Best Online Tarot Card Reading [Review] Top-Rated Services

A tarot reading can provide valuable insight into your current situation and future possibilities. By consulting the tarot deck, a psychic or reader can offer guidance on how to navigate these waters successfully. The cards may also be used for divination purposes, such as predicting potential outcomes based on specific questions. Tarot reading online can be a very informative and helpful experience if done by an experienced tarot reader.

Many great online tarot card reading websites offer users various features and services. However, selecting the best online tarot card reader takes time and patience.

We, in this article, have listed and reviewed the top online tarot card reading websites that are very popular among people interested in best psychic readings and tarot card readings available today.

Each of these sites offers a variety of features, including:

  • Questionnaires to help you personalize your readings
  • Detailed descriptions of the tarots used in the readings
  • Selections from different tarot decks
  • Chat rooms where you can ask questions or share feedback about your readings
  • User-friendly payment systems.

The Best Online Tarot Readings in 2022

After carefully examining dozens of online tarot card reading websites, we decided to rank them in order of quality. Here are the best online tarot reading providers:


With Keen's convenient filters and simple user interface, it is easy to find the right tarot reader for you out of more than 1700 psychics

Purple Garden:

There are several tarot and horoscope readers on this platform that are rated highly for their accuracy and affordability


There are so many excellent deals and discounts at Kasamba that users trust it for accurate tarot card readings


It's the #1 psychic network in the country that connects you to the best tarot readers available around the clock, over the phone, or online


In addition to receiving more than 28000 reviews, this best tarot site has received fantastic customer feedback, which demonstrates its commitment to high standards of quality


With more than a decade of experience, it is one of the best psychic sites, offering thousands of people tarot card reading benefits


Key Information

Services Offered:

Psychic readings, spiritual reading, love tarot readings, horoscope, and other tarot card reading services

Communication Options:

Phone and live chat

Refund Policy:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Starting Price:

$2+ per minute


  • Experience in the psychic prediction of over 20 years
  • You can download the app for iOS or Android
  • You get the first three minutes of free tarot reading online
  • Finding the best tarot reading advisor is easy with them


  • They do not have a video call option
  • Popular tarot readers are more expensive

The Keen platform provides live tarot reading online. It allows users to choose between multiple spiritual advisors and psychic readers. In many ways, it works like social networks or matchmaking sites, except that it caters specifically to psychic needs. Each of these advisors comes from a different background, providing distinct viewpoints. The psychics on Keen are all different.

Users from all over the world can access this online tarot reading service. Nevertheless, they communicate primarily in English through text messages. Among Keen's wide range of tarot card advisors, you might be able to find someone who speaks your mother tongue. Some offer phone readings for those who prefer vocal communication, but most opt for typed correspondence.

Keen requires you to register as a user before you can use their online tarot reading services. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your interactions with your tarot reader. A valid email address and your birth date will be required for registration. The birthdate of a person plays an influential role in several predictions.

Once you've selected your ideal psychics, you'll be taken to a page where you can narrow down your choices. Several filtering options are available, including price range, user ratings, etc. You can always look back and make modifications if you change your mind. Keen will match you with a professional tarot card reader that's right for you based on the mood you're in, what advice you want, and your specific needs.

Overall, in the psychic world, Keen is a trusted brand with a well-established reputation for quality service. Further, there is a similar app to Keen's website. In addition to providing daily horoscopes, the app allows users to share them with their friends on social media.

Purple Garden

Key Information

Services Offered:

Tarot card readings, horoscope readings, dream analysis, angel card readings, love readings, palm readings, oracle card readings, and more

Communication Options:

Voice call, video call, and live readings.

Refund Policy:


Starting Price:

$1+ per minute


  • They are known for providing the most accurate tarot readings
  • Highly experienced and professional tarot card readers
  • The user-friendly interface of their website allows easy navigation
  • Online psychic readings available in a variety of categories


  • Their online tarot card readers are the offline most time
  • No free tarot reading credits

The Purple Garden is a website that offers the best tarot readings online. They offer the most affordable tarot readings. It comes from the same developers as Purple Ocean and Bitwine Psychics. This online psychic or tarot reading platform has an extensive list of psychics available to perform readings based on the specific needs of individuals from all aspects of life.

In addition to its desktop website, Purple Garden also offers its services through a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. Our website and mobile app were developed by a company with a long history of providing psychic reading services. Users of Purple Garden can easily select the best psychic using its user-friendly layout. This saves you time learning how to use the website and mobile application. The platform allows you to browse for psychics according to your preferences.

