Cleveland Thief Allegedly Steals $6,500 in Just 78 Seconds

How long does is take to rob two northeast Ohio gas stations and slip away with several thousand dollars? 78 seconds apparently.

At least that's how long it took one Cleveland man to load $6,500 onto pre-paid debit cards at two separate northeast Ohio gas stations recently.

19-year-old Makendy Francois now faces felony theft charges in both South Euclid Municipal Court and Lyndhurst Municipal Court after surveillance cameras caught him nicking $5,000 from one Speedway on Sunday, April 6 in only 60 seconds and another $1,500 from a second location back in March in about 18 seconds.

That brings his grand total to $6,500 in just 78 seconds— not a bad hourly rate. reports that after both robberies Speedway employees noted that someone would need to know how to make those kinds of transactions in order to load the cards so quickly. It's said that Francois worked at Speedway for a brief period.

Police are still investigating possible accomplices.