Ohio Teens Chop Down Trees as Senior ‘Prank,’ Felony Charges Ensue

click to enlarge Ohio Teens Chop Down Trees as Senior ‘Prank,’ Felony Charges Ensue
May is a transitional month. Not only does it bring temperatures that occasionally rise above 60 degrees, but it instills a feverish excitement in the hearts of many high school seniors: Graduation is just around the corner. And with it come the brash and inevitable attempts by 18-year-olds to “leave their mark” on their alma maters.

Six seniors at River Valley High School thought that they had concocted a masterful scheme, the end-all, be-all of senior pranks: chopping down 23 trees on the school’s property.

…Wait, sorry, weren’t senior pranks supposed to contain an element of humor? In what realm is littering your school’s campus with a bunch of stumps funny? Spray painting detailed phallic imagery on the main entrance doors might have even been in better taste, for God’s sake.

Three of the tricksters were charged with one count of felony vandalism, while the other three were charged with one count of complicity to vandalism. 

Ain't no better way to kick off a post-high school career than felony vandalism charges, am I right?