Its exceptional screening process makes Purple Garden a good tarot reading site and a popular choice among customers looking for a psychic or tarot reader. You can choose the online tarot reader of your choice. In addition, Purple Garden offers a variety of secure payment options. PayPal is a secure payment gateway you can use to pay for their tarot services. As a result, hackers are less likely to be able to steal your payment information.

The downside is that there is not much information about Purple Garden's past accomplishments and performance in tarot card reading online. Furthermore, there are no customer reviews on the company's website. Purple Garden does, however, state that it has been in business for quite a while.

But more importantly, thousands of happy clients have recommended the company's accurate tarot readers. When you visit Purple Garden, you can also see a list of the most favored psychics at the top of the home page. These psychics are known to deliver the most accurate tarot readings online. Additionally, you can browse all advisors, top-rated advisors, and recommended advisors.


Key Information

Services Offered:

Tarot card reading online, numerology readings, love and relationships, fortune telling, dream analysis, natal charts, astrology readings, and other Psychic Readings

Communication Options:

Online chat and voice phone

Refund Policy:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Starting Price:

$2+ per minute


  • Highly professional tarot card readers
  • You get 3 minutes of free online tarot reading and psychic reading
  • Monthly and yearly horoscopes are available as well
  • Online tarot card readings for 70% off on your first visit.


  • Their tarot card readers are comparatively high-priced.

The Kasamba psychic network is an online resource to connect people with professional and reliable tarot card readers and spiritual counselors. This is to help them discover their true selves and fulfilling life. Over three million people have benefited from Kasamba in the past 20 years. They deliver tarot card reading online with 24-hour live chat, text messaging, and telephone psychic assistance with the highest quality standard.

Your life can be clarified or opened up to new options with a tarot reader at the Kasamba psychic reading platform. They have over 180 psychics who have expertise in tarot card readings. Furthermore, tarot readings can be used for any subject matter. In addition to reading tarot cards, Kasamba's psychics are skilled at reading angel cards and cartomancy. Cartomancy provides clairvoyants with insight into your life and provides accurate readings. Angel cards, on the other hand, are more comprehensive and give you a complete picture of your future and life.

Thousands of customers have given 5-star reviews to the website's most popular tarot card readers. Most psychics have been applauded for their precise tarot readings, though some have complained of unclear interpretations from clients. Further, Kasamba offers a mobile app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The app is highly rated on Apple's app store and Google's Play store.

The online tarot card reading platform, Kasamba, was founded in 1999. It can provide answers, inspiration, guidance, and insight through a network of spiritual advisers and services that cater to just about everyone.

Users registering for the first time are covered under a 100% satisfaction policy. If you are dissatisfied with your first reading, you may request a refund. Once the first reading is completed, refund requests are evaluated on a situation-by-situation basis. Refund requests must be made within 72 hours of the first reading. The site is understandably strict regarding refunds, though users wish it were more flexible.

Using this site won't leave you unhappy if you aren't afraid to pay a little more. Kasamba stands out for its excellent online tarot reading, simple interface, and a wide variety of spiritual readings.


Key Information

Services Offered:

Tarot Readings, Daily horoscope, Birth charts, Money & Finance, Love & Relationships, spiritual advisors, Spiritual Guides, psychic counselors, and others

Communication Options:

Phone and live chat

Refund Policy:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Starting Price:

$4+ per minute


  • Get daily predictions from your favorite tarot card reader 24/7
  • Free tarot reading sessions with a master or elite tarot card reader free for 5 minutes
  • They highlight the experience and credentials of their all tarot readers
  • You can choose your language out of English And Spanish options


  • The website's interface is less user friendly
  • They are more costly than other online tarot reading sites

AskNow has been among the most popular online tarot readings and psychics since 2005. Thousands of psychic seekers have benefited from this website's highly qualified tarot reading advisors network.

AskNow offers an easy-to-navigate homepage that serves as a one-stop shop for all your psychic requirements. For instance, a toll-free number is mentioned in the front that you can use to get professional assistance in the psychic world.

Each one of the Top Rated Masters has a profile photo that can be viewed to get an idea of what they offer. It's possible to tell a lot about a psychic by looking at their physical features. In addition, if you are a keen observer, you will be able to peer well beyond the surface of a person to their inner self.

