Cleveland in Final Four to Host 2016 Republican National Convention

Update: Reports have trickled in that Cleveland is another step closer to hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

After convening yesterday, the RNC site selection committee narrowed the possible host city pool down to Cleveland, Dever, Dallas and Kansas City (Cincinnati and Las Vegas withdrew their bids after being informed their cities didn't meet the hosting criterion).

In June, the selection committee will return to Cleveland to do another sweep and assessment. Final deliberations will follow and a decision will be made by late summer.

(Originally posted 4/2/2014/) Cleveland is one step closer to hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention, the SSC announced today.

"After a painstaking review, I'm pleased to announce that six cities have moved on to the next round of consideration for the 2016 Republican National Convention," SSC Chair Enid Mickelsen said.

Those six cities? Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, and Las Vegas. (Columbus and Pheonix got the boot.)

"The eyes of the world will be on the RNC and our host city in the summer of 2016, and these six cities have shown they have what it takes to move forward," Mickelson said.

Now, a small team of RNC staff will visit each of the six cities to determine which sites have the best financing, convention venues, workspace, hotels, and, we hope, restaurants.

The SSC will then select a handful of the six to receive an "official" visit from the full RNC committee.