as loan applications, secure loans, interest rates, etc. Additionally, you can find many articles regarding the following topics:

  • Tips on the right time to apply for a loan
  • How to spend the funds more responsibly and effectively
  • How to successfully manage your future income so that you can pay off your loan in a shorter period

Quick three-step application method

This super quick three-step application method won’t take more than 10 minutes of your precious time. In continuation, you can read more about the three steps individually.

  1. As a first step, you will need to visit BadCreditLoans's website and fill out the convenient online form. This step doesn't take up much of your time as the application form is simple, and there is not much that needs to get filled out. This process lasts about five minutes.
  2. The second step consists of the lender reviewing and verifying your information and deciding whether you meet the requirements. If they conclude that you are eligible for a loan, they will start sending you offers.
  3. In the third step, you decide on the offer that meets your expectations. Then, you agree with the lender regarding the terms and conditions of your loan. After that, your funds should get deposited in your checking account in less than 24 hours.

Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoan


  • Quick application method
  • Simple eligibility requirements
  • Wide lender network
  • Highly secured client’s data
  • You can request up to $10,000
  • No hidden fees
  • Tribal lenders
  • Informative ‘Scam Alerts’ section


  • Tribal lenders can have higher fees and taxes

#3. RadCred: Get Bad Credit Personal Loans From Top Loan Company

RadCred is one of the most trusted lending platforms on the market. With excellent customer reviews, reputable status, client-oriented, and dependable, this platform breaks the records of successful working that other companies have previously established.

By helping hundreds of new customers daily, RadCred's reputation is going through the roof. In addition, the simple and quick application process and the basic application requirements are only two of the many reasons why people keep coming and trusting this lending platform.

All of its clients have greatly appreciated RadCred's collaboration with local lenders. They have pointed out that RadCred is a local company that, besides its excellent services, also cares for the local people and community. In addition, let's look at what makes this platform stand out from the other lending companies.



Because security is one of the principal goals for RadCred, its team decided to use the most advanced and hottest new data-protection technology. This technology is known as industry-standard encryption, and 100% protects all of your data and info.

It is understandable if you have concerns regarding your privacy and entering your private info on a public website, but with the help of this technology, you can rest assured. All your data on RadCred's website should remain private, safe, and 100% secure.

Fast three-step application method

As we have mentioned earlier, RadCred, a time-efficient company, wanted to include that feature in the application method they offer. This application method consists of three quick steps that can get done from the comfort of your home or wherever you feel like it.

Also, it is essential to mention that the process does not take up to ten minutes, fifteen tops if you do not have some of the required information. So let's look at the three steps you must go through to apply for an emergency loan with bad credit on RedCred's platform.

  1. Basic info: In this first step, you must visit RadCred's platform and fill out the minimal online application form. This application form consists of filling out only a few requirements, and the whole process shouldn’t take up more than ten minutes of your time.
  2. Verifying the information: After you fill out the application form, the lender will review it, check the info you have provided, and decide whether you are eligible or not for an emergency loan with bad credit. If you meet their criteria, the lenders will send you offers based on the information you have entered in the application form.
  3. Grab your funds: When you decide on an offer that meets your expectations and desires, you and the lender agree to the loan's terms and conditions. After doing that, you can expect your funds to be deposited in your checking account in less than one business day.

Visit the Official Website of RadCred


  • Strong safety protection measures
  • 100% free service
  • Basic requirements
  • No hidden fees or taxes
  • Local lenders
  • The convenient three-step application method
  • Wide network of lenders


  • RadCred’s services are not available out of the United States

#4. CashUSA: Trusted Financial Institution For Fast Cash & Instant Loans

With a name like this, one can only expect CashUSA to be one of the most famous, loved, and trusted lending platforms in the entire USA. Their attempts to provide the clients with the highest quality services are noted and well-appreciated by millions of clients.