The psychics who exude profound spiritual energy are characterized by deeply expressive eyes and a well-defined face. Alternatively, you might see people looking like regular business professionals working in downtown offices due to their business-like vibe.

Each profile includes a list of credentials for the reader. Aside from tarot readings, some readers can see the future via remote viewing. People who are worried about their financial future or have monetary problems might benefit from that service. Psychic teachers on the website have formally taught psychic abilities to psychics since the 1980s. Most of these people are graduates of universities offering psychology and fine arts degrees. Psychics at AskNow possess a range of expertise, so finding one that suits you is easy.

The AskNow tarot service is appropriate for those who want advice from psychics tested more than once a year. You can find tarot readings online with real psychics and book them with a credit or debit card. New users are given 5 minutes free when they sign up via 'Ask a Free Question.' Nevertheless, the services you receive make it all worthwhile. You should check out AskNow if you're looking for the best psychics and tarot reading website.


Key Information

Services Offered:

Love, Family and career issues, Birth chart readings, Natal charts, Daily horoscopes, Lost Objects, Psychic Medium, and others.

Communication Options:

Chat, voice call, and video call

Refund Policy:

Full deposit refund or cash back

Starting Price:

$1+ per minute


  • The number of their satisfied customers is more than 28000

  • Psychic readers with years of experience offering services 24 hours a day

  • Free tarot readings for the first five minutes

  • You can customize the tarot card reading session as per your preference


  • Some of their tarot readers have no option of video calling

The MysticSense psychic network is a relatively newly-launched online platform, but it has rapidly developed into an international community of highly skilled psychics and tarot readers. Many advisors on the website cover a range of topics, including personal relationships, family issues, and employment. In addition to tarot readers, they also employ other methods, such as clairvoyants and astrologers. Therefore, the service can be tailored to a variety of requirements.

MysticSense aims to help clients discover their "path to success" with the assistance of carefully chosen professionals. Psychics at Mystic Sense are available 24/7 through live chat, text messages, or phone and video calls. It is a very affordable service. Some tarot readers charge only $1 per minute. Additionally, the company offers a great introductory offer and a satisfaction guarantee.

The advisors are thoroughly screened and must submit a scanned copy of their identification, such as a passport or driving license. By using genuine photos, the customers can be assured that the site has authentic psychics. Some applicants are selected for interviews after their applications are reviewed. During the interview, the psychics are asked about their moral stance and background and must also demonstrate a psychic reading. This is because they offer their customers the best online tarot readers.

Psychics are available via various modes at MysticSense, making it easy for customers to choose their preferred method. You can contact each psychic using the button under their photo. Live chat with a psychic, send an SMS, call them by phone, or use video chat; you have all the options. Despite their differences, each method has advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, with such a wide range of communication options, everyone will likely find a way that best fits their needs.

In terms of tarot services, some things set MysticSense apart. First, the website's design is highly user-friendly, and a chat feature is a valuable tool. Additionally, live chat requests are generally answered within seconds by the customer support team.

The best part is that MysticSense guarantees customer satisfaction. Customers unsatisfied with their tarot reading can request a second psychic within two days after the reading. Within three business days of reviewing your request, you will receive a refund for up to 20 minutes.


Key Information

Services Offered:

Tarot reading, dream Analysis, spiritual readings, clairvoyance, past life readings, astrology readings, love readings, palm readings, fortune telling, and more

Communication Options:

Messaging, voice, and video calling

Refund Policy:

Customer-centric compensation policy

Starting Price:

Check the price on the official website


  • When you sign up for the first time, you'll receive free coin credits
  • You don't have to reveal your identity to join free live readings
  • They have more than ten years of experience in the field of tarot reading and psychics
  • Get a free tarot card reading consultation to find the right psychic reader for you


  • Their pricing details are not very clear

Psychic readings at Oranum are of the highest quality, with a site offering a wide range of readers and areas of expertise. Unlike other psychic and tarot reading online platforms, this one provides video chat and live chat rooms. Psychics at Oranum are numerous, specialized in different areas, and possess specific experience. Among the services, you'll find our dream analysis, spiritual readings, clairvoyance, tarot reading, palm reading, and others.

You can easily use Oranum, which allows you to create an account for free. You do not need to provide a credit card when registering. By exploring the site first, new users can ensure they're finding what they're looking for before selecting a payment method. Your Oranum account will be credited with $9.99 free credits once you connect a validated credit card.

