Study: Clevelanders Can't Get Enough Pictures of the Cleveland Skyline

We love those three buildings, eh?

click to enlarge A Cleveland skyline pic - Erik Drost/FlickrCC
Erik Drost/FlickrCC
A Cleveland skyline pic

Social feeds across Northeast Ohio are filled/littered, on a daily basis, with shots of the city of Cleveland's skyline.

One would think if you've seen one you've seen them all, or, at least, that if you've clicked like on Instagram on one you aren't liking every other one that streams across your phone.

According to a study by TonerGiant, that's simply not true.

Clevelanders, on average, are pounding hearts and likes on Cleveland skyline photos at an absolutely furious rate. City skyline photos here posted to Instagram get an average of 120 likes, a number that trails only Los Angeles (236 likes per photo) and New York (171 likes per photo).

It's not just the engagement, of course: a study from Pixsy last year found Clevelanders are also taking and posting pics of our skyline at the 15th highest clip in the entire world.

With only three buildings to capture, and only so many angles from which to capture them, Clevelanders are living the mantra so often pushed by civic and city leaders that we are always punching above our weight.

With this momentum there's no telling what's next.

(Spoiler: Even more skyline pictures.)

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