One of the things that makes this platform unique is the amount of hard work and dedication they put into successfully connecting you with the right lender. Another thing that distinct CashUSA from other lending platforms is the accessible Education Center on their website. So if you are someone new in this loan field, or you simply want to upgrade your knowledge, on CashUSA's website, you can educate yourself further and learn about the lending process, finances, debts, loans, etc.

Last but not least, we would like to mention that if you decide on this platform, you can request up to a $10,000 loan, which is more than what other lending platforms offer. And in the end, to sum up, when you gather all of these factors together, you may be getting the perfect lending platform.


Plentiful additional offers

If you do not get matched with a lender, or if you need the assistance of some additional services or products, CashUSA suggests additional beneficial offers so that you will be 100% satisfied with the overall experience. These additional services and offers may help someone who is not completely satisfied with the loan or someone who, besides the loan, needs some extra added financial support.

Simple eligibility requirements

With CashUSA's terms and conditions, almost anyone can apply and get accepted for a loan. As CashUSA's team tried their best to make the requirements simple and basic, there is a meager chance of a client getting rejected. In addition, we will list the requirements you have to meet to be considered eligible for a loan.

Another important thing you need to have in mind is that even though you meet all of the requirements, that does not serve as a guarantee that your loan application will get accepted.

Education center

You will notice the Education Center section when you go to CashUSA's website. Not many lending platforms invested that much time, effort, and thought into creating an educational center for their clients. Moreover, with the help of this center, you may inform and educate yourself on various financial-related topics, and more importantly, you can do it for free.

All of the articles in this section are expertly written by professionals with long professional experience. That's why you can feel free and use these articles as your ultimate guide for loans and finances. Some of the topics you can read about are:

  • Credit
  • Debt
  • Banking
  • Finances

Convenient application process

To be as convenient for its clients as possible, CashUSA has ensured that the application process is quick, easy, and does not take up much of their clients' time. You can apply for a loan in four simple steps explained down below:

First, you will need to complete CashUSA online form on their website. Second, the lenders will review your info, and if you get accepted for a loan, they will start sending you offers. Third, if you accept the offer, you might need to provide additional information per the lender's request. And finally, you may expect the funds in less than 24 hours.

Visit the Official Website of CashUSA


  • Free service
  • Educational center
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast fund deposition
  • Quick service
  • Wide lender network


  • CashUSA is not available outside the U.S.

#5. Personal Loans: Best For Personal Loans With Low Interest Rates

The Personal Loans lending platform might be the right choice if you are looking for a way to borrow a higher amount of money. With the possibility to request anywhere from $1,000 to $35,000, this platform is the leader in the loan industry.

Thanks to Personal Loans, you might be able to finally put an end to all of your financial troubles and burdens. In addition, if you decide on Personal Loans, hear this to make your job even more manageable. You may choose the loan repayment time anywhere from 90 days to 72 months. So, in other words, the repayment time should not cause you any additional stress, as you should have plenty of time to pay your loan back.

Another great thing about Personal Loans, which will make it easier for you, is the APR rates. As they can vary anywhere from 5,99% to 35,99%, anyone can accommodate the loan according to their needs. And on top of that, with the possibility of choosing the payment frequency, Personal Loans offers probably the best conditions to apply for a loan in the whole lending industry.


Types of loans for bad credit you can apply for

No matter what your financial needs are, Personal Loans offers a variety of bad credit loan options, so we are sure that you will find what works for you best. When applying for this kind of loan, you will be able to choose whether the reason for your loan is: emergency, moving, business, medical, rent or mortgage, special occasion, debt relief, debt consolidation, auto repair, vacation, major purchase, or lots of other options. Thanks to this kind of section, you can get your loan to be more personalized and, with that, be more effective and adjusted to your needs and possibilities.


As the Personal Loans team wanted to ensure that the clients will not need to spend an absurd amount of time filling out the application form and then waiting even longer for the loan, they have decided to include a few principle decisions.

