Cleveland City Councilman Kris Harsh and Staff Are Doing a Reddit AMA on Friday

Get those questions ready

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Cleveland City Council
Kris Harsh, Redditor

Clevelanders have a chance tomorrow to ask questions directly to Ward 13's Kris Harsh, who will be answering some of them along with the help of Cleveland city council staff during a Reddit AMA Friday afternoon from noon to 1 p.m.

Things are already off to a good start, with complaints that the session is happening during the middle of a workday, but Harsh notes the thread will be posted at 11 a.m. so that questions can be submitted in advance.

Harsh is himself a Redditor, with a comment history dating back years where he's posted many, many thoughts about the Browns and Cavs, shared that he once drove for Yellow Cab in the 1990s, divulged that he doesn't like Disney movies but thinks Moana is "A-OK," dropped tidbits from Randy Cunningham's esssential book Democratizing Cleveland, and more.

As for tomorrow's session, some suggested topics of interest are ARPA, sports stadiums and public funding, waterfront development, and the West Side Market, but questions on all topics are welcome.

Friday 5/26 from Noon - 1 pm, Cleveland Councilman Kris Harsh (Ward 13) and two members of the Communications Staff (Joan Mazzolini and Darryle Torbert) will be live to answer any questions you may have about Cleveland City Council and the projects they are working on.

Topics of interest:
Sports Stadiums / Public Funding
Waterfront Development
West Side Market

The post will open about 11 on Friday so questions can be put in ahead of time.
Check back to the Cleveland subreddit tomorrow after 11 a.m. to submit your questions, which will all surely be in good taste and result in healthy discourse.

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