MetroHealth Board Member Resigned Due to Boutros Termination, But Also Hadn't Shown Up to Meetings

Terry Monnolly didn't appear at four of five recent board meetings, including one where decision was made to fire Boutros

MetroHealth Board Member Resigned Due to Boutros Termination, But Also Hadn't Shown Up to Meetings
MetroHealth System

MetroHealth board member Terry Monnolly resigned in the wake of the board's decision in November to fire former CEO Dr. Akram Boutros over what it alleges were improper self-awarded bonuses.

The resignation was first reported by The Plain Dealer on Dec. 7, but Monnolly's resignation came a week earlier, on Nov. 30, and the hospital system at first offered no explanation for his departure.

But Metro last night released his resignation letter, which showed Monnolly disagreed with the board's decision, and a response from the board itself, which argues Monnolly didn't even attend the Nov. 21 meeting at which it decided to fire Boutros with cause and hadn't even participated in preceeding meetings during which the investigation was discussed.

"I have been considering the Board's action on 11/21/2022. I disagree with the action that was taken on that date," Monnolly wrote in his emailed resignation letter. "It is my belief that the Board had authorized Dr. Boutros to take all actions that he took. To terminate him, based on the belief that he would somehow take money from MetroHealth in the last month of his term, does not set well with me. My health is not the best, and I do not want to be at odds with the Board. I therefore tender my resignation from the Board, effective immediately."

Monnolly had served as a trustee since 2005. His term wasn't set to expire until 2028.

"Trustee Terry Monnolly did not attend the Board meeting on November 21. Nor did he attend three of the four previous meetings. He did not participate in the Board’s discussion and analysis of the investigative findings that provided the basis for its decision to terminate Dr. Boutros’ employment," the board said in its statement."On November 28, Dr. Boutros filed suit naming The MetroHealth System and each member of the Board of Trustees, individually, as defendants. On November 30, Mr. Monnolly emailed the Board Chair, each member of the Board of Trustees and general counsel his resignation from the Board of Trustees, stating in part that he was ill and that he believed the Board 'authorized everything Dr. Boutros did.'”

Metro hasn't yet announced when Monnolly will be replaced.

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