First, they have designed the application form to take up to five minutes only to get filled out. Second, they have included a vast network of lenders to match the clients with the right lender quickly. Third, depositing the funds usually does not take more than 24 hours. So, considering all these things, it is safe to say that Personal Loans is the most simple and convenient lending platform in the United States.

Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Bad credit loan for any occasion
  • You can apply for a loan from $1,000 up to $35,000
  • Competitive rates
  • Extended lender network
  • Free-to-use service
  • Fast funding
  • No hidden taxes


  • Personal Loans is not the direct lender

How Did We Come Up With This List Of Urgent Loans For Bad Credit?

We strongly believe that everybody deserves a second chance, especially people with poor credit. As there are many lending platforms on the market, it can get tricky when you need to choose the right platform for you. With so many things to pay attention to, the whole process can become even more confusing and leave you empty-handed.

So because of this, we made a list of the criteria the best lenders should meet, and we strictly followed it until we came up with the five best lending platforms. You can read more detailed info on these platforms a little further in this article, but first, let's look at what factors we considered while searching for the best emergency loans with bad credit.

Company background

Our first goal was to check all of these companies' backgrounds as we wanted to see the fundamentals of their work. We have checked where the platforms' headquarters are, who the platforms' founders are, their work ethics, how they treat their employees, if they employ local people, what their working principles are, etc. This first step led us to the five platforms, which showed the highest promise regarding these factors. All of the companies are highly ethical, customer-oriented, and put a lot of care into their employees.

Company transparency

A second factor we took into consideration was the transparency of the companies. As brand transparency was one of the most crucial factors on our list, we checked whether all five brands were 100% transparent. Moreover, we looked into whether the brands on their websites had displayed all of the essential and additional information that customers need for a successful credit loan application.

Company reputation

An equally important factor on our list was the companies' reputation. As this element has a more social aspect, we did our research about this factor among people familiar with bad credit loans. We wanted to hear their opinions and thoughts about the five brands we suggested. Also, the most crucial thing for us was whether these people would recommend these platforms to their friends, families, and in general to other people requiring financial aid.

FAQs On Quick Loans For Bad Credit

Q1. Am I eligible to get an emergency loan if I am unemployed?

The short answer is, yes, you can apply for an emergency credit even when you are unemployed. The long answer is that to be able to apply for emergency credit, you do not have to be employed, but you must provide evidence that you have a constant flow of steady and regular income. This piece of evidence is ought as an assurance that you will be able to pay back the money you have borrowed from the lender.

A valid source of income can be an annuity, child support, student aid, or any other source as long as it is stable and regular. In addition, if your income source comes from a pension, investment, government payments, alimony, or property rent, it will also be accepted as evidence for regular income.

Q2. How much money should I borrow?

Before applying for credit, it is always wise to do your math and see how much money you need and how much you can afford to pay back. Then, based on this information, you can start looking for a lender that offers conditions that would work best for you. It is always wise to borrow the exact amount of money you need because otherwise, you are putting yourself into an additional and unnecessary financial difficulty. In other words, do not borrow more than you can afford to pay back.

Q3. What’s considered “bad credit”?

The definition of this term can vary from lender to lender, but officially, according to Experian and FICO (Scoring system), a poor credit score is considered any score below 580. That's why you always need to double-check the conditions and terms of each lender individually, as they usually have some deviations regarding this topic.

Concluding On The Best Emergency Loans With Guaranteed Approval

After reading this article on emergency loans for bad credit, we hope that a bad credit score will never again stop you from getting the emergency funds you need. Thanks to these incredible platforms, you may obtain the funds to end your financial problems. As mentioned, all five lending platforms are specifically designed to work with clients whose credit score is lower than usual. We thoroughly explained everything there is to know regarding the companies, their features, and what they offer to the clients. So, all you need to do is go carefully through each of the brands we have suggested, choose the one that best meets your expectations and desires, and consider talking to a professional before deciding.