As soon as you activate your account, you will have access to free chat sessions hosted by different Oranum clairvoyants daily. Even if you aren't a member, you can view live sessions and chat with the other members before registering for an account. A psychic's camera is always on during a live tarot reading session. By doing this, you will be able to observe them comfortably.

There are several filtering options available to choose the Oranum's clairvoyants. You can select the kind of online psychic reader you would like to work with. As soon as you've reviewed the categories of psychics, you can read their bio to find out more. Throughout these biographies, you will find detailed information about specific counselors, including client testimonials. Individuals can leave reviews; however, psychics are not obligated to display them all, which is disappointing.

When a psychic adviser refuses to share negative feedback from others, it's a clear sign that you should consider hiring somebody else.

Overall, Oranum has proven to be a trusted source for individuals looking for psychic advice regarding relationships, employment, marriage, money, and a variety of other topics in life. Customers have several options for finding the right tarot card reader. Thanks to its extensive filtering capabilities and options, get a psychic reading live before signing up.

How We Ranked The Best Online Tarot Card Reading Services

There are many great online tarot reading websites, but we wanted to identify the absolute best. After months of research and testing, we finally came up with our list of the best online tarot reading sites. Here are the factors that we considered to create this list for our readers:

Service Quality

Checking the service quality when choosing tarot readings online is essential for a few reasons. Firstly, you want to ensure that the reader is certified and has passed stringent ethical standards. This will help to ensure that your reading is accurate and compassionate. Secondly, you want to be sure that the reader uses authentic materials in their readings. Thirdly, you want assurance of privacy since some readers may post personal information about themselves or others without their consent. We checked all these aspects before listing the sites that offer the best online tarot readings.

Bio Of Tarot Readers

By checking the bios, you can be sure that the person reading your tarot cards online is licensed and qualified. This information will also provide insight into their experience with tarot readings and their approach to tarot divination tools.

Nearly 90% of people feel more comfortable trusting someone when they know about their background first-hand. So if you're looking for an accurate tarot card reading with complete confidence, choose a site from the above list, as we have checked the bio of their readers before ranking them.


Best tarot card reading sites feature psychic experts and tarot card readers with years of experience, while others are comparatively new to the field. This is because different psychics have different styles and interpretations of Tarot cards. In addition, some psychics may be more accurate than others based on their readings.

We preferred only those websites that could connect you with highly experienced tarot card readers. Some even have 30+ years of experience, and they are teaching psychics on the network. This will ensure accuracy and give you a sense of satisfaction.

Communication Methods

When selecting a tarot reading website online, it is essential to consider the communication methods offered. Not all tarot reading sites provide live chat or email contact, making it difficult to get in touch with them if you have any questions.

It can also be challenging to understand what the reader is saying through text alone, so communicating via voice and video will often help to clarify any misunderstandings. Additionally, some readers might not be available during certain times or on weekends, so always check their availability before submitting your request.

Discounts and Deals

Checking discounts and deals while choosing a tarot reading website online can be a great way to get the best deal possible. This is because many of these sites offer free trial readings, so you can try out their services before making any purchases. You may also find limited-time offers that allow you to purchase multiple packs of tarot cards online or receive periodic updates on your progress.

Additionally, some tarot websites offer complimentary consultations in which you can ask questions about your current situation or goals.

Free Credits

Many people use Free Credits when choosing a tarot reading website online because it is an easy way to get started. Once you have entered your email address and clicked the submit button, you will be given a certain number of credits that you can use to purchase readings. The more credits you spend, the greater your discount will be.

Most of the tarot card reading sites on our list offer their clients free tarot card readings for 3 to 5 minutes which is not a lot but sufficient to know if a reader is suitable for your needs or not. If you don't find your vibes matching with any advisor, you can simply switch to another till you find the right one.

Customer Ratings And Reviews

Checking customer ratings and reviews is essential when choosing a tarot reading website online. Not only did this help us to determine which sites were reputable and had good feedback, but it also gave us a sense of what type of readings people typically received from these websites.

Some factors that may influence the ratings and reviews of best tarot reading sites include:

  • How often is the site updated
  • Whether or not there have been any significant changes or updates in recent months
  • Whether or not new readers are being added regularly
  • How easy it is to navigate around the site.

Pricing Comparison

We compared pricing while choosing the best online tarot readings to help you find a reputable, affordable tarot card service that is right for you. When comparing prices, factor in the quality and services each site offers.

Some factors to consider are the number of readings per month, how many different decks are available, whether or not payments can be made through credit card or PayPal, and whether or not customer support is available.

Remember that quality is always the first aspect when selecting a tarot reader online, and price secondary.

Satisfaction Policy

Checking a satisfaction policy is always a good idea when choosing to have your tarot reading done online. This way, you can be sure that the reader is taking the time to read your cards accurately and capture your thoughts and feelings to provide accurate guidance. Most tarot reading sites we ranked have a satisfaction policy that can let you reuse your spent credits if you are unsatisfied.

Do Tarot Readings Truly Work?

The effectiveness of Tarot reading depends on various factors, including your situation and history. Also, everyone's tarot reading experience is different. However, some general tips can help improve your chances of success when using Tarot cards for divination.

Always be honest with yourself when engaging in Tarot readings. This means being brutally honest about your current state of mind and emotions so that the Card reader can accurately gauge how you may respond to the questions being asked.

Practice peaceful meditation before each reading to establish a clear connection with Spiritus or Goddess energy. When ready to begin the reading process, take time to systematically read every card while focusing on its emotional and spiritual meaning. Don't attempt any quick decisions – allow all Cards their due time!

Remember that tarot readings are not determinant – they only offer guidance based on what has already transpired in your life up until that point. So don't get discouraged if something doesn't happen according to plan – it's likely because more information is needed for an accurate reading rather than anything negative happening during it.

Offline Vs. Online Tarot Readings - Which Is The Best?

While offline and online tarot readings can be beneficial, the best option might depend on your needs. Offline readings are typically more personal and private, while online readings offer a vast range of options and are quicker.

Online reading may be better if you seek guidance or personal direction. On the other hand, if you just want to get an overview of your current situation without being influenced by the reader's Tarot cards or the interpretation thereof, then an offline reading would likely be more appropriate. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which type of tarot reading would suit your needs best.

What Are Tarot Cards?

The tarot cards are a type of divination deck that is believed to date back over two centuries. Initially used for entertainment, fortune-telling, and predicting the future, they are still popular today as a way to access guidance from the divine.

There are 78 different tarot cards in traditional decks, such as The Marseilles Tarot or Waite-Smith Tarot. Each has been associated with one of the Major Arcana (or trump) – meaning 20 paths that lead towards understanding your life purpose. Each Major Arcana card corresponds to one of the letters of the alphabet and contains symbolism about those letters.

Why Are Online Tarot Card Readings More Popular?

There are many reasons why people prefer to take online tarot card readings. Accessing and using these services from any location or device is easy. Additionally, most of the tarot cards used in online readings are generic and can be interpreted by anyone regardless of their spiritual or metaphysical beliefs.

Furthermore, an online reading allows you to ask various questions that cannot be skillfully answered by traditional means such as divination decks. This opens up possibilities for deeper insight into your current situation and long-term growth opportunities that may not have been possible with other methods. Plus, there's always the bonus of anonymity since no personal information (name, address, etc.) is required before taking a reading with a few sites offering online tarot card readings.

Benefits Of Tarot Card Reading

According to various studies, tarot card reading can offer multiple benefits, such as helping to clear negative energy from a space, improving relationships, and providing guidance during difficult times. Here are some of the most commonly cited benefits:

Removing Negative Energy From a Space

Tarot card reading is often used to cleanse and purify spaces. Removing negative energy can help improve the area's mood and atmosphere.

Personal Growth

Tarot card reading can help you understand your personal beliefs and patterns. This can help you to manage your life better and make better decisions.

Improving Relationships

Tarot card readings can be used to resolve conflicts and resolve misunderstandings. Focusing on a situation's positive aspects can help build better relationships.

Guidance During Difficult Times

Tarot card readings can guide you during difficult times. By understanding the hidden meanings of cards, readers can often provide insight and clarity unavailable through other methods.

The Best Online Tarot Readings in 2022 Closing Remarks

The websites mentioned above for online tarot card readings offer assistance that can provide insights into your current situation and prospects. They also offer guidance on how to improve your life in general, based on the cards drawn. These best online tarot readings feature a wide variety of tarot card readings and advice on topics such as love, career, finance, and health.

As you have seen, tarot reading is a way to connect with your intuition and receive divine guidance. So, why not take the time to explore some of these top online tarot websites?

We hope that our post helped you understand the different qualities offered by each website and helped you choose one that suits your needs. Just remember to keep your mind clear before making any decisions and invoke good fortune